J8-Bit's spriteworks

Hey! My name's J8-Bit, and I've been making sprites for a long while before settling down here in the Smogon forums. I don't do requests but I'm open to discussing potential art trades or commissions, feel free to DM me about it and check if I'm available for such!

armarouge sprite.png

tandemaus sprite.png

No back sprites because I haven't even considered them yet, and no Shiny sprites because I literally don't know what they look like. Will likely add them in the future, though.

Also, these were made with the intention of offering them as Pokémon Showdown sprites. If anybody who'd be able to take care of that would like to use them, please let me know, as I'd gladly offer my support :D

Assorted characters
smogon mega man sheet.png

In order from left to right:
  • CORE-T*, Toy Chica, Eruption Man*, Typhlosion, Ethan, Ralsei
  • Scratch Woman*, Capricorn, Togefist*, Monster, Tasque Manager, Kerfluffle, Photon Woman*, Porygon
  • Funk Man*, Speaker*, Facade Man*, Plugboy, Werewire, Werewerewire, Eevee, Darkrai
  • Sheep Man, Anthro Sheep Man**
* These characters are OCs in one form or another. If curious about their origin, please feel free to ask.
** Play Mega Man RAM, a fangame made by me :D

I've made some other stuff, but they're all big sprite sheets that I'd like to refrain from posting for now.

Assorted Donuts - Minecraft style

Originally made for a mod, subsequentially used as example food items for the summer camp I taught last year.

J8-Bit - Undertale/Deltarune style

This is J8-Bit, my fursona. Given he's heavily based on Asriel Dreemurr, it's only fitting I would've made a sprite for him somewhere down the line.

Minus J8-Bit - Bijou Chaos style

This one takes a bit more explaining. In Friday Night Funkin', an artist by the name of IagoAnims conceptuallized the "Minus" form of characters, which redesigned the cast based on their little icons you see at the bottom of the screen. I made icons and a Minus design for J8-Bit, and then somewhere down the line decided to sprite him based on the art style of one of my friend's upcoming games, called Bijou Chaos. It uses the Journey color palette, and I think I did a pretty good job with it.


Friend's character. Inside joke based on an art piece of them.

Toriel - Pokémon DPP/HGSS/BW style

Cool goat mom. A few months old but kinda holds up, I think?

I hope to post more sprites soon!

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