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I voted Uber. I felt that with the Specs set, Latios could destroy even its best switch-ins (except Blissey) with only minimal prediction, and could completely wipe out virtually anything else. The difference in SpA between Latias and Latios really does make a difference on the Specs set, though for most of the other sets, Latias is better.
voted uber...There's no safe switch in agaisnt Specs Draco Meteor but Special Oriented Jirachi and Blissey...both get crippled with Trick and will have to play a guessing game against Latios to win (not a prediction one)...

And the Memento set is also overpowered since no one expects it and if you give it a free turn switching some kinda of special wall (and you will do it) and don't have a Brick Breaker/Explosion Gross you will lose if your opponent is using a BP Gliscor, doesn't matter if you are facing a noob.

One more vote and it's oficially uber


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Ok, I ask all of you to please read the message pasted below in its unedited entirety.

[18:59] <LonelyNess> oh hey... you might want to look at the latios votes
[19:00] <LonelyNess> I was looking at the votes and it showed I could vote (even though I'm not on the list) and I had an "I wonder" moment... and so I clicked Uber and voted and to my surprise it counted the vote
[19:02] <Jumpman16> really
[19:02] <Jumpman16> i was sure i took you out of the usergroup
[19:02] <Jumpman16> that's kinda gay
[19:05] <Jumpman16> when did you vote
[19:14] <Jumpman16> um
[19:14] No such nick/channel

[20:24] <Jumpman16> when did you vote
[20:24] <LonelyNess> yesterday iirc
[20:24] <LonelyNess> but I couldn't find you to tell you
[20:24] <Jumpman16> oh good
[20:24] <LonelyNess> otherwise I would have cleared it up earlier
[20:24] <LonelyNess> lol... sorry about it
[20:24] <Jumpman16> yeah i took your access away after posting the thread
[20:24] <Jumpman16> np
[20:24] <Jumpman16> what did you vote

[20:25] <LonelyNess> Uber
[20:25] <Jumpman16> well that's kind of a big deal
[20:25] <LonelyNess> I honestly didn't expect it to even count the vote. Like I said it was an "I wonder if it actually works" thing.
[20:26] <LonelyNess> if I had actually attempted to vote and wanted it to stick I wouldn't have come and told you
[20:26] <LonelyNess> lol
[20:26] <Jumpman16> you should really have pmed me
[20:26] <Jumpman16> or someone
[20:26] <Jumpman16> plus i was on irc like all night
[20:26] <Jumpman16> this is a very big deal

[20:29] <LonelyNess> can you not just simply remove the vote?
[20:30] <Jumpman16> we can but that looks shady as hell
[20:30] <LonelyNess> I don't mind being scrutinized for my stupidity in the thread
[20:31] <Jumpman16> yeah i kind of have to do that
[20:31] <Jumpman16> lol
[20:31] <LonelyNess> it's fine
[20:31] <Jumpman16> even if it took me a few minutes to remove people's access i kind of definitely didnt have your name on the list
[20:32] <Jumpman16> plus im taking enough shit about this whole thing as it is etc

[20:32] <LonelyNess> Was there just an error compiling the list?
[20:32] <LonelyNess> and my name somehow ended up on it?
[20:33] <Jumpman16> no you made the list last time
[20:33] <Jumpman16> we had to add new checkmarks
[20:33] <Jumpman16> and take away some
[20:33] <Jumpman16> but had to keep in line who had what
[20:33] <Jumpman16> who made it this time

[20:34] <LonelyNess> right well, do what you have to do to avoid shadiness. If that means publicly calling me stupid then by all means, do it.
[20:35] <LonelyNess> Sorry for putting a kink in the wheel
[20:41] <Jumpman16> ty

I felt it best to avail to our community the truth about this rather than try to cover it up or whatever. This, of course, matters because the vote is extremely close

I've consulted with the Smogon Staff, and we've decided the best course of action is just to have everyone recast their votes. This isn't your typical "revote" in that virtually everyone who voted here is expected to and will revote the same way. Only Mr.Darkrai appearded unsure of which way to vote, though he definitely earned the right to vote even if it seems odd how this could be possible. (And, as if to somewhat absolve me of any bias, it wouldn't make sense for me to have allowed him to vote if I was not absolutely certain which way he would actually vote, regardless of where I "wanted" Latios to end up.)

Finally, latios315 recently PMed me wondering why he had not been allowed to vote. I missed documenting his and only his PM in my Word Document since he was the first one to PM me. This is part of the reason we have two tallyers, and I take full responsibility for this oversight. One that matters, of course, because the vote is so close.

I think in the future the Staff will consider votes being PMed to me, then having the voters confirm their votes afterwards, in the interests of making sure no one voter is swayed by a given yet unfinished tally. Anyway, there's one person who has not voted regardless, by my count (at least I think so, I'm not going to waste time figuring out who atm cause it doesn't matter). So, Mr.Darkrai, I ask you simply to please vote whichever way you feel the experience of your nearly 1,000 (yes, you all read that right) Latios Suspect battles tells you you should.
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