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I'll Post Round Six Here As Well...

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Um, sts, what is your AIM screen name? I don't even see your info on the contact page.

My aim is emancyber6, which you might have already known.

Jesus Christ almighty.

Not a moment after I posted my last message, I signed onto aim and STS and I battled. No shit, this was probably the closest, most heart attack inducing match ever. Hacks on both sides, though STS may contest he got his fairer share, I came out on top 2-0.

Good game. Excellent, excellent match.

Good luck in the rest of the tourney, STS.
Yes, it was a good game. Char pretty much won the battle when he predicted a switch, an KOed my Rhydon. After that, I could only hope for FPs, which didn't happen, since I had haxed so much before the Rhydon KO...
Urm... I guess I checked NB at inconvenient times or something, but I haven't seen you on when I was. Oh wellz, Roy can have win then. :)
No no no. Screw that. I know it's New Year's Eve, but you've still got until January 3rd to have your match. E-mail one another, set up a prompt time to have your battle, and then get it done before the deadline. Come on, it's more fun when everyone does their battle. =)


Have a nice day
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Or, instead of forfeiting, you could let me sub you..

Though I pretty much have no subs available so couldn't you just do the battle?

Have a nice day.


or Varl
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Let me sub for GM. I never got to battle anyway it was like I was never in this at all. It's stupid to let this last match go without a battle when one could very easily take place.


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noobster was the sub apparantly and i experienced the worst haxing i have ever seen. CALLED chansey freeze first ice beam, switch in on low health eggy from lax CH's, Starmie misses blizzard twice, Tauros missed blizzard on Golem, his hypnosis goes through confusion

4-0 loss anyways

also: He hit explosion and a special fall psychic through confusion as well

ok no more complaining over pokemon
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