I would like to host my own client in my own url. Please Help!

I know that now pokemon showdown's host is getting in trouble because too many connections.

So i'm thinking about what can i do to meliorate this.

Then i really really want to host my own client.

this one : https://github.com/Zarel/Pokemon-Showdown-Client

But i can't config the client to make it working properly.

First, when i access to my url "same-origin policy" was appeared and it forces to copy the login code and paste into a box.

The ladder point isn't work too. it says "Loading..." and nothing appear in every tiers.

all teams was not recognized in the browser.When psim.us is down the battle music was playing too.I thinks it should not be played because the music is in smogon host not my host and it was down,right?

Please explain me how to config the client to make it work properly.Which files need to set up? Which one need to rewrite? especially testclient.html. I have my own host and domain name.

I will not forget the original credit of this pokemon online battle simulator and i will get everyone know this web-based client is come from SMOGON!!.

Please help me.I love Pokemon Showdown too much.You can send PM to me if you don't want to post in public.

Thanks for your help!! I think you all here is generous to help other people :D


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The README of the Pokemon Showdown Client says:

This repository is not "batteries included". It does NOT include everything necessary to run a full Pokémon Showdown client.


In other words, this repository is incomplete and NOT intended for people who wish to serve their own Pokémon Showdown client (you can, but it'll require you to rewrite some things).​

In other words, if you want to host your own client you're going to need some programming experience.

To specifically answer "when psim.us is down the battle music was playing too", music and sprites are loaded from play.pokemonshowdown.com, not psim.us.

And seriously, I think you overestimate the amount of downtime we have. psim.us was down for half a day because it got DDoSed, and that's the only downtime it's ever had. If you can't even figure out how to host the client yourself, I doubt you'll be able to do better.

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