Tournament LCPL 6 - Finals [WON BY THE CRYSTAL ONIX]


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Lost to rozes as posted above, was salt but I'm good now so I'm gonna make this the s/o post and just talk about some stuff that's been going on.

Didn't expect to win 4 straight games lol still mad at Levi for benching me in the beginning but what's a guy to do. Shortly after winning that fourth game, however, I found out that my mom was diagnosed with bone cancer. This was very tough on me, and I let my team know about it. My teammates were nothing but supportive of me and let me take care of what I needed to do whenever. Maybe it messed with these last three games, maybe not; regardless, I'm thankful for fantastic teammates who made sure I was alright. I wish things with mom were going better but she's been on a decline. Tomorrow (ig early today since it' 1:05 at the time of me writing this) we'll get results back from a recent biopsy and go from there so there's that. If I sound like I don't wanna be bothered on PS! or something don't take it personally, I'm just trying to lose to stall on the OU ladder, get mind off things.

While the above was obviously a more pressing issue, some other garbage things have happened as well, including but not limited to: my car breaking down (again), losing an internship at a local PT clinic, being set back in my job, anxiety flaring back up, getting ready for college, and tweaking my back. Some of you can definitely write this off as just me complaining but I gotta get "feelings" out somehow so I guess here this is. This last month has been a very trying time in my life, but I'm not going to let my circumstances define me and I'll get out of whatever funk I'm in, so like keep me in good thoughts I guess haha.With how hectic things have been in my life in these past few weeks I found myself back in the same position as I did two years ago as a sophomore: constantly on PS! / Smogon, probably spending a little too much time on it, and once again getting involved with the community. I really didn't think I'd even be that involved in this LCPL but the team was cool and I felt like I could actually contribute. What I've noticed once again is that the LC community, despite whatever flaws that decisions and people may bring, is actually a pretty cool place. Be it with up-and-coming players or people from way before me, the people I've interacted with during this LCPL have made this the best one yet. I don't know what my involvement in LC will look like after this tournament and with my mom, but whatever life throws my way, the blast that I've had this tournament will be a memory not soon forgotten.

First, my team (in order of how much Levi paid for you since I can't remember all these names lol)

Star You're a ridiculously talented battler and a really cool guy. Pokemon actually sucks as a game so I support your "salt" 100% bump what these haters think. Thank you for helping me test consistently and really bringing the team to perform on their A-Game

Kingler12345 You're straight in my book for a gay guy. In the discord, I know I can always count on you for some quirky comment, but you're also a great battler and just a really funny guy. Also thankful for the testing and for the confidence boosts from time to time

Jox I didn't know you before this tournament but I'm really happy we were on the same team. Apparently you're the new hero of LC which I don't get because you're bad (just peeped we finished with near same records), however, I've found that you're one of the genuinely happiest people on the site. Whether in the LC SC group, making your videos or just talking you always seem to be glad to be a part of it all and I think that's really awesome and I hope you never change

TheFenderStory Great battler and honestly one of the most down to Earth users I've spoken with. Building that G1 team for your battle vs. Heysup was actually very fun bc hell yeah DPP, and you're always game for quality conversation. Can't wait to tear it up in Conni's tour whenever that actually starts

Kaboom Feel like I've known you forever, but idk what to say about ya haha. You're good at mons and you're a constant help for anyone who needs to test, and your presence really was invaluable on our team low-key. Just quit your job before I actually kill someone lol

Serene's Grace Authentically kind, which I think is something that is overlooked a lot on this site. You're also always looking for ways to improve your game and I think that really helps in the team tour environment by pushing others to better themselves

Confide Damn bro that record actually crucial as fuck LOL but regardless you're always lifting spirits on the team and actually provided a lot of insight for most of the teams built so thanks for that

tazz The XY partner in crime. Y'know for each of us going for 5k this year I think it's safe to say we did an alright job holding down those two spots haha. Obviously thank you so much for testing teams, but also for having such a good season and concrete wins that made me want to play better as well.

shoutouts myself for actually doing alright this year

Arifeen We didn't talk much but you won both your games so hell yeah man

Xayah You gave me the worst s/o of all time and I'm still kinda sick about it, but you mean well and you're a part of this new wave of LC players that actually somewhat cool. Stick around, I like you

Corporal Levi One of two users to really show me how to play LC way back in the day. Thanks for being a good friend over the years, and of course thank you so much for drafting me. Probably a flight risk on whether I'd actually be active but I'm glad you took the chance and I'm glad I delivered

