Tournament LCPL - Week 6

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As Math is our enemy now and we are out of the tour i want to make some considerations about my teammates:

Shrug / tahu : Bros thanks very much for me even when I were completely inactive, both of you are one of the guys i like the most in LC and part of the reason i keep playing pokemon, this game often sucks, but the people we met in smogon is the most important stuff.

Real FV13: Prolly my best friend that still active in smogon, bro remember when we play our first LCPL and we smash people out, it is really good to comeback to play with you on the team, you're an amazing player and an amazing friend, hope we have the chance to play more team tours together.

Eternal Spirit: Good to have you back in LCPL, remember when people think you were a completely random and you join our BR Scrubbs and plays on SPL, i feel really proud that i gave you your first(i think) opportunity in the big stage that is smogon at BR Scrubbs

Fille / Adam the first / PD - That guys i barely talk before the tour that turned to be really close friends, IK I'm a difficult person to handle and I made my best to make you guys like the team, hope to have being a great teammate and helping all of you out, definetilly wants all of you to suceed

Rowan- Bro you're one of my LC idols, it is very good to have you on a team even when you struggle as a player, you're so great as person my pleasure

Infamy - The funniest guy ever and has a cute dog, remember the old school lord minds duels? how can a team not suceed with 2 Lord minds at once man? amazing good to have you

fran17 - My old friend from Indigo era, plays every tier in the history of pokemon very well and was an SPL caliber player in the good old days

Berks - Man you are much better than everybody thinks, really amazes me your capacity as a team presence and as a builder

HSOWA - Hope you keep around, you have so much potential and is very openminded to learn, my pleasure bro

Poek - I dont know you much, but the little Ik you looks like a very good person and star battler, thanks for join us

Dundies - God and Milf Hunter
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