In Progress Introduce a Blitz Randbats Format


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I love the implementation of Blitz OU, it's fast, quick, and keeps everyone on their toes. I think having a ladder for Randbats would make this even better. With the randomize aspect involved and the challenge of figuring out your team and playing around your opponents team sounds like a heck of a good time.
Blitz Random Battles will be coming, pending fixes to autostarting the timer and changes to how unranked battles work (having ranked, unranked and blitz random battte ladders is considered to be untenable).
Can you go further into detail about this? Idt there's a problem with having all 3 seeing how generally popular randbats are.
honestly, while I love the idea, why not just add a "/offer blitz" function? that lets both players offer/accept to start a blitz.
Doubtful that it'd see a LOT of utility but when I'm playing monorand, rand, or AG I know I'd always click accept

Well, I love the idea of blitz randbats either way
Piggybacking off of this, sorry if I’m out of the loop, but are there any plans to make blitz challengable for non-standard blitz formats? Like would it be possible for me to challenge a friend to gen7uublitz, for example? Thanks so much!

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