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We're currently lacking in active QC team members. As such, we'll be lowering our QC requirements from 3/3 to 2/2 for the foreseeable future so we can actually get things done. To make sure everything is up to our quality standards despite this, I reserve the option to require your analyses to go through an extra check if necessary.

As such, these analyses are now eligible for GP:
My Hitmonlee analysis
Cynara's Gengar analysis (I'm taking over GP implementation)
Collesque's Mega Venusaur analysis
Collesque's Cloyster analysis
Lilburr's Alolan Ninetales analysis
Yami's Chansey analysis

Thanks for writing! We'll be looking into revamping outdated analyses in the future. :blobwizard:
already said this on the discord (, but resurrecting this thread to officially reserve the second best non-mega water in LGPE OU :vaporeon:

(also, i think we can go ahead and add Golduck to the reservation list)
(edit again, i believe Jolteon is also now open for reservation. i think after Vaporeon, Jolteon and Golduck are the only remaining OU viable mons that do not have analyses. of course many existing analyses are very in need of updating lol, can't remember if we need approval or something before we do that)
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