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I offer my best greetings, Yati

I wanted to welcome the opportunity to kindly ask you if you could CMT for a copy of that shiny Premier Ball Adamant 0 SpA Gmax Grimmsnarl of yours?
I'd also like to request "Ymir" as a custom nickname for it if possible.

We can negotiate further on Discord if you wish. I just decided to officially post here first anyway for transparency reasons.

Edit: Received, thank you! Enjoy my "Tsunami"!
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Update 2020-03-28:
Added shiny Snorlax (both gmax and normal): brave with Thick Fat, sassy with Thick Fat
Added shiny Machamp (both gmax and normal): brave with Guts
Added a trained version of the adamant Gmax Coalossal, thanks to Kanon
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