Jellicent (Analysis)

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Okay I got around to updating this. Yes, I know half of it consists of the Japanese names, and I do intend to fix this in the formal write-up Rundown of changes:

-Surf is slashed with Scald
-No primary ability - both are good (and I have actually found Cursed Body to be more useful nowadays) and the choice of which to use basically boils down to personal preference and/or how well certain threats are covered by the rest of the team
-EV spread has been changed after some QC discussion. 44 Spe EVs outruns min Spe Scizor; HP is (nearly) maximized, with 4 EVs taken out to net a bonus Def stat point + reduce entry damage from Spikes; rest is invested in Defense
-Changed primary nature to Bold, although both Bold and Calm are viable. The reason it was originally Calm was because Burungeru's SpD stat was still higher than Def even without investment; however, taking less from certain physical sweepers is arguably more important most of the time.
-Stuck a mention of outrunning Skarm in AC
-Expanded on counters and stuff

Re: Balloon. Leftovers recovery is too invaluable to give up; plus, Jellicent is going to be switching into too many attacks to make much use of it.

Re: Choice Scarf. I almost responded to this >_>.

Re: Double status. Not too keen on this idea. Taunt + WoW beats the Pokemon you want to beat with Toxic anyway (Pokemon with recovery). You're targeting a fairly small selection of Pokemon with Toxic (Latias and opposing Burungeru, basically) and making yourself far more vulnerable to set-up and status.

Re: Acid Armor. Will-O-Wisp is almost generally better because it's permanent.

I believe I incorporated all of the other suggested changes.


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When I face Jellicent with Sub, I'm pretty screwed. My physical switch in gets burned, my special one is sucked up or toxic'd.
I've used Sub, Scald, Recover, WoW/toxic and a lot of other stuff. At least an AC mention? It loses taunt and stuff, but works (unless I'm just really bad and play really bad people)
Ive actually thought of an offensive styled jeeliscent cuz i just found out that it can use water spout which is an attack i love. Don't have evs or a nature thought up yet but here's the moves
- Substitue
- Recover
- Water Spout
- Wil-o-wisp
item: leftovers??

So basically how he works is you come in on like a cb fighting type or something that will do minimal damage. Many ppl will switch where you can proceed to sub and fire off all max powered water spouts. very very very gimmicky but could work on the off chance :P
Unreliable and Jelli doesn't even have the speed nor sp atk to make use of it. Jelli is for support not for attacking. Surf is better for its consistency and boiling water is better for its status effect possibility. I'd argue Hydro Pump's legitimacy before water spout to be honest.

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