Jirachi (All-Out Physical Attacker - aka Meteor Mash)



name: All-Out Physical Attacker
move 1: Meteor Mash
move 2: Ice Punch
move 3: Drain Punch
move 4: Thunder Wave / Thunder Punch
item: Life Orb
nature: Adamant / Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

*An event in BW2 gave Jirachi access to Meteor Mash. Combine that with STAB and Serene Grace, and Jirachi can pose to be a pain in the neck by spamming Meteor Mash with a 40% to boost attack
*Ice Punch gives Jirachi coverage against Landorus-T and Gliscor
*Drain Punch restores HP lost from the Life Orb recoil; it also 2HKOs Ferrothorn after an attack boost
*Body Slam is illegal with Meteor Mash, so Thunder Wave is used to slow down faster opponents, like Latios and Terrakion.
*However, Thunder Punch can be used to hit Jellicent, Slowbro, and Skarmory, who takes Jirachi's other attacks with relative ease, but Jirachi needs to be at +1 for the damage output to 2HKO them.

*EVs maximize speed and power. Adamant nature with Thunder Wave, Jolly with Thunder Punch
*U-turn can be used to let a teammate come in safely, but you give up the attack boosts you gained from Meteor Mash
*Fire Punch can be used to hit Ferrothorn harder than Drain Punch, but rain is pretty common in OU, and Jirachi will 2HKO Ferrothorn with Drain Punch to begin with
*Jirachi's attack power is a little meager until it gets to +1 or higher; thus, entry hazards can be of use; Ferrothorn is a common choice, but Hippowdon and Tyranitar take a step farther by offering Sandstorm support to wear down most pokemon even farther. Hippowdon can also absorb Thunder Waves for Jirachi, whereas Tyranitar can trap and KO Jellicent.
*An Electric-type pokemon, like Rotom-W or Thundurus-T, is a good partner for Jirachi, as they can handle bulky waters and Skarmory
Rain support is better to deal against Heatran, i don't really know why you need to be faster than Latios or Terrakion since they'll never switch on you. Air Balloon can be used for Garchomp / Dugtrio / ScarfLandorus and stuff and Expert Belt can lure a Scarfset while add some power to a special move.

You can slash a Naive nature with Thunderbolt to deal with Gyarados and Skarmory more easily Also Zen Headbutt can bring you some way to deal with Jellicent / Hippowdon with some luck at +1 and it's a clean OHKO on Keldeo, i don't think Thunderpunch is. The 4th slot is really opened, you can use Grass Knot / Zen Headbutt / Thunderbolt / U-turn...even Healing Wish could be considered at a desperate option.

This set got crazy potential and can do hard damage, it's worth being in the site.


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This set looks really underwhelming to me. Jirachi only has base 100 Attack, isn't that fast, and Meteor Mash isn't a guaranteed Attack boost anyway. This looks kind of like the opposite of Metagross. People use Metagross in a way that made you think they'd be better off using Jirachi instead, and then you have this set, which is a way of using Jirachi that makes you think you're better off using Metagross.



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Why exactly should this be a set? I feel like you should at least give a few reasons in the OP to justify your reasoning instead of just saying that Meteor Mash has a 40% chance to raise its Attack. To tell you the truth, I agree with Shrang. Logs maybe?
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I don't like it, heck, I would almost consider Iron Head over MM in your set due to the synergy between Paralysis and Iron Head Flinch spam. Do you have any logs of this set in action, or is this all hypothetical?

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