Pokémon Kangaskhan

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Volt turn in every tier! I'm in despair!
Don't worry. You guys can start a new Kanga thread in a few months when tiers actually exist and NU becomes a thing.
Whelp, Kangaskahnite (finally) got the boot. So long, Megakahn, it was fun while it lasted! Have fun rampaging in the Uber Tire.

With Mega Kangaskahn out of the picture, I doubt there's any reason to discuss normal Kangaskahn. It might be nice in NU, but there's not much hope for it in OU without a +2 PuP, boosted stats, and a choice-free sub-breaking 50% power boost. Looks like this thread's days of crazy damage calculations and niche counters are over.

I say good riddance, may you proceed to rape the Uber tier Mega Mom.

Now all we have to do is complain about mega moms brother mega luke.
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