Other People

Berks You're my best friend on here and one of my better friends off the site. I really truly duly am thankful for your friendship. You've always lent a helping hand, test battle, team build, and most importantly someone who I can talk to about really anything. Love you man

Jac You definitely know more about me than you'd probably want to but you're always lending an ear and a "lol spic" which I don't think I'll ever get tired of. Really thankful for being able to vent to you. You're a cool guy

Mambo Other user that showed me how to play LC. A true innovator and an authentically good person. Whenever we cross paths it's always a good time, and don't disappear completely before we drop a mixtape

OP Another really cool friend, I'm thankful that you play Hearthstone and really just being one of the funnier and easy-going users on the site

Quote You're a cool cat, thanks for getting me Undertale and for putting up with shitty me for like 1.5 years lol sorry about that b

Shrug Woke individual, always quality conversation with you, whether it be about politics, music or :geraldo: and you're also not terrible at mons so that's also cool

Oma Idk where you went but you're awesome man. Miss you, hope you're doing well bud.

tahu Another legitimately nice individual that's also good at mons!

Fille I hope this is you LOL you have me geeking in the LC SC constantly

Coconut I was talking that shit ab you being a bad host bc I was butthurt over something idk but you've done a great job hosting this actually and you're a really cool person tooreally anyone in the LC SC you're lit

dcae You're awesome. The whoms to my t'd've

Heysup forgot about you LOL you're awesome and hella cool, DPP legend and just nice to talk to

Dundies you're a really cool dude, even though I'm just starting to get to know you you're funny and play other tiers which means you're alright in my book :))

People Outta LC

Skitty Been a minute bud! Hope you're doing well too, really thankful for everything back in the day

CrashinBoomBang CBB :^)

ADVANTAGE You're actually the man. Quality dliver, quality friend

Natural Talent RU and Skype days will always be lit. Never forgetting when we stood up all night to ladder for and LC suspect test only for you not to post your reqs lmaoooo

Peef Rimgar You're cool and you live like 15 minutes away but never meeting up why? Smh one wonders. Hope you're alright man

There's like hella more people but I've been writing for 20 minutes. I'm gonna stick around for Slam and Conni's tour, and I guess I'll just play it by ear from there. You guys rock, go Belchsprouts.
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thanks for drafting me levi n kingler, this was one of the funnest LCPLs I've done despite our terrible luck. Hope to have some of you guys on my team next time (without the hax following, preferably)!

also would just like to point out that sun hadn't been used once in ORAS up to this point so as a sprout I felt obligated.
grats tkos. bit annoyed by some of our games and the way Odds went, but it's the game i guess. insert classic me bitching here

thanks levi for asking me to be part of the manager duo at the start of the season. wasn't really too huge on participating as a player but being a manager was something i thought would be fun and it was. think i enjoyed the draft aspect the most. guess getting a team to a final the first time i've ever drafted isn't bad heh. no individual shoutouts cuz it's kinda lame to do them if you don't win, but you guys are a chill bunch and we drafted a ton of great talent who managed to impress not just me but i'm sure other players too.

it's kinda disappointing to lose this way after managing to pull through to playoffs and finals but oh well. kingler out pce

edit: won v anti gg friend gl in snake draft bud :D
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We did it omg ;w;

shoutouts to tko for dragging my ass through testing like a mad man and always being available to help. not to mention being the undefeated god

Heysup and ict for being some of the most inspirational players I've ever seen on this site

-Tsunami- for never dropping in the consistency of how he plays and being amazing

Nineage for believing in me and being such a supportive manager

I'm so sorry for my ass record. I regret not putting more into the battles that I lost, luck aside. I feel like I've grown so much as a player while on this team and I'm lucky I was able to ride it out with you guys. Love you guys ;-;


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nah but seriously, this has been some ride and I didn't expect us to make it this far. Coming off a hot last place last year as a team with Nineage, and with a record of 1-2, I think it was pretty justifiable to understand how going to win the next LCPL and personally going undefeated seemed more like something far off. I didn't expect to be playing SM this time either, but I'm sure glad i did. Just gonna do some shoutouts cuz I wanna thank all of you as a team for being a lit team, and also the people who helped me out who weren't on the TCOs.

