Little Cup Playhouse Cup (LCPC) Round 1

Requesting act
Brazilian Army and I scheduled to play on Saturday, but he never showed up. Then, I messaged him last night asking him when he could play tomorrow (sunday), but he hasn't replied yet and there is like 1 hour and 15 mins left before this round ends.


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Hey I'm taking over this tour because Serene is lost in some Indian village without internet for awhile

Activity stuff, games actually completed aren't here:
Taylor Swift Fanclub vs Team Two Specs Bird Lovers and an Actual LC Player
TaylorSwiftFan1 vs roystopror
vs LLiolae

Free Agent Team 3 vs Team dead simulator
ilesaural vs HSOWA - Coinflipped
sassyaccident vs fitzy72

Infamous Paki Army vs Fuck Sealette
Brazilian Army vs FMG

Fake Out Feint Foos
vs Free Agent Team 1
Corckscrew vs Golden009
All-Star Lineup vs Nudisto

tiny tigres
vs Free Agent Team 4
OP vs DanteKyouma - corrupt tournament host
miltankmilk vs Will-I-am

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