WIP Indeedee-F

  • One of the best redirectors in the tier - supports both TR and most setup mons very well
  • amazing support movepool means you can tailor it to the team/mons you are trying to redirect for
  • psychic terrain blocks moves like fake out or espeed that can bypass the redirection, and stuff like prankster taunts/encores which annoy
  • good spdef but its physical defense can leave a bit to be desired
  • suffers from being a little passive compared to smth like togekiss, the partner absolutely must be putting on a lot of pressure

name: Follow Me Support
move 1: Follow Me
move 2: Psychic
move 3: Helping Hand / Protect
move 4: Heal Pulse / Light Screen / Reflect / Healing Wish / Mystical Fire
item: Focus Sash / Sitrus Berry / Psychic Seed
ability: Psychic Surge
nature: Relaxed / Bold
evs: 232 HP / 244 Def / 32 Spdef
ivs: 0 Spe

Set Description

Too many options for slots 3 and 4 ._. Min speed for TR but faster or more offensive sets make better use of mystical fire (for stuff like duraludon). HH still gives indeedee ways to generate pressure even when it doesnt need to redirect/attack. Protect is a nice option with heal pulse, since heal pulsing can scare opponents into doubling indeedee. EVs live a HH LO dragapult dragon darts because i couldnt think of anything else that would be worth living/could be lived and dragon darts gets past sash at least. better spreads probs exist if anyone has some. sash can allow for 252 hp / 252 spatk spreads and sitrus/seed give indeedee a bit more general bulk so only use on defensive sets.

Usage Tips
  • very good early game to facilitate a TR setup or gain quick momentum with a setup move.
  • if you can, conserve indeedee even on low health because a midgame/lategame follow me can totally change the game once you have weakened the opposing side, but dont be afraid to sack it early if you are able to capitalise fully
  • know your calcs, sometimes it can be more useful to heal pulse to live a hit or helping hand to ko a threat rather than just redirect 2 hits

Team Options
  • Psychic seed abusers: drifblim and hawlucha have unburden and can make use of the new speed mechanics to get fast very quickly. corviknight is ok too
    • drifblim has nice attack control options to patch up indeedees weak physdef and can set tw
    • hawlucha appreciates the redirection to set up or just dynamax and start hitting hard, also beats most dark types that hurt indeedee
    • corv can use the redirection and heal pulse to set up bulk ups and become epic
  • set up mons: dragapult, snorlax, ttar can all get turns to setup then dynamax and destroy teams
  • trick room teams - really like the ability to take away big hits/most tr counterplay (even fake out).
    • hatterene is quite frail so likes the redirection. can also quite hilariously bounce back heal pulses to heal indeedee. super strong and gmax smite doesnt overwrite psychic terrain
    • dusclops likes not being taunted and is fat enough to live the big spread moves like hyper voice or duraludon hits

Other Options
  • trick scarf to annoy fatter mons trying to possibly stall tr, also gives advantage in mirror
  • imprison also helps the mirror but you can lock out main stab of quite a few tr abusers (hats, reun)
  • safeguard with a lot of speed can help tr teams vs butterfrees which try to gmax befuddle or sleep powder
  • energy ball for gastro

Checks and Counters

**Duraludon**: completely ignores follow me and walls indeedee very well, tho has to be careful of dynamaxing because a couple of fast mystical fires can really slow it down damage wise

**Dark types**: threaten indeedee with massive damage and take none back. tyranitar in particular sets sand to break indeedees sash
I’ve used indeede a lot on my trickroom vgc team and I have to say, don’t recommend psychic as the damage is incredibly underwhelming and you’re better off with more support moves, just make sure that indeede’s partner has a LOT of offensive pressure

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