Tournament LC Ekans Draft - Week 2


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Scheduling Guide


Pimpidimps (5) vs Wooloo Crew (3)
SwSh1: robjr vs atomicllamas
SwSh2: Luthier vs zf
SwSh3: trash vs babyboyblues
SwSh4: ima vs Bebo
SwSh5: MetaRiolu7 vs Toadow
SwSh6: Lycans vs LilyAC
SwSh7: tazz vs BurntZebra
SwSh8: ggggd vs KingKdot


Corsola Corpse (5) vs Yamperors (3)
SwSh1: Heysup vs fran17
SwSh2: Megazard vs Naiike
SwSh3: czim vs idiotfrommars
SwSh4: EviGaro vs Jaajgko
SwSh5: Wabane vs TonyFlygon
SwSh6: Yami vs frisoeva
SwSh7: EternalSnowman vs Hamhamhamham
SwSh8: fatty vs Osh


Incel Toxel (2) vs The Sobbleing Heysups (6)
SwSh1: trace vs Nat
SwSh2: Shrug vs KratosMana
SwSh3: KSG vs HT
SwSh4: vooper vs Star
SwSh5: Coconut vs Serene Grace
SwSh6: Bouff vs TDK
SwSh7: FLCL vs Odd Della Robbia
SwSh8: Plas vs Ninjadog


skskskskwovets (6) vs Sinistea Dynasty (2)
SwSh1: Kingler12345 vs Alkione
SwSh2: mad0ka vs tko
SwSh3: Gareth Adamson vs Gummy
SwSh4: Chill Shadow vs tcr
SwSh5: Fiend vs Ampha
SwSh6: snaga vs ZoroDark
SwSh7: Jytcampbell vs Fille
SwSh8: Corporal Levi vs Wail Wailord

Deadline: Sunday December 8th, 11:59pm EST (GMT-5)
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zf v Luthier

by far my highlight matchup this week. extremely looking forward to seeing two villagers duke it out.

Plas v Ninjadog

another highlight matchup, both excellent players and honestly could go either way. I think Ninja is more consistent but Plas has higher highs, so really who knows. Went with a safer pick

madoka v tko

tko is my teammate and ofc I think he’s gonna win, but I don’t think that stops this from being a match to look forward to at all. Both good players and I really look forward to cheering on my teammate

fatty v osh

fatty...another villager so I gotta support him. Even without that I think fatty is solid enough and unpredictable enough that he gets the mu against Osh. Osh is a monster of a player and it’ll be interesting to see how he can slay brewfasa himself.

tazz v Burntzebra

maybe it’s just me but I think of burntzebra like ninjadog but not quite there yet. Maybe like 51 to 49 or smth, its close. Still, this will be a fun match to watch. I think this matchup is similar to plas v ninjadog, but tazz’s highs will prevail thru zebra’s consistency.

gl all
Calling act, my opponent asked to play today but didn't respond to any of my messages

garethadamsonLast Sunday at 11:45 PM
Hey I'm your week 2 opponent
What times work for you? I should be available most days, weekdays are better for me

Ahmad AlfatihLast Monday at 6:51 AM
what about
I might be working all week man so
prefer to play if I do have a free time
if it doesnt work we can play 8 PM your time at thursday

garethadamsonLast Monday at 12:28 PM
Friday isn't one of my better days for availability so I'd prefer 8 pm thursday personally

Ahmad AlfatihLast Monday at 12:28 PM

Ahmad AlfatihLast Thursday at 3:20 PM
che gareth
if i dont make it in time today can we play on saturday
Boss just delivery extra work with deadline for tomorrow
so I might not be in ideal conditions to play
if it is fine to you

garethadamsonLast Thursday at 3:53 PM
Yeah no problem
Just lmk when you can play

Ahmad AlfatihLast Thursday at 3:53 PM

garethadamsonLast Thursday at 9:35 PM
ok I'm going to sign off and take a shower, looks like it'll have to be on the weekend

garethadamsonToday at 1:38 PM
what time works for you to play today?

garethadamsonToday at 3:54 PM
I'm going into somewhere with less consistent wifi soonish so if you can give me your availability I'd really appreciate it
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