Championship - Type B Ketchum Cup - Round 1


oh my gosh you found me
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Activity post, made plans to play with my opponent this weekend but never heard back from him when I messaged him yesterday.
Double post, sorry.

If you are in one of the following matches, I have seen no form of contact from either player:
Asim12 vs -herO-
p2 vs Will-I-am
FLCL vs Zamrock
Star vs elodin

If you are tagged below, your opponent has contacted you, but I see no response:
Amane Misa (vs Marcop)
WallaceTheChampion (vs Acsel)

If you were tagged in this post, you have 72 hours to establish contact (or, if you did so by means other than VM or I happened to miss it, let me know) or I will sub you out. Priority will be given to matches where one person has contacted but the other has not responded. There are still plenty of subs, for what it's worth.

Also, I know I did not make them mandatory, but I would still like to see some replays.

That is all.
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Thank you for posting the replay, and after seeing it, I would like to remind everyone that Gengar is not allowed in this tournament (this is explicitly stated in the OP) because it is not an Ashmon. Since it did not affect the outcome of the battle, however, this result will stand.

Also, the deadline for contacting as mentioned above is about 15 hours from this post.