Nineage bro we made it this far, amazing. Its whack to see us start from the bottom, now we here. I still remember how our draft plan and our final team ended up nothing similar, and it's kinda funny to look back at that and just think, "damn, howd we end up here" (in a good way). You were a good leader for a team, though I guess that skill came from the other server you used to be an admin on!!! I think we made a pretty powerful duo this year.

Heysup easily the best LC player on this website. Even though I messed up and accidently upbid my own upbid on you, the 19k was EASILY a steal. I know you work 70 hours a day but damn you still provided a lot of teams for the team, and helped me test often too. Not to mention, our team could always count on you to clutch a win for us when needed, because you are DPP metabeast (though, I hate all the times you'd test those Wynaut teams w/ me). I'm happy that I got to team with you for once in a team tour, and I don't regret being stupid at the end of the day w/ that upbid, dash. Hopefully I see you in future LC tours, and we can have a clean series. Your building will be no match, watch out.

ict We honestly did not expect to get you in this tour, mostly because we thought that we'd have exhausted a good chunk of our money and would need to buy enough players with our remaining money. But when you went for auction at 15k late draft, I'm sure glad as hell that Nineage made the decision to raise and go for 16, and no one even upbid at that point. Only one on par with you could use garbage mons like Rowlett and win games in the semifinals, god damn. I'm also amazed how you can build in any tier in general, something that has always amazed me. I'd say I'd miss your chat presence, but we are teamed for 1 or 2 other team tours so rather, I'm glad I still get to witness GOAT-cy tea even more. Grand slam winner, just like heysup, was a steal.

teal6 The nights when you'd hop on the LC discord drunk and call for hours were pretty fun. Sucks that this season didn't go well in your favor, but thats forgivable since the teams you used were fire. Glad that we got you your 2nd LCPL win in a row, hope to team up with you in future tours as well. Also filled up one half of our TD duo, alongside inferior rozes.

rozes AKA manager #3. You also weren't on our original draft plan but then you went like 5k under what Nineage and I had expected, so I am not really complaining. You had used solid ORAS teams throughout the tour, and built some stuff for anti so bop thats a lot from someone we didn't expect to get in the first place o_o. Your help behind the scenes was also good for noobs like Nineage and I, because it was our first time managing a team, though giving you the admin capabilities may have not have maybe been the best decision for when you'd spam @here but not let other people do that, lol... your so tiny ;w;


FLCL and KratosMana You two were always tour players that I'd enjoy watching OU games of in SPL or other important tours, and having two long time experienced players on a team was definitely a fun experience to be able to watch games from and such. Fooly, sorry you ended up in the enigma tier again, though you put the people in their place with the sand balance which was pretty amazing to see (heysup rlly crafting the best teams in any metagame). Anti, you came in clutch the times we needed you to, and talking to you on the discord in general was one of the best parts of the channel. I hope you guys and ict carry me to a NUPL victory -

Lax I wish we had the opportunity to start you more often, but unfortunately, things did not get to pan out that way. That game vs slurmz though was hella clutch. You aren't a good Brawlhalla player though, man you rlly are an inferior hattori compared to me, please. join call HT trash

ADVANTAGE What could be a better steal than going under the beginning price point?? You being on the team was nice for our overall team atmosphere, as well as being the goat in the hype week (almost goat). Being on this team gave us the ADVANTAGE in this tour, omg hahahhahahah ah im good.... i didnt steal that..

Disjunction I was really surprised that you wanted to join our discord after going undrafted, just to help us out. We said yes, because we saw you laddering and were interested in getting you as a player before the draft. Since Endal had his stuff to deal with, we were able to get you, someone who was already helping out our team, so getting you felt nice because your work wouldn't go unnoticed. Thanks for all the nights that I'd chall you and we'd test teams, and you had to deal with my ranting about how garbage it was to build and etc, you feel. You are also a chill person in general, someone I enjoyed PMing about random stuff from time to time. Pretty solid midseason buy, couldn't be happier to get you over the others.


Fiend Easily the non team member that I tested with the most. You told me a lot about what my teams were weak to, which I really appreciated because the support helped me on my run this season. s/o making a rmt thats been rated before, heh, maybe. I know you don't think you are that great at this game anymore, but I'm here to tell you thats stupid. You are one of the better builders in this tier, and all you need to do is brush up on your skill from last year. I also appreciate your help in all gens after we added you in our discord.

GOAO I know you only really helped for the last week, when your team was already out, but damn you helped a lot in that one week. I tested at least like 10 teams with you, and the help you gave to eventually make the final version was solid as hell. I never really knew how good of a player you could be until the past week. You also helped a lot with our oras teams, which was also pretty sick.

