Tournament Little Cup Conquest (Won by Heysup)


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Registration is now over! The teams have been compiled below. As soon as this is posted, the challenge begins, so feel free to try and get "first blood" on some of the more viable Pokemon. Be sure to post battle replays and the Pokemon that were won so I can adjust the teams accordingly. Also, remember that long periods of inactivity will result in a disqualification from the challenge. Good luck to you all!

macle - Wynaut, Mantyke, Ponyta, Corphish
Yagura - Carvanha, Wooper, Wynaut, Pawniard
Antemortem - Frillish, Nosepass, Magby, Cubone
Jac - Tentacool, Buneary, Axew, Growlithe
Zeriloa - Purrloin, Munchlax, Mienfoo, Axew
GlassGlaceon - Elekid, Dratini, Growlithe, Gastly
Obvious Power - Meowth, Fletchling, Darumaka, Chinchou
sparktrain - Cubone, Abra, Purrloin, Trubbish
unfixable - Spinarak, Porygon, Taillow, Binacle
Slashari - Growlithe, Inkay, Pawniard, Wooper
tazz - Snubbull, Amaura, Nosepass, Abra
Max Carvalho - Chinchou, Vullaby, Doduo, Natu
Corporal Levi - Torchic, Dratini, Omanyte, Pumpkaboo
Forgotten Ones - Froakie, Trubbish, Ferroseed, Remoraid
Ecna - Hippopotas, Shellos, Gastly, Snubbull
Heysup - Pumpkaboo, Zigzagoon, Doduo, Riolu
Melons-N-Soda - Mienfoo, Mantyke, Tirtouga, Zigzagoon
trash - Bulbasaur, Pancham, Aron, Munchlax
Pearl. - Aron, Remoraid, Bellsprout, Sandshrew
Fiend Hound - Tyrunt, Cottonee, Diglett, Grimer
Taconinja - Drifloon, Riolu, Pancham, Amaura
absdaddy - Cranidos, Surskit, Tyrunt, Omanyte
Ununhexium - Amaura, Bellsprout, Mantyke, Archen
Vileman - Gastly, Timburr, Darumaka, Dwebble, Scraggy, Shellder
blizzardy - Darumaka, Foongus, Larvesta, Chinchou
RotomPoison - Timburr, Litleo, Elekid, Timburr
TCR (host) - Axew, Binacle, Shellder, Nosepass
Champion Fizz (host) - Omanyte, Pumpkaboo, Fletchling, Ponyta
Tahu - Lickitung, Archen, Wooper, Bellsprout
Cousin Cuddler - Aipom, Dwebble, Lickitung, Abra
U-Turn Out - Inkay, Wooper, Frillish, Clamperl
Flame Emblem - Shellos, Grimer, Magby, Froakie
Expulso - Cranidos, Teddiursa, Koffing, Shelmet
prem - Magby, Munchlax, Taillow, Corphish
The Avalanches - Trubbish, Torchic, Bulbasaur, Buneary
teachable - Pancham, Lileep, Litleo, Archen
Professor Birch - Bunnelby, Croagunk, Goldeen, Vulpix
Shaymin :D - Scraggy, Shelmet, Foongus, Honedge
Lyn - Diglett, Drilbur, Cranidos, Poliwag
JMcFizz - Archen, Slowpoke, Mienfoo, Pancham
leekido - Ferroseed, Clamperl, Poliwag, Munchlax
WCROC - Grimer, Corphish, Houndour, Gastly
kingmidas - Doduo, Lickitung, Scraggy, Bunnelby
Peef Rimgar - Teddiursa, Gothita, Drifloon, Shellder
Superpowerdude - Shellder, Hippopotas, Croagunk, Magby
duskish - Abra, Cranidos, Carvanha, Mienfoo
Unown I - Cottonee, Onix, Vulpix, Houndour
jrp - Sandshrew, Chespin, Ferroseed, Meowth
Nineage - Riolu, Staryu, Slowpoke, Darumaka
Grape Drink 2.0 - Houndour, Snubbull, Bunnelby, Spinarak
Dolphin81 - Clamperl, Koffing, Dwebble, Aron
The Baker - Croagunk, Dratini
Starmaster - Gothita, Tentacool, Vullaby, Omanyte
ZoroarkForever - Stunky, Poliwag, Lileep, Croagunk
fitzy72 - Snover, Scraggy, Porygon, Lickitung
Reiddos - Zigzagoon, Aipom, Tentacool, Koffing
Haruno - Shelmet, Diglett, Magnemite, Pumpkaboo
Classical - Goldeen, Spinarak, Shellos, Pawniard
Peter Cochupo - Foongus, Meowth, Staryu, Purrloin
Melonz - Onix, Honedge, Gothita, Larvesta
yoloschnarff - Spritzee, Stunky, Froakie, Snover
Blake337 - Ponyta, Carvanha, Aipom, Taillow
Felicette - Koffing, Buneary, Wynaut, Surskit
CassyUzuki - Chespin, Cubone, Spritzee, Teddiursa
fadi - Corphish, Bunnelby, Cottonee, Hippopotas
trillyntruly - Dwebble, Frillish, Clamperl, Chespin
Nitas - Remoraid, Chinchou, Drilbur, Mantyke
Lasagne - Vullaby, Sandshrew, Inkay, Trubbish
Mega-Swampert - Larvesta, Goldeen, Onix, Sandshrew
KS2 - Pawniard, Fletchling, Hippopotas, Shellos
Jadecavy - Tirtouga, Elekid, Honedge, Stunky
Aslan07 - Surskit, Drifloon, Shelmet, Elekid
Ranger Mike - Slowpoke, Snover, Surskit, Zigzagoon
apt-get - Porygon, Amaura, Torchic, Binacle
J_ohn76 - Vulpix, Aron, Chespin, Doduo
Adam Lambert - Staryu, Froakie, Teddiursa, Vullaby
BlazingRed - Magnemite, Tyrunt, Snover, Staryu
QuoteCS (host) - Natu, Tirtouga, Nosepass, Axew
Anttyaz - Bellsprout, Bulbasaur, Ponyta, Spritzee
Qazoo306 - Lileep, Magnemite, Timburr, Diglett
Ortheore - Honedge, Houndour, Stunky, Inkay
Pixel - Binacle, Vulpix, Meowth, Cubone
[116] tar -zxvf - Litleo, Natu, Purrloin, Gothita
LetMeInPlease - Taillow, Spritzee, Buneary, Dratini

Note: I will updating the teams only in the OP, not in this post. Base your decisions off of the list in the OP.

Edit: I have replaced Oddish with other Pokemon after realizing it's complete garbage in and out of Sun.
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