IBT Final Rounds [Won by char]

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:o I need to go check on who beat GotMiltank and Hipnodrome D:

For the final I think u guys should post a time when your gonna battle, so everyone can come see : P


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What Mekkah says, but with the addition that he cheats. (as proven by the calculator)
I'm on AIM pretty much all the time, since I'm back at school now.

Lesm, whenever you're on, drop me a line and we'll set something up.
IBT is over.

Won 2-0 against Lesm. My Lax's selfdestruct missed against chansey, of course. Otherwise it may have been 3-0. Either way, nice game. Lesm made some nice predictions against me which I had to fight hard to counter. We have the log if anyone wants to view it.


Woohoo Pojo victory!

me and JMC should have an alpha dog match to see who the true pokemaster is or something.
It isn't Lesm vs JMC for the final? Edit: I mean, did JMC lose twice? Edit: Oh wait CHaR won, so it'd be CHaR vs JMC. Edit: OK, I'm completely wrong. In any case, congratulations! =)
I lost to Char 0-2. It was another good battle even though his snorlax's self destruct missing was sort of haxy. Sorry I couldn't win the whole thing team gamefaqs, but at least I won the wb.
JMC lost once, if I remember correctly.

We should do an awards ceremony or something. Those are fun.

EDIT: Also... =P to everyone who predicted I wouldn't win. What.

also jk


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I belived you'd win, simply because I didn't want to play Lesm again. What can I say? I'm lazy.

I'm very disappointed with you guys. We were in the lead the whole tournament and then we get inched out just at the end, and not even by a respectable opponent. We got beat by the pojobies. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Good game everyone.
char said:
My Lax's selfdestruct missed against chansey, of course.
Sadly, that does not suprise me in the least.

gg everyone! I bet if anyone posts on Pojo to announce anything, their post will get wmnoe'd
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