Dundies s/o dodging hjk. We also had a lot of test games (like, a lot) during the main season, which was helpful for me to find out what I was weak to. S/o 2d girls, u fool.

Jox we also tested a lot during the main season of this LCPL. Damn bro, I'm impressed by your teambuilding and skill in this tier. I know I got quite fortunate vs you in the finals, I hope you don't dread over it too much. I know you will do great in upcoming LC tours. You haven't had your chance to shine, hero.

miltankmilk along with GOAO, you helped me quite a bit after your team was out. I knew you were a good person to ask about the team help because after I used the team built by you for like week 5, I knew you knew what was poppin in this tier and could help me out w/ my final team. You also had a ridiculously good record for a 3k, something I can easily respect.

Feliburn bop also helped me test and came up with the best nick, can't forget my nicaraguan friend.

Shrug You rlly showed me the way of abra, and that is why I used it half of the time in this LCPL. You are also a great builder and I like what you cook up before anyone else sees what you reveal. Thanks for the massive help in the past two weeks as well.


I wouldn't have been able to get this record without you guys, and you guys made LCPL fun in the first place. Thanks Coconut for hosting, hosting premier leagues can be annoying, especially with decision making and dealing with the public.

8-0nix out
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first team tour win EVER I'm so happy!!!
I'm finally able to make a shoutout post for something hell yeah.

First of all I want to start of with you my old friend:

Heysup Oh man we go way back bro, you're honestly one of the persons that kept me in LC along with star u both taught me basically everything a and that for good. You jew have always been one of my better friends and players I could identify myself w/ your performance this LCPL was hella slick despite being busy af, you always won when it matters and are the most reliable backbone one could wish for. Thanks for passing me teams every week I couldn't possibly lose with because you're probably the best LC player on this site.

Nineage & tko you both were honestly the managing duo I was looking forward playing for, and when you got me in auction I was pretty happy. Nineage ur a cool guy and hella funny and I enjoyed every single minute you put ur trust in me and hyped me up I really enjoyed it since that was a huge confidence boost. TKO oh my god where do I START I honestly tought u don't even play mons u shit which was only confirmed when u didnt start week 1 u put up tht hot streak week after week and finally went 8-0 I was hella impressed like damn dude your amazing and def one of the reasons we won this so easily.

rozes you have a leading fetish and always try to take over everything which I do like a lot, you were basically the manager and not tko and a great one on top of that :D, u had a rough start but established yourself throughout the season and became very reliable at the end when u saw the gates of ict and heysup ORAS teams. U rock bby

teal6 lol I had fun carrying since ur my bestie on this site. Despite ur bad showing u were an important member of the team thinking of the most creative things I can think of, sucks u had to go negative but who cares when you're the winner at the end am i right. Sad you couldn't pull through with your 5 dragons+gothita but alas haxed.

-Tsunami- OMG SHAKEEEEEEEEE, you were honestly awful at the beginning of the season but when you said u only want offense u found the winning path faster than FLCL's sand rush mons (kill me), you brought win after win end of the season which was very important since u won semifinals and finals clutching us the win I couldn't be happier with u boss

KratosMana anti ;w; you always waited until the end of the week to play the last games so u could use fun mons like treecko and mudkip, thats where u could see u play this game for fun which ive always truly admired you're my bff and i love u n.n even if u had a rough season, didnt matter haxed. your chat presence inter changeable which I do appreciate very much.

FLCL OMG my wife ;w; n.n you PM'd me during the auction saying to get you on my team at any cost, where I proceeded to flood tko's PM's and luckily u ended up being on my team saved from macle lul and c now where are here. idk how u do it but u just bring the same team every time and just win and win and win. that might bc ur one of the best player i know. ur my bf and i love U a lot and i'm very glad i got to win this with YOU sand master watashi.

Disjunction hey man buying u at midseason was a good idea you were an insane worker for the team and prepared very hard every week, sadly it didnt pay out sometimes. You still played every game of urs p well besides that finals game xP but it's ok we won this here so who cares. Glad u got to join us after u decided to help us out first weeks appreciate that a lot and i got rly happy when I saw I was inspiritational for u bro i do what I can :9!

Lax ADVANTAGE must be nice getting carried lol. Not much to say here besides that u guy are very good friends of mine and I'm glad you guys could eat from my cake of sucess bc I grant it to u ya both, lol love ya

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