It's time to congratulate some people!

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For many of you who are not aware, there have been a number of changes in CAP behind the scenes in the last few months, and we've also had an opportunity to be able to reward people for their work and efforts.

New CAP Staff:

CAP Head Mod: Deck Knight
Anticlimactic I know since the postbit has been updated for a while, but:
Birkal has stepped down as CAP Head Moderator and I have succeeded him in that capacity. Birkal did a fantastic job in that role and I hope to emulate his greatness as much as possible. He is still an active CAP moderator and a great presence everywhere he touches. He has the technology. 21-CAW SALUTE!

New Moderators:

cbrevan is now a moderator for the CAP Metagame Subforum. He has been an amazing presence in CAP and on Showdown and we're happy to have him!

reachzero is the best pickup anyone could ever ask for in a CAP Moderator, with a breadth of experience and knowledge few people can match. He's never gonna reach zero if he keeps getting promoted though :)

Quanyails is our most recent addition to the CAP Moderator team and will be a fantastic help. If you haven't chatted with her on Discord yet you really should!

We thank capefeather, DetroitLolcat, and nyttyn for their long service to the CAP Project and appreciate any and all future contributions they are making and might make.

New Badge Recipients:

sparktrain (De-Alum)

cbrevan and snake_rattler are our two newly minted full CAP Contributors. Their body of work speaks for itself! Please don't rough up snake_rattler too much while he's serving as TL, we don't want his badge to get too scuffed up in the first few months :) If you beat sparktrain or cbrevan in a server match we won't complain, but good luck with that!


Have all received CAP Pre-Contributor (Ladybug) badges and are well on their way to full Contributor status. It is great to be able to recognize so many new and longtime contributors. If you are a new CAP participant and see their posts (or snake's or sparktrain's), they are good models to follow.
Congratulations everyone who received badges and whatnot, we all really appreciate your hard work! And also, R.I.P. Birko, we'll miss you as a head moderator. But yeah, wheee and partying. Nice job all.


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Thanks everyone! It's great to see CAP's community growing stronger day by day. Gratsies to the contributors!


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Interestingly, I don't have the little moderator tag under my avatar--this was posted out to me by user: drew

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