Tournament Karmafest [Round 1]

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Monotype Karmafest
Approved by Eien // Co-Hosted with Decem

Hello everyone! The signups are complete, and round 1 of Karmafest is finally here! I’m just going to give a rundown of how this will go down. Every player will have one week (March 9) to complete their games. Substitutions will not be accepted after a team plays a game. Signups are STILL open since some teams might need to be substituted throughout the tournament. Without further ado, here are the matchups, made by myself:

Onii-Senpaku Chans ;w; vs Washed Up Wailmers
Seo. vs Sae
Ridley. vs Anttya
pork chop man vs Acast

Flamigos vs Nigerian Nightmares
Whitewash vs TheThorn
Snowyyy vs Paleo
The Ana vs Yaksok

Bucky and Lads vs Team Name
Megazard vs Lord Sylex
Quantum Tesseract vs MMagma
Isotonex vs TheImcaness

Unexpected vs FREE PU
Lotus Ninja vs TJ
Bzumzum vs Taskr
shivay lamba vs Specs Jigglypuff

Fuck The Wankas vs Chopmilas
Pak vs Holy Ghost
Wanka vs theSix
Zukushiku vs Config

The Wankas vs Trinity
Leru vs ArkenCiel
Sabella vs Neski
1 True Lycan vs nomadderwhat

tres karma vros vs #OnTheComeUp
HNBL vs Wincon
roman vs Bitana
Decemm vs Bluxio

Hatching a Planvs Zozzle
The Excadrill vs double switches
Bushtush vs perry
Its Hatch vs Baloor

Shopping 4 L’s vs King Bouffalant Starmasters
Escoffier vs King Billu
DoW vs Bouff
Namranan vs Star

:blobsneakattack: vs Beach Boys
Moosical vs I am bu
Tyke vs Asziran
Ticken vs Sanamehe

Low-Tier Support Group vs Yogi Gang
Magikingdra vs Jase Duken
pazza vs iLlama
smub vs iRKD

Lazy Ass Goons vs ASSMAGGOTS
TheAveng92R vs Chras
aguavy vs Azelea
Feitan the steam vs Cloud9 NxtLvl

Team Flex Seal vs Bamboozling Baklava Bois
Dandy Highwayman vs zugubu royale
Rukt vs Chaitanya1.9
Chopskie vs Vodoom

Young Dagger Dicks vs WoA + Staff Are Corrupt
AV8 vs Clearly
Geotal vs Eien
Maskun529 vs Zarif

The Xaaa Xaaatus vs Master Minds
Attribute vs Brisked
KevinELF vs memomiguel
Waszap vs Mr. Miner

Dark Angels vs Wild Tots
Harpp vs aGroove
NLSlayer21 vs RealShady
Arlaxeon vs xEpicc

Again, you have ONE WEEK to complete your games! Extensions may be arranged if the situation calls for it. Remember that this tournament is standard Gen 7 Monotype format. That’s all for now, good luck and have fun!​
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