LGPE OU Grand Opening Tournament - Round 1

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Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee: Overused Grand Opening Tournament!
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Interested in a refreshing new metagame that combines the fun of RBY OU with actual good mechanics? Sign up for the LGPE OU Grand Opening Tournament and check it out for yourself! Play with the new Pokemon Melmetal, or use one of the two starter Pokemon to lead your team to victory in these fun, fast paced matches!
  • All regular tournament rules apply.
  • This is a LGPE OU tournament. For more information, check out the thread here. Also, check out our discord here.
  • This tournament will be Single Elimination.
  • Rounds will be Best of Three.
  • All matches must be played on either the Main PS server or Smogtours.
Round 1 Pairings:

teal6 vs Hootie
alive vs JetOU
Jsaok3 vs cb aaron judge
Theorymon vs dhaarma
SoulWind vs Sage
Sageau vs StepC
BIHI vs Will-I-am
Kiyo vs JohnYiu
LL vs Perry
antemortem vs Monsareeasy
Vengeance417 vs Akashi
Brancus vs Solace
Mix vs Ganso
trash vs Nateboomer21
TeZy vs xastify
Quint_ vs Chainflex
Kris vs ayevon
Kaori vs Sebqt
Exiline vs Espeonage.
Abyssal Ruins vs Eternal Spirit
snaga vs PimpShrimpVGC
Funbot28 vs The Mawile Ace
blinkboy vs rozes
Pais vs that ivy guy
obii vs GustavoYAY
Paraplegic vs Sqookblooks
frisoeva vs Sealette
Hayburner vs BackAtYouBro
Drud vs Finchinator
monchooo vs Estronic
double switches vs Rewer
Gilbert arenas vs Trailblazzer
Chrisloud1 vs LGPE OU Test
Rabia vs chima0823
wyc2333 vs AssessTheThreat
Diophantine vs Coconut
daunt vs vs Tangelo
Ezaphs vs Celticpride
Granny Pie vs Havens
martha vs Cased
Moron5 vs Lv99Kadabra
Jeffis vs Mr.378
jcbc vs blunder
Poison Adhesive vs ABR
Ildo vs Fablle
lhce628 vs Fantos13
Komodo_Drogo vs Disjunction
spatulakun vs Eternally
Dollainthewoods vs eifo
benjies vs Drew_
Alftroz vs Nezran
Bro Kappa vs 85percent
EviGaro vs DatHeatmor
Twixtry vs RyLon
Lennart vs robjr
Leo vs Yoshizilla315
PokeTrainer16 vs Bye 6
DrakonVGC vs Bye 7
TheJ3estPenguin vs Bye 8
TheRealHackerKiller vs Bye 9
Cheese5555 vs Bye 10
Xyiavez vs Bye 11
Regrets vs Bye 12

Deadline is December 18 at 11:59 PM EST. Subs will be accepted until the end of Round 1. Byes will be filled in first.
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