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Hello and welcome to Smogon's Local Touranaments sub-forums. Here you can find in-person tournaments being hosted around the world!

What Belongs Here?

  • Tournaments being held in-person (specifically for Pokemon or at a convention)
  • Pokemon Leagues that have regular video game competitions
  • Pokemon Clubs that have regular video game competitions
  • Any sort of regular in-person video game competition series (weeklies, bi-weeklies, monthlies, etc.)
Tournament Thread Format

  • In your title, please list the name of the tournament, the location, and the date it will take place. If you are in North America, city and state or province is fine. If outside North America, please include country.
  • In your opening post, please include all the details for the tournament. This should include:
    • Address linked to Google Maps of the venue
    • Entrance fees if applicable
    • Prizes if applicable
    • Rulesets being used
    • Rough schedule (we'll be starting the day off with Little Cup at 11 AM and then moving to VGC 2011)
    • List of confirmed participants
    • Anything else you feel is helpful!
Pokemon Leagues / Clubs / Etc. Formats

  • Thread title should list the league, club, or other name and location
  • Please only create something for your club if you have a video game competition on a somewhat regular basis (at least once a month)
  • The thread title should be updated with notification of the next video game event once confirmed
  • Feel free to socialize in the thread but all forum rules apply and do not spam.
  • [NEW] If you are wondering if there are other players and want to make a thread, you must be willing to organize the event. If you are not willing to organize a tournament, do not create a thread.

  • Tournaments posted to this forum should be held in public venues and not in your home (card shops, malls, schools, etc.)

  • Smogon is not liable for anything that might happen at these events. We trust you will keep yourself and your belongings safe. We will not act as mediator in any disputes over prizes or entrance charges. That is between you and the tournament organizer.
Pokemon Organized Play Premier Tournaments

  • If you will have a video game side event at your Battle Roads, City, or State/Provincial/Territory level tournament, please feel free to create a thread here
  • Regional, National, and World level tournaments will continue to be posted in the VGC forum
If the video game sees support at lower levels of competition, we will revisit how this is organized. Threads for the current season of the Video Game Championship series can be found below:



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