Big Lord of the Rings Mafia - Game Over! Forces of Sauron Win!


It's not just about posting but posting with content

macle could ya post with content please. Calling out other users for not posting enough is a good way for mafia to look helpful.
Von: I did mean randomizing. If every Rohirrim ends up being in the 40% group, we can pull off it again the next day and TIK dies. If not, then no lynch happens.
I haven't posted yet because I'm intimidated and confused because I'm new. I wanted to get a feel for the game before I jumped in. I didn't want to just blindly bandwagon and lynch TIK because I saw how TheGottemer was attacked.

Like Eagle, I think that TIK's confusion makes him an easy target for the mafia so I'm hesitant to lynch him right now but it looks like he's gong be lynched anyway.


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I mean, if you guys are gonna let other people steamroll you into making your votes theres not much I can do, and its probably gonna be another mafia win in smogons long history of mafia sided NOC wins. Never good to zero in on your first suspicious target for most of the entire day, either.

What happened here was typical KENYAN being KENYAN, but more specifically KENYAN being KENYAN when hes a villager. I dont play this recklessly or not pay attention as much as this when Im a mafia, and most of you already know this. Im always a lot more careful as a mafia, either idling and letting my team take actions for me or just following orders, and definitely not as loose lipped in the logs with Ullar. And I think if those who know me in this game are completely honest with themselves they will see that.

You an rarely have any definitive proof of a town read or a scum read in any of these NOC type games; you just have to go with whats most likely, after a lot of prodding and talking and reasoning. Convoluted theories have no places in a NOC mafia. Always go with the simplest and most logical, given everything considered, and if you dont, youll drive yourself insane.

What I think we should do is really push for that No Lynch. This is a big mafia game after all, with a night OC, so I think its pretty stupid to just vote somebody off the first day when you have a lot of other days and every night to get more substantial info out of with the help of big roles in this game that are definitely here because they are in every other big mafia game.

With all that said, Im gonna vote No Lynch

Im gonna take this time to make a few more observations about this game:

Swamp Link
Slim Guldo
Aura Guardian

This is the player list that macle posted consisting of the people that have posted not at all or very little so far. And I believe its safe to say that most of the mafia are outside of this list. If there are any of them in there, they are going to be the known idlers or new players, like xenu(new player) and RODAN(known idler). The known idler will just idle even if his mafia team needs him, and the new mafia player will with a great possibility, even with guidance from a good mafia leader, be paralyzed to post given his ignorance on how to play the game.

It seems safe to say that most of the mafia are ones that have already posted, because given that its a big game, there are strong players on both sides, villager and mafia. A good mafia leader that is surely there is most likely gonna have a game plan where they are active, but not trying to look too much like they are trying too hard, targeting others on their own team with arguments, etc. Its hard for me to believe that the good mafia leaders would have a game plan that would consist of idlers or people that barely post at all. Also because even if it were in the general team plans, it would be a bad one. Posts are power in this game, given the vote and the amount of people rendered hopeless by it, thinking they cant do anything about my lynch, and idling will eventually catch up with you.

Because the other people who just bandwagoned in a vote have done substantial things otherwise,

Its not town to glean by things without explaining them, especially lynch votes. Now granted, some people might have the exact same reasoning for something and there may be no choice, but that doesnt excuse them.

besides the total noob, whom prodding which prove meaningless and pointless.

Strange you say that. Prodding a new player is going to get you your most clearest reads, because he will most likely do the typical things a new player townie or a new player mafia would do. Doesnt condemn you in my eyes, but that is a scummy thing to say. People should always be prodded, no matter who they are.

OK, well that post was extremely "make no enemies". If you HAD to choose a player to lynch besides TIK, who would it be? Please provide explanation with your answer.

These next couple of posts that happened on page 9 and 10 when the lynch momentum on me looked all but decided jump out at me.

Ditto post from Page 9:


Acklow post from Page 10:

I agree! Screw Walrein (he got the shaft too!!!)

Lynch Bass
At this point in the game, it seemed like they were comfortable enough with what was going on to make jokes, despite all the other things that they could have been doing. Its hard for me to believe that a townie would be this comfortable with the game at this point. Joke posts are scummy in any place but the random voting stage, especially when there are other things you could be doing, like talking to other people or trying to deduce things. They look like posts a scum would make if their team had a seeming stranglehold on the vote situation during the day.


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I have no doubts that Ditto would make that post whether town or mafia.

However TIK thanks for pointing Acklow out, I missed that. Yeah, coming from him, that IS weird. What do you have to say Acklow?

