Jellicent (Analysis)

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  • Great special bulk and respectable physical defense.
  • Unique typing gives it awesome resistances and immunities, making it a great counter to common stuff.
  • Decent Special Attack coupled with a nice offensive movepool balanced by a great support one.
  • Low Speed yet passable for a defensive Pokemon.
  • Being grounded means it takes full layer damage. It is also weak to common Electric and Grass attacks.

name: Utility Counter
move 1: Boiling Water / Surf
move 2: Recover
move 3: Will-O-Wisp
move 4: Taunt
item: Leftovers
nature: Bold
evs: 248 HP / 216 Def / 44 Spe

Set Description:
  • Has a number of handy resistances that allow it to check many Pokemon, including Mixed Blaziken, Heatran, Jirachi (especially Body Slam versions), Azumarill, and Politoed.
  • Taunt + decent Speed allow it to beat slower defensive Pokemon that rely on recovery such as Slowbro, Blissey, Vaporeon, Quagsire, and Hippowdon.
  • Will-O-Wisp works well with its Water STAB because Fire-types, who are immune to burn, cannot switch in very easily. The combination of Will-O-Wisp and Taunt will almost completely disable both of them them, especially if you hit them with one move on the switch-in or Taunt on the Stealth Rock/Spikes / WoW on the Power Whip/Crunch.
  • Recover rounds off the set, giving Jellicent excellent longevity. Also allows it to Recover-stall Draco Meteors from the Lati twins.
  • 44 Spe outpaces min spe Scizor, letting Burungeru burn it before it can attack. 248 HP gives Jellicent 403 HP, which reduces the amount of damage that it takes from three layers of Spikes; the rest goes into Defense to pad its weaker defensive stat (also gives a bonus point).

Additional Comments:
  • Bold helps Jellicent take physical hits from Pokemon like Balloon Excadrill / SD Balloon Blaziken better. Calm is an option, though, to take less from Draco Meteors from the Latis.
  • You can invest more Speed to try and outrun Skarm and Taunt it before it sets up anything. 84 Spe EVs outpaces min Spe Skarm.
  • You can invest fully in Special Defense; however, Burungeru then dies to most strong physical hits. Not recommended.
  • Either ability works and is totally up to personal preference. Water Absorb allows Jellicent to switch into Scald without fear of being burned (not to mention it recovers 25%). Also allows it to take hits from CB Azumarill, Specs Politoed, Surfs from Latias, etc. better.
  • Cursed Body has excellent situational utility, though, as many Pokemon can only hit Burungeru with one of their attacks (Conkeldurr Payback, Gliscor Earthquake). Cursed Body's usefulness is really accentuated against choiced Pokemon as well.
  • Specific example: Cursed Body allows Burungeru to actually beat Calm Mind Rankurusu one-on-one most of the time due to the high chance of Psychic becoming disabled, whereas without Cursed Body, the chances of Rankurusu winning due to a crit / spd drop are higher.
  • Surf > Boiling Water exchanges burn chance for slightly higher power.
  • Toxic is an option over Will-O-Wisp if you need it; however, Will-O-Wisp is the generally more useful option on Burungeru to hit the strong physical attackers that are more likely to break through Burungeru.
  • Ice Beam is an option over Taunt for various Dragons, Gliscor, and Grass-type switch-ins like Birijion and Breloom.
  • Shadow Ball hits opposing Burungeru and Psychic-types such as Slowbro, Lati@s, and Starmie. Hex is an alternative to Shadow Ball; it has good synergy with Will-O-Wisp as well.
  • Good spinblocker.

Teammates and Counters:
  • Good option for a team that requires a Spin Blocker, as it can take on most of the Spinners with relative ease.
  • Pokemon like Skarmory, Scizor, Empoleon, and others, that love Fire and Water Pokemon out really appreciate Burungeru.
  • Good synergy with Blissey, Snorlax, Randorosu, and Sazandora.
  • Gets walled badly by Blissey, Snorlax, Water Types if its not running Energy Ball, and Grass Types if its not running Ice Beam.
  • As it uses no SpA investment, things with decent Special Defense like Jolteon or Denchura can come in without worrying and threaten with STAB Super Effective moves, as will Celebi and Nattorei.
  • Typing wise, Steel, Grass, Ground, Rock, and Dark Pokemon are great to work with when using Burungeru.
  • Gliscor is a good idea, as it can switch in on Electric attacks and use Taunt and Toxic to do big damage that can then be benefitial for Burungeru. Randorosu can help a lot too, but this one assumes the work of hitting stuff hard so that Burungeru will finish them later.
  • Things like Snorlax, Nattorei, and Special Walls that enjoy Pokemon burned to wall better also like Burungeru.
  • Nattorei is an especially good partner to Burungeru: it sets up hazards that Burungeru can prevent from being spun, takes Dark, Ghost, and Electric-type attacks for it, and lures Fire- and Fighting-type attacks that Burungeru resists.

