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Issue 33

They're finally here: The Smog Awards! We've recieved over 300 votes, which is amazing and way more than we had last year. Thanks goes to Toast++ for putting together an easy voting system (and vote counting system), and also thanks to you guys for taking the time to vote! You can read all the results here. RODAN has also put together his own version of the awards which you can read about this issue! Continue reading...

We hope you guys like this issue! Unfortunately we've had to say goodbye to Birkal in terms of leadership here, but his contributions aren't forgotten! You can read more about that in the note from the editor. Generally this issue went pretty smoothly despite the delay, so thanks guys for all your effort!​

We, of course, welcome your constructive feedback. You can leave that below and be sure to cast your vote on the poll we've included in this thread. As always, if you would like to write or draw for the Smog, give us a pitch in the Article Approvals subforum.

~ Setsuna, Flora, Toast++, skylight, Bummer, Birkal, and sandshrewz
First time actually coordinating release, and one of the few times we actually did a US morning / Asia night time release. Probably the most stuff done for me in this issue yet?

Also props to Rocket Grunt for making the cover! Special thanks to our artists who made countless wonderful art pieces too!!! (there was a ton to upload lol!!!) Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this issue :)

Sad to see Birkal leave. He's done many wonderful things during his time here as well. /me pet Birkal

no kacaw anymore :c
I'm happy to have been a part of yet another issue of The Smog. I have been reminded of how awesome Redew is. ♥

Also, co-writing with MattL was an awesome experience; hopefully we can collaborate on future projects as well!

This was a good issue for sure!!!! ^_^
I wanted to say congratulations to Layell and LU for winning best spriter and runner-up respectively. They've worked so hard since the beginning of the XY project and their work is fantastic. Being nominated was a massive surprise and more than I ever could've asked for.

I don't have time yet to read the other articles but I doubt I'll be disappointed at all. Thanks for another issue, Smog team.
Perfect release timing, I think. I'm glad to have been involved in the Smog again, it was a ton of fun working on this issue with my other two stooges Redew and GatoDelFuego. I'll certainly try to keep being involved, I'd forgotten how fun this is.

(oh, and thanks to Kadew for making me such nice art!)

EDIT: Oh and I want to just give a big thank you to all of the Smog staff, they all work super hard and have to make all the really tough decisions. I really appreciate everything you guys do :)
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Wow, a big thanks to all that voted in the smog awards! This is like a dream come true for me ~_~

Such a fabulous issue, and it's been a pleasure to work on as always!
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This series of Smog Awards are for the most part such a sham, I'm flattered I got some noms and awards in during the whole charade.

The combination of Edacosis and Rocket Grunt in a single article is by far the greatest thing to ever occur, they were meant to be.
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It was tons of fun working with everyone on this issue, you all did amazing!

Thanks again to Cherub for doing the Charizard article so I could keep drawing for it, haha. You are such a pal *v*

Can't wait to read through it all~*~


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I'm proud that I wrote my first ever article for The Smog! n_n Glad I can contribute and help out not only The Smog, but to other new users as well who were hopefully wondering how to fit in to the PS community. I also want to thank everyone that helped with my article!

Now for that annoying typo to be fixed in the forth paragraph or so. ~_~ yay it's fixed now!
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As always, I'm happy to have been a part of this issue. It just makes me incredibly honored to see my art being featured alongside so many amazing pieces from amazing artists; awesome job, everyone!

I also wrote my first article for The Smog this issue. Thanks so much to Bummer for approving the article, Kingler and Redew for GP, and Redew and sandz for the HTML! <3

And lastly, a big thanks for those who voted for me (and the OU Council art ahahaha) in the Smog Awards :3
Preferred Mevos was well done, enjoyed it.

I feel that the "How not to be that guy" article is also extremely important and should be recommended reading for every new user signing into smogon.....especially after reading the recent suspect discussions on MKang, MLuke/Genesect and Prankster-Swagger.


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Haven't read the issue yet, just posting to say thx to the people who voted in the awards and to the people that work hard for this web-zine, you guys are all great, keep up the good job!
I checked out the Flying-type STAB article... while I feel its status of not being nullified by anything is often overlooked, I never realized it had gotten to be this viable. I remember some analyses back in gen3 pointing out that Flying is essentially useless without STAB, but I guess this was all before the advent of Brave Bird, Air Slash, Acrobatics, and Hurricane. Makes me all the more pissed that GameFreak, when they're finally updating the type chart for the first time in over a decade, didn't take the opportunity to give Ice a Flying resistance (aside from the fact that it's begging for ANY resistance, wind against ice really does make the most sense to me, at least so much as Rock suggests there's no such thing as wind erosion in GameFreak's minds). BTW, one thing I'd like to point out:

it holds the distinction of having the fewest types resistant to it while having nothing immune to it, sharing that position with Rock, Dark, and Fairy.
Shedinja's immune to Fairy, so no. Rock and Dark are the only types Flying shares that privilege with.

Bummer Edit: Shedinja's immunity is due to its ability, and not type.
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