Jebus Christ's Holy Trade Thread [PLS LOCK :( ]

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Hi, I was wondering if you needed anymore breeding projects done so I could get a copy of

31/31/31/31/31/31 Shiny
Level 100, Untouched
Nature: Rash
OT: SUM2013 ID: 08193
Cherish Ball
Tradeable Stock: YES
Notes: RNG'd for me by Patrick1088
Yes, how about a 5IV female Luxury Ball Klefki? And I am trying to get the Dialga cloned, sorry for making you wait
Will be online no problem ;)
Alright, I'm home, let me know when you're available. I may be eating dinner soon, so don't expect an immediate response.

Could any breeding projects get me a landorus or a terrakion? I can clone as well if that helps.
Alright, how about a 4IV (missing SpAtk/Speed) Relaxed female ferroseed in a luxury ball, and a 5IV (missing SpAtk) Jolly female Pinsir in a Luxury Ball? Close Combat on the Pinsir as an egg move would be nice too.

Klefki's ready, it even came out as 6iv rather than 5iv. So whenever you get back we can trade
Alright, I'm available whenever, although like I said above I might eat dinner soon.
Ok, I'm on now so whenever you're ready
Oh btw, I got the Dialga cloned, so I think you had a lux ball electrike for that? Let me know when you can trade for it.

Also, just as a general note: I am looking for EV Trainers, I have a ton of stuff that needs EVs, usual rate is 3 mons EV trained for 1 mon
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