Tournament LCPL 6 - Finals [WON BY THE CRYSTAL ONIX]

yea yea yea, coconut doesn't put deadlines, okay I heard you all. There's no deadline for this round, but if matches get excessively long, I'm just gonna force a sub.

As a host, the biggest thing you guys can do for me is just get your matches done on time and keep drama to a minimum. For scheduling follow SPL rules, which is VM Contact, no VM Contact = No Activity Wins. Also you guys can submit teams if your internet is bad or w/e, but I really don't expect anyone to DC so you don't have to submit teams unless you want to be 100% safe. I'm also in your discords, so if there is an unedited version of the team that is submitted before that happens, we can probably work something out.

A personal congrats to all the teams that made it this far, it's been a long and treacherous season for the lot of you, and I hope we can have some fun with the final set of games!

#3 The Belchsprouts vs #4 The Crystal Onix
SM: Jox vs tko
SM: Confide vs ict
SM: Serene's Grace vs Disjunction
SM: Kingler12345 vs KratosMana
XY: tazz vs -Tsunami-
XY: Holiday vs rozes
BW: Star vs FLCL
DPP: TheFenderStory vs Heysup

Matches Completed: 7/8

tell us when you're playing I guess.
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For US people, Serene's and I will be playing Saturday at 11:30 AM EST

Regardless of whatever happens, I know my team's gonna pull through since we're the strongest LCPL team out there. It's been an awesome ride and I've learned a lot from you guys, so I'm confident when I say I know we'll win.

Let's fucking GO


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And so my first LCPL comes to an end, as I will no longer be playing for the Belchsprouts unless I get subbed in. As such, it's time to do my shoutout post! These are in no particular order except for the one in which everyone is listed in the Discord

Jox Holy hell man. Despite some tensions between us at the start of this LCPL, we've been friends for a while and I was really excited to be on a team with you. And damn did you show up. You have proven yourself to be one of the absolute best of our time and I am really looking forward to what you do in the future. In addition, you're an incredibly supportive and nice guy and was always there to help us, AND you inspired me to rejoin MDL. Thanks for making this tour way better than it otherwise would have been. But in the future, please for the love of god listen to your teammates when everyone tells you that something is bad *flashbacks to 18 Speed Taillow*

Arifeen You weren't very active in the discord but you were there when you needed. I really don't have much to say about you cause we barely talked, but it was cool to be on a team with you. One question though, why did RU vote on Necrozma?

Confide As active as you were early on in the season, that kinda dropped later. That doesn't take away anything you did though; you were constantly building and helping people, and were always up for testing. We didn't talk too much so I'm not gonna make this too long, but I hope we team up more in the future.

Holiday You're really, really hyper. Sometimes I feel like you should just shut up for once, but you were definitely upping the spirits of our team and you were fun to have around. And you are of course an incredible player too. It was a ton of fun to be on a team with you and I'm excited to see you play one more time. Congrats on your new badge and keep doing what you're doing please.

Kaboom You are an incredible player. You really are. Before this tour, I had never heard of you (I know this is a meme but I'm being serious), but you showed me how good you are. You came through time and time again for most of the season, and I'm really glad you were on the Sprouts. I really hope all the stuff going on works out for you, and I strongly believe you'll be back better than ever at some point.

TheFenderStory Similar to Kaboom, I did not know you beforehand, but you also proved you are quite the battler. You had fun teams and even started teaching both me and Jox DPP, and I'm incredibly thankful for that. You were fun to talk with, and proved to me that I need to get more into old gens LC as DPP is indeed a ton of fun.

Kingler12345 My least favourite Sprout. At the start of the season, you were quite active and useful and you were actively trying to help people in building, but as the season went on you started derailing discussion more and more and ignoring requests to look at people's teams. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate being on your team; when you were useful, you were very useful, significantly impacting the way my teams ended up looking, and I appreciate that. In addition, you were the one that drafted me, so I can't talk complete shit ig.

Serene's Grace When we were both still in MDL, I like to think we got along pretty well. We think about things similarly and both of us are always trying to come up with or flesh out new ideas, such as me stealing and 'perfecting' the Taillow you had been pushing onto us. Now that we were on a team together, that feeling came back. You're a great guy to have around and are a breath of fresh air among so many people using standard crap. I enjoyed being around you and hope we get to do more of this in the future.

Corporal Levi I am so incredibly thankful to you. Not just for drafting me, but also for letting me play even after having an admittedly bad showing week 1, and being understanding with me when some irl stuff started preventing me from playing. You were always controlled, keeping our teams spirits high, but not to the point of arrogance. You're an incredible manager and I'm really happy that you're the one who ended up drafting me.

Star You're so good it's not even fair. Throughout this season I've tested plenty of teams with you multiple times, and it was great that you were always responsive and giving me advice, but I had to stop doing that because losing to you didn't mean my team was bad; rather it was because you are just a couple million miles ahead of me. It was incredible seeing you play and I appreciate you going over my teams and games whenever I requested. I really hope you're on my team next year, cause you were an important backbone to use and we would not have done nearly as well without you.

tazz Another incredible ORAS player on our team. The biggest thing that sets you apart from the others is that you were actually testing teams constantly (looking at you Holiday) and were easily the most active, allowing me to revive my ORAS teams to some extent. Not much to say about you, you were awesome to have around and I'm looking forward to seeing more of you in the future.

