Championship - Type B Ketchum Cup - Round 1

Here we go.

Activity wins (includes some games where someone was given the win and I didn't get to it yet):
Rakan vs Hassin627
Bronto Burt 2 vs Superhaven
blazenix vs King
Asek vs Hec
Oglemi vs HSOWA
Hamhamhamham vs The Alio
senpie vs Marshall.Law
Marcop vs byronthewellwell
Squawkerz vs Acsel
Skarmx2 vs Mizuhime
Finchinator vs HaxBro.K
Plasmagby vs suapah

Drud vs OminousDraco
Corrin vs Level 56

Hayburner vs Astoria will have until Sunday

Any disputes, errors, etc., should be directed to me ASAP. Round 2 will be posted shortly.

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