Tournament LCPL 7 - Salty Suite


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calling Coconut out again as a john and scared to fight let the community know your room leader is too frightened of a washed up bw player to make an effort to play

[6:33 PM] [STAG] tcr: dodged again.
[6:33 PM] [STAG] tcr: can we actually get this done
[6:33 PM] [STAG] tcr: im busy on the weekend
[6:33 PM] [STAG] tcr: and friday
[6:33 PM] [STAG] tcr: so
[6:33 PM] [STAG] tcr: ive been asking since monday to play
[6:33 PM] small: guess it's not getting done then
[6:33 PM] small: should have said earlier in the week

Despite asking since as early as Monday to play I was told "thursday is when we'll play" didnt think it would matter that I was busy on the weekend since she specifically said we'd play on Thursday but I've been johned yet again

(on Monday)
[11:20 PM] [STAG] tcr: small
[11:20 PM] [STAG] tcr: fight?
[11:23 PM] small: today doesn't work for me
[11:23 PM] small: mondays/tuesdays are hard for me
[11:23 PM] small: how's thursday
[11:31 PM] [STAG] tcr: y cant u fight rn

(on Tuesday)
[8:24 PM] [STAG] tcr: hey small
[8:25 PM] east: tcr i needa redeem
[8:25 PM] [STAG] tcr: wanna play
[8:25 PM] small: no I'm busy drinking
[8:25 PM] small: no mondays, no tuesdays
[8:25 PM] small: I don't play pokemon on those days
[8:25 PM] small: it's for my own mental health

pointless to get activity cuz this is salty suite i just want you guys to know that coconut is scared to fight and is a coward that's all
won, gg's

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Gummy and JudasIscariot - You two have done quite a lot for me in this community since I was banned. From acting as messengers, trying to get me unbanned, generally being friends with me, etc. I want to thank you for this. I'll keep this brief for now since I think you know my thoughts on you, but keep this in mind.

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