The Sprouts weren't the only ones helping me, so here are some non-Sprout shoutouts:

Fille Interestingly, you were probably the biggest factor in how my week 5 and 6 teams ended up looking. I spent hours and hours testing both my and your teams with you, and the discussion we had about them was incredibly important to the evolution my teams went through. On top of that, our friendship kinda revived thanks to our testing and I'm thankful for that. Also, don't tell anyone the Totodile was my idea

Sken You might not have influenced my teams as heavily as Fille, you were still there to look over them. I appreciate what you did for both me and the other Sprouts, and figured I'd give you a shoutout for that. We didn't talk much outside of teambuilding, so imma leave it at this.

OP At some point during this season I really needed some support and you were there for me at that time. Even after that, you offered to help me with teams and were there to support me during my matches. I see you as one of my closes non-MDL friends and I'm really happy about that.

Fiend After you haxed beat me, the first thing you did was discuss the game with me. We spent quite a bit of time talking about how that game worked out and that taught me more about the way I play and what to fix than anything else this entire tour. In addition to that, you've been supporting me in my contributions ever since I barely started writing, but I never found the right time to shout you out for that, so here it is.

Personally, I'm very happy about this season. I like to thing that, after my weak performence in Week 1, I bounced back much better, taking out Kaori and coming close against Fiend and Manipulative. I learned more in this tour than anywhere before this and am really happy that I got to play this. The Belchsprouts were an incredible team to be on and I'm thankful for all they've done for me. I'll be sure to learn a lot over the course of the next year, and will hopefully be drafted again next year so that I can win my second LCPL. Because yes, the Belchsprouts are absolutely winning this. GO SPROUTS GO!


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Ok so that things do not go out of hand I'll set the deadline myself which is gonna be next Friday the 14th. If you do not have your matches completed until then, I'll personally make sure that you will feel the wrath of the disastrously powerful ICT who will come chasing after U for not completing your matches.

Watch out bitches.


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why are we acting like we need to pit teams against each other.....the HERO told us that we are all united :/
Actually... every team except for the Litleos and tkos are united. We have no idea where they are, so pitting them against the rest is fine


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Actually... every team except for the Litleos and tkos are united. We have no idea where they are, so pitting them against the rest is fine

The Belchsprouts (4) vs #4 The Crystal Onix (4)
SM: Jox vs tko
SM: Confide vs ict
SM: Serene's Grace vs Disjunction
SM: Kingler12345 vs KratosMana
XY: tazz vs -Tsunami-
XY: Holiday vs rozes
BW: Star vs FLCL
DPP: TheFenderStory vs Heysup

please dont actually tie. tiebreakers suck.


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i don't really see how the tkos lose this. that year long tie breaker gave them a long enough break that they're refreshed and motivated to play the tier again.

i really don't see much coming out of this other than a 5-3 victory for the tkos. unless the sprout's xy and sm step it up a lot, but you can only do so much...
It sort of confuses me why people are so sure of certain results/predictions in tournaments like these. Everyone on either side knows how to play pokemon at a reasonable level, and while things like form and talent and whether you are 10% more motivated than your opponent matter... most games really come more down to whether or not the team matches up well with the opponents, or you get that crucial miss/crit, or you win that one 50/50 that could have gone either way. Yeah there are definitely players who are more skilled and experienced than others, or build very strong teams, and get consistent results because of it. But things are really a lot more unpredictable than people like to believe. This is pokemon- not professional sports, although sometimes it is fun to pretend that it is :pirate:

anyway go Belchsprouts!
Agree with what fiend said. Sprouts have some rad LC people that are amazing battlers but tkos have just ridiculously skilled players such as shake and anti that excel wherever the hell they go. Also tko, Heysup core is ridiculously good as we've seen every week. That being said tko has to beat THE hero which is definitely the highlight game. Gl to both teams and let's hope it's a clean finals
#3 The Fart Jokes vs #4 The Phallic Phellas
SM: Jox vs tko - for many years it has been one of the great questions, up there with "why is god dead?" (measles) and "is there a meaning of life?" (no): what does "jox" mean?! well, friends, after extensive research, i have come to the conclusion that it is not, as was believed by some, a childhood nickname or shortening of "jordo" or "jordi," but instead is actually an acronym for Jazzmen Of Xanadu, a group of rollerblading psychokinetic musicians who combine their intellects to become the greatest pokemon player of all time- the reason for the "067" is because there were 67 founding members of the group and they decided to put an upper limit of 999 members (hence the 0)
SM: Confide vs ict - ict is one of the greatest names in the history of smogon: does he (or she!) see tea? is it a phonetic spelling of "icey tea?" we may never know
SM: Serene's Grace vs Disjunction - disjunctions are much less useful logically than exclusive or functions in my opinion but are still much more useful than pakis
SM: Kingler12345 vs KratosMana - honestly i'm just picking against kingler here
XY: tazz vs -Tsunami- - now, tsunamis are cool, but i'm kinda sick of disaster movies (especially weather ones- nothing will ever match the day after tomorrow) so fuck you
XY: Holiday vs rozes - holiday was one of a few people who could have but did not snapchat me a picture of his penis yesterday
BW: Star vs FLCL - i like to imagine a youthful starmeister directing a bunch of people at a bar in a whimsical celestial dance entitled starmeister harmonies
DPP: TheFenderStory vs Heysup - remember that scene in no country for old men where javier bardem soaks a rag in oil and stuffs it in some dude's gas tank and lights the end of it on fire then he walks into a pharmacy and takes all the meds he wants while the car explodes? that's what fender's gonna do to heysup's bakery

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