[Other Options]
  • Pain Split can be used if you want to do damage while regaining health, but Recover is more often a better option.
  • Hydro Pump can be used as the Water STAB for greater damage output, but the low PP and Accuracy are big hindrances.
  • Energy Ball can be used on the last spot to hit Waters.
  • Hidden Power Electric also hits Waters, most notably Gyarados, who can just Taunt Burungeru and set up on it otherwise.
  • Hidden Power Fire hits Ferrothorn / Forretress, although Will-O-Wisp + Taunt will usually take care of both of them.
  • Night Shade is also a good option in the last spot since it does fixed damage and can help break subs that other wise you wouldnt be able to.
  • Can set up Trick Room if you're into that.
  • Grass-types are excellent switch-ins to Jellicent, as they resist its primary STAB. Celebi and Shaymin both have Natural Cure and therefore do not care about Will-O-Wisp and can severely damage Jellicent with Giga Drain and Seed Flare, respectively. After Toxic Orb activates, Breloom can switch in on Scald and Will-O-Wisp with relative ease, but must be aware of Ice Beam and Hex due to its low SpD stat. Birijion can't shrug off Will-O-Wisp like the other three, but it can switch in on just about anything else thanks to its high Special Defense stat and force Jellicent out with the threat of Giga Drain.
  • Electric-types can severely damage Jellicent, particularly Rotom-W, who resists Scald. Thundrus and Jolteon also pose reasonable threats.
  • Calm Mind / Refresh Latias sets up on Jellicent, and Specs Latios/Sazandora can switch in on it and OHKO with Draco Meteor.
  • CB Tyranitar, should it manage to switch in unscathed, can threaten to KO with either Pursuit or Crunch depending on whether Burungeru stays in or switches out.
  • Power Whip Ferrothorn is a counter if Jellicent lacks WoW or cannot burn it with Boiling Water.
  • Sun is a huge inconvenience to Jellicent, weakening its Surf / Scald and reducing its ability to check/counter certain threats, such as Blaziken and Ulgamoth. Venusaur is also a huge threat to Jellicent.

[Dream World]
  • Burungeru gets Damp as its Dream World ability. Yeah, useless.
Burungeru is a shaky counter to Infernape and Blaziken in my experience, as Adamant LO Blaziken can OHKO with a +2 Stone Edge (factoring rocks), and Infernape can 2HKO with Grass Knot (OHKO with NP).
To many EV's. Change the Def to 168.
no, add them up and then compare the total to a 252-252-4 spread, both 508.

Also, I wouldn't have his only attacking move be boiling water, there are way to many water immunities/ resistances such as vaporeon or kingdra, or other burungeru's so you should think about energy ball in the last slot for dealing with them, otherwise you'll just end up with something setting up on you and then you'll get run down. there's also not much need for will-o-wisp with boiling water, really.
I've had a LOT of success running HP Fire. In my experience, pokemon like Nattorei and Forretress love coming in and trying to set up on you. Sure, you can run Taunt, but then you are getting hurt and there's HP Fire. It's definitely worth being mentioned in AC.

Also, if someone is going to use Surf>Boiling Water for more power, it's usually better to run Hydro Pump, because it does have much higher power.

Toxic shouldn't be mentioned in the AC, it should definitely be slashed over Will-O-Wisp in my opinion. It helps counter a lot of defensive stat-uppers (like CM Latias) and if someone is running the physically defensive set, there's no huge need for the Will-O-Wisp. However, Hydro Pump should be used with Will-O-Wisp, and Toxic should be used with Boiling Water.
Yeah Hidden Power Fire can be mentioned in AC, but doesn't really deserve a slash or anything. Looks pretty good, but I think Ice Beam should be stressed a lot for Swords Dance Gliscor, who 2HKOes Burungeru while Burungeru can't OHKO back with Boiling Water. Also Burungeru doesn't 'counter' Roobushin, it can only revenge kill when it's at like 30% thanks to its immunity to Mach Punch.

very naice how much

QC Approved 1/2
Make sure to discuss the abilities, and put an option for the set(s). Cursed Body is a really interesting ability, but has terrible competition with Water Absorb. Make sure you mention them.

In the set you've given, you've listed it as 84 Speed EVs, but in the set description you describe it as having 88 Speed Evs. That confused me a little.

