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I wanted to be with all my family, my wish came true i had the best christmas ever.
I'd like mienfoo please.

Merry Christmas PoJ
My Christmas wish was that there would be any kind of NBA season. It came through with a 66 game season that started on Christmas.
If I win I would like to receive the Mienfoo.
My wish was for my 5 siblings to have a nice Christmas, since this year was so hard. Although we all didn't get much, they were all really happy with what they got, so that makes me feel better. :heart:

If I'm not too late to win, I'd like Mienfoo, please.
my christmas wish this year was for snow, but we didn't get any until last night and today :/ oh well time to break out the skis :D
i would like the mienfoo please :heart:
:heart:My Christmas wish was to have a white Christmas, and to get either and Ipod Touch or a 3DS. Turns out I got a white Christmas, a 3DS, and a new Xbox too! Also, I had a great time with my family, too!

I'd like to wish for the Mienfoo. Also, great GA!
Updated the list of winners! If I missed you or I wrote down the wrong Pokemon next to your name, let me know. Thanks to all the people who followed the rules :)

Edit: About 3 or 4 more hours before this GA closes!


Tastes Like Candy
Because I dont really celebrate Christmas ;-; therefore I didn't wish for anything. Au,au!

This giveaway is officially over. Thanks to everyone who participated! Contact me to receive your gift :D

I still have to catch the consolation prize, so the 3 people on that list will have to wait until I do (I'm going to catch it right now!)!
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