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Final Vote Count:

Blue_Tornado (0): zorbees
vonFiedler (2): askaninjask, Paperblade, zorbees
Pidge (0): Mithril, Celever
Walrein/Steven Snype (0): Acklow
THE_IRON_KENYAN (16): Aura_Guardian, UllarWarlord, zorbees, Eagle4, Agape, YAYTears, Pidge, theangryscientist, Celever, Blue_Tornado, Agape, Flamestrike, Bass, TheGottemer, reyscarface, jalmont, Metal Sonic, macle, LonelyNess, UllarWarlord, Mithril, Nachos
Eagle4 (0): ginganinja
Ditto (0): Ditto, zorbees, Metal Sonic
RODAN (0): billymills
macle (1): imanalt
Lightwolf (1): Blue_Tornado, billymills
zorbees (1): Ditto, UllarWarlord, Paperblade
billymills (1): LightWolf
UllarWarlord (0): Agape, TheGottemer
Agape (0): Blue_Tornado
Celever (1): Eagle4, vonFiedler
Flamestrike (0): Agape
TheGottemer (0): Flamestrike
Bass (2): Ditto, Acklow
askaninjask (1): Flamestrike

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Poor THE_IRON_KENYAN; lynched out of confusion for Da Letter El also suspiciously being in his role PM conversation...

You are a member of the Rohirrim, the Riders of Rohan.

You are a farm hand from the sweeping lands of Rohan, but your king, Theoden, has summoned you to battle. You will do what you can in this fight.

You have no night action. However, you may vote during the day and, if all living Rohirrim vote for the same person during the day and that person is not lynched, your band will ride that person down and impale him or her with a spear at the end of the next night, thus killing him or her. However, your band has a limited supply of spears, and so this will only work once every two days.

You are allied with Middle Earth. You win if all threats are eliminated.

Can we stop worrying about a silencer in the game pls

Nobody was silenced N0 and it would be insanely powerful if it were to hit one of the soldiers or the rohirrim
No, you are mafia because you are acting in a revisionist manner, which everyone can go back and check. You are blatantly lying about my behavior hoping that people don't have the patience to reread through the thread. That is revisionism, and that is scum.
how can i lie about someone's behavior as it appears to me ?_? literally made one post about you and it's "revisionist" or whatever so guess i'm mafia LOL GG

I gave him shit on N0 because people shouldn't be claiming to him. I was far from the only one to do so. There is no link between that event and this one, except for the one you have manufactured for narrative purposes.
you got me i manufactured a novel so i could discredit you and get you lynched the next day huehuehuehue gg wp

His actions have exposed two riders, and if you payed an ounce of attention you'd know he started all this on a hunch, and using a bit of questionable game design savvy. This was way before the revelations regarding TIK thinking DLE was his partner.
because no village leader has ever made a mistake or mislynched ever or made a similar assumption - you made a big deal of it because it's ullar and you don't want him leading because you think he's dumb from your experience from a game that isn't mafia/ i dunno man it seems like bias against him to me

You want explain a single thing you say instead of wasting everyone's time?
pot calling the kettle black there bud - the point is that you literally got mad at BT for "calling for other rohirrim to claim" when he didn't, and then you later go around to saying how "oh yea no use protecting the identities of the rohirrim if we don't use them" so which is it then??

You accuse me of doing nothing, and then get mad me for doing exactly what is required on Day 1 NOC? Yes I'm taking a fine lens to everyone's posts, looking for narratives (like the BS you've constructed about me), tells, patterns. It's more than you're doing. Oh no, let's not hurt each other's feelings by accusing each other of being scummy! We should all just be sheep and get this lynch over with.
you are lost dude - it has nothing to do with "hurt feelings" your way of "scumhunting" may not be wrong but the your abrasive manner makes it really hard for anyone to see any of the valid points you are making (which have been a couple). your needless focus on ullar and you bouncing all of the other place from target to target makes it seem like you are just trying to stir up discord

honestly we have to make good use of our OC time, so i hope user: Ullar takes initiatives and does his best to get organized - we certainly are not going to win a 43 player NOC and i think organizing makes it easier to supplement our NOC play
pot calling the kettle black but uh, the point there is you said BT was mafia for "asking rohirrim to claim" when you are going around pretty much discussing the same thing


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Ok I thought, TIK was merely tripping. I would regret pushing him over the edge if he weren't already suspicious.

If anything, this should show is that we need to be organized. The mafia leapt on this WAY too easily. I will reread the thread, and post about who jumped on it first without much thought. In the meantime...I realize I haven't proven much, if anything, but claims would be much appreciated. Nobody else has stepped up, so I guess it falls to me.

If you haven't claimed and you jumped first, you may get bandwagoned yourself. Fair warning.

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The number only indicated the number of players who voted for who and did not take into account any vote altering, any players with multiple votes, soldier of gondor effects, etc.

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