Also, perhaps mention Balloon as a holding item option?


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Bulky Water types with recovery will be Burungeru's bane if its not running Toxic, such as Vaporeon and Milotic, as it will more often than not end on a PP war. Rotom-W can just Thunderbolt it.
If Burungeru has Taunt, it will win.

You should also mention that if you don't run Taunt, you should move the Spe EVs into Def (maybe 16 into SpD for a bonus point), as outspeeding Skarmory has little use without Taunt.
I think it'd make a good trick room supporter (my favorite kind of team).

-Trick room
-Surf / Night shade

252 hp / 128 def / 128 sp def
Calm / Bold

i opt for surf mainly because of blaziken and friends.

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It looks alright but I think you should add 1 more set. Burungeru in particular has this really awesome Choice Scarf, consider running Water Spout / Hex / Energy Ball / Hydro Pump. Do that and i'll approve your analysis.

Lol, kidding of course. Good work Eo.



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Mention Cursed Body in OO at least because it's actually pretty neat. It makes Burungeru a situational check to CM Reuniclus at times and helps you out with Recovering against stuff like TTar crunch, Ferrothorn Power Whip, or Garchomp Outrage should Will-o-wisp miss or if you mispredicted Taunt (on Ferrothorn). Though unreliable, a few turns of stalling should be enough for cursed body to activate most of the time, so long as you're not stalling something like Thundurus Thunderbolt. If you combine Cursed Body's disability with Taunt, a lot of options can be removed on certain Pokemon, forcing them to switch out (which you can help reduce with Spikes), or turn it into set up bait for another Pokemon if it stays in. It's tough to name situations for these, though, but I've had it happen before (turned Suicune into Excadrill set up bait)

Plus, Cursed body has the potential to be a gamebreaker if you are lucky enough to disable a sweeper's main move as it's about to sweep your team.

With Swift Swim gone, Jellicent has less to fear from strong water attacks and won't mind the loss of Water Absorb too much.
No double status? I had a ton of success with Surf / Toxic / Wisp / Recover. Buru has trouble damaging things. Also, mention that if you lack taunt you should look to outspeed CB Scizor so you can burn it before it tries to pursuit you.


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evs: 252 HP / 172 Def / 84 Spe

  • 88 Spe outpaces min spe Skarmory, letting Burungeru Taunt its Spikes.
I just thought that looked off. My only other nitpick is that Shadow Ball and Toxic are useful enough to be slashed in but that's nothing since they're both in OO anyways. Also seconding the notion of adding Evil Eye/Hex because it has good synergy with WoW, Toxic and Toxic Spikes that would be likely to be found on a stall team along with Jellicent/Burungeru


Who let marco in here????
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Few more things
- I've used Cursed Body a bit more and I can confidently say it's better than Water Absorb unless your team badly needs a foreverlasting water immune (in that case rotom-w probably wipes your team anyways).

- You don't need all the way up to 84 Speed. That's just bad speed creep. Also, Skarmory has waay more room to boost its Speed to outrun Jellicent. I'd drop it down to beating speedless Scizor at most.
i actually am surprised nobody has mentioned hp electric. it counters -some but not limited to- Gyara, Vap, and other Buru's when not carrying shadow ball. against gyara it can use this if carrying surf (because scald would get the burn off, then attack with hp electric and somewhat burn stall it down while recovering), and it can be effective in some circumstances. Just thought that this may be worthy of a slash.
Good job on this eo!
Toxic at least deserves a slash from Will-o-Wisp when you're running Boil Over, as few physical sweepers will come in on that.
Boil Over's power blows dick. You have Will-O-Wisp, so why not Surf at LEAST getting a slash. Plus, Boil Over can burn shit you may want your team to Toxic (like the oh so common Lati@ switch ins).
2 Things.

1) Why no Shadow Ball? It and Surf are it's STAB's, use them.

2) When paired with a Ferrothorn, running Calm 252/ 252 SpDef is probably the way to go.
How about an Acid Armour set?

name: Acid Armour
move 1: Boiling Water
move 2: Recover
move 3: Acid Armour
move 4: Taunt/Ice Beam
item: Leftovers
ability: Water Absorb
nature: Calm
evs: 252 HP / 172 Sp. Def / 84 Spe
Virizion should be mentioned as a counter too, as Jellicent's uninvested Ice Beam against a 4/0 Virizion deals a max of 35%, struggling to 3KO, when Virizion can heal the damage back up with Giga Drain, or set up some Calm Minds or a Swords Dance and outright kill him with Giga Drain/Leaf Blade.

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