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Four activity losses, just wow. I mean, I wouldn't have been upset if we lost fairly, but I have to say, to have any activity losses, let alone four, in playoffs, I'm really disappointed in not only my team, but also a bit in Jac, who hasn't been online to make necessary subs. It's not like activity was a problem only just this week either. Anyways, shoutouts.

absdaddy : I remember a long time ago we used to have beef (can vegans even have beef? i am living proof the answer is yes), but now I really enjoy chatting with you and it was amazing to have you on my team again. Even though you always take several month plus breaks from LC, you still always bounce back to the same level you were at before. 10/10 teammate & friend

Raseri : we never really chat much but hey you've always been really chill. and you're reliable!

slurmz : despite having a super memey and bad reputation, ur actually a decent battler and ur record shows that! nice job this season fren

trash : can we undo our midseason sellback :[

Vileman : top memer on our team. i would spend 40k to have u on my team if i was a manager! i mean even if you only had an average record this season, you still pulled through with wins when we needed them, so don't let it bug u or anything!

Merritt : i find that people often overlook you in terms of battling skill, but you're actually really consistent. i'm sure that, had you played more this season, you would've picked up a lotta wins. also hey ur really cool and always maintain your calm and i can really respect that!

Tricking : critking

passion : did u know that there's a user named "passion is my hero"? i just found this out when trying to @ u. i think it might be an alt of mine.

Aerow : dont die again :( it was rly nice having u back for lcpl, even if you did happen to die during the last week. hey, next time around there might be adv lc in lcpl, so there'll be no reason to die!

e: oops i forgot Jac : favorite fake thot. it was really nice being on your team a second time around! just, you should name an assistant manager so that way in case something like this week happens again we can at least do something


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merritt and i agreed to play on the weekwnd and i haven't seen him since friday. also calling activity
Couldn't be on at all yesterday, which I thought might happen which is why I wanted to play on Friday, but was online Saturday for a while. Probably my bad for not giving an explicit time, but I would have appreciated some feedback on when you'd have liked a time. I'd prefer to actually play you but if rozes calls activity then gg I guess


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i am :mad:

mad0ka : thanks for not quitting like everyone(or being really bad at scheduling and waiting till playoffs to show that off!), you also had a sick record so props to you for that, and youve also been a really nice friend to me so im glad you were on my team :toast:
Jac : another lcpl u buy me, and yet again i have a mediocre/bad record. Really sorry to keep letting you down year after year, next lcpl youll have to get another bwer =/
slurmz : youve always been really nice to me and even tho i sometimes hate you, youre a nice friend. Also as i told u i was really surprised with your record, good job man
Raseri : you had to play a meta you probs didnt kno and had nobody to test with(at least i think thats the story here?) and you managed to get some nice wins, thanks for that my friend!
absdaddy : why would you wait till we got in playoffs as first seed to quit on us. Come on man i thought you were better than that
The 4 dudes who got activitied this week: same as abs, but even worse as you guys actually say that u can play but then this shit happens. I know i lost but still at least i fkn played my game, the least u guys coulda done. Come on now its the semis and you guys decide to not show up for your games? lol (tricking youre still mi amore,, but rn im just mad at all of you :( )

And thats it i guess,, another lcpl another bad record for me. Don't think ill be participating in any more of this unless sumo turns out to be really fun. Pce everyone

OH and btw BIG shotouts to tcr , helped me test a LOT and patch up some teams! u da best bro


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Shrug gets the activity win over Tricking
idiotfrommars gets the activity win over passion
Tahu gets the activity win over merritt
The last game is dead due to Teal contacting on the last day -.-

i honestly didnt expect to be having to give activity wins in the semifinals, especially to the first ranked team. hopefully you guys learn from what just happened and make it routine to contact / reply / remember to play your opponents for tours because its the most important thing to do in every tour, and having to do it in the playoffs of lcpl should be a bit more important due to all the work you and your teammates put in to get here.

finals up soon.


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i mean, i dont know the circumstances of all the activities, but im going to defend tricking a little bit, because hes a nice guy. this is not saying i didnt deserve activity, because it's clear i spent a large chunk of the weekend on and eager to play, but maybe to say it's not all tricking's fault personally. he indicated he wanted to play before the weekend because he would be occupied then, and i said i wanted to try for later in the week because i wanted time to test and build, so we agreed on friday, no specific time. both of us were on friday, but never at the same time, for reasons beyond our control that had nothing to do with johning. At this point, i kinda expected a sub, as it seemed clear to me he wasnt free over the weekend. that never materialized and he (as expected) wasnt here, so i took act, but idk what tricking could have done. maybe he didnt tell his team he wasnt free, and that would be his fault, but if he let everyone know then idk how there was no sub


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I my team on monday, but i got johned a bit because he was not ready until friday. Friday was the last useful day and my parents wanted me to visit my grandparents for dinner, my mobile was at 2% so i couldn't afford to play a match. I tried to schedule for saturday, but i've been very busy with wcop stuff and on Sunday I had like a 6-hour travel. Oh well, good luck to the remaining teams, i would have liked to play this rip ;_;

Edit: i wanted to thank my teammates, you are all cool friends, I hope we can co-operate once again in future tours n_n
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