Looking for Voice Actors for Massive Music Project

Didn't know where else to post this, but I figured the creative hub of Smogon would be a good place to start.
Those who know me know that I've been making music for a good portion of my life. (Currently have 15 albums released), and now I'm currently working on a massive project for my 16th album.

It's an epic story concept album across multiple genres involving Cyberpunk, Elves, Time Travel, and Medieval Magic. As the title suggest, I'm looking for voice actors for roles. We currently have six VA's confirmed, and anyone who's interested feel free to post in here or leave a message on my wall!
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Awesome! Do you have a Facebook or Discord or both? The VA group chat is on FB but if you don't have one we can communicate about stuff on Discord
I have a discord, no FB. PulsieTheDulsie#3895 is my discord, and it should be setup so I can receive DMs from anyone.

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