Luck O' the Irish's Trade Thread: Updated for Sun and Moon

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ok so in addition to love ball sneasel and HA timid dream ball smoochum, I am interested in HA tyrunt (if you can get a female that would be cool but not necessary) and HA dream ball qwilfish (I believe your thread said you had it?)
Yes, not sure of IVs on the Qwilfish though. Tyrunt is 12.5% female, so whatever poops out first...
Ability: Protean
IV Spread: 31/xx/31/30/31/30 HP FIRE
Egg Moves: N/A
Stock: breed upon request
Additional Notes: N/A

any wants
There are a few mons that I am interested in:
- Adamant HA Scyther
- Timid HA Smoochum
- Relaxed HA Wooper
- Modest Swiftswim Lotad
- Timid HA Ducklett
- Adamant HA Klink
- Adamant Sawk
- Scatterbug
- Relaxed HA Tympole
- Care Skiddo
- Timid HP Ice Electrike

I can offer the following 5 Iv mons:
- Impish HA Spiritomb in a Premier/Dream Ball with Foul Play
- Adamant Koamala in a Moon ball with Sing, Charm, Wish, Play Rough
- Timid Houndour in a Moon Ball with Fire Spin, Grudge, Nasty Plot, Destiny Bond
- Bold HA Lileep in a Heal Ball with Mirror Coat, Barrier, Stealth Rock, Recover
- Timid HA Caterpie in a Dream Ball
- Jolly HA Weedle in a Poke Ball/Ultra Ball
- Impish HA Trubbish in a Friend Ball with Spikes, Rock Blast, Selfdestruc, Rollout
- Adamant Lillipup in a Level Ball with Pursuit, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Psychic Fang
- Jolly Tirtouga in a Dream Ball with Liquidation, Knock Off, Iron Defense
- Impish Onix in a Heavy Ball with Heavy Slam, Stealth Rock
- Adamant Snubbull in a Heal Ball with Close Combat
- Timid Cutiefly in a Timer Ball with Moon Blast, Baton Pass
- Adamant Kanto HA Ratatta
- Timid HA Abra in a Level Ball with Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Encore, Knock Off
- Adamant Sudowoodo in a Level Ball with Selfdestruct, Stealth Rock, Rock Out, Defense Curl
- Jolly/Impish Tyrogue with High Jump Kick, Rapid Spin, Mach Punch
- Adamant HA Swinub in a Heavy Ball with Freeze Dry, Stealth Rock, Icycle Crash
- Adamant Tarpinch in a Friend Ball with Bug Bite, Quick Attack, Endure, Focus Energy
- Adamant Axew in a Beast Ball
- Adamant HA Turtwig in a Dream Ball with Superpower, Earth Power, Grassy Terrain, Seed Bomb
- Adamant HA Tepig with Sucker Punch, Curse, Superpower, Endeavor
- Adamant HA Torchic in a Dream Ball with Baton Pass, Counter, Feint, Feather Dance
- Bold Koffing in a Heavy Ball with Psywave, Toxic Spikes, Pain Split, Grudge
- Jolly HA Tyrunt with Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang
- Adamant Marill in a Love Ball with Superpower, Bodyslam, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum
- Bold/Modest HA Slowpoke in a Love Ball with Belly Drum, Zen-Headbutt, Sleep Talk
- Modest Tortunator in a Repeat Ball
- Adamant Barboach in a Dive Ball with Dragon Dance
- Jolly Bagon in a Moon Ball with Thrash, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump
- Adamant Larvitar in a Safari Ball with Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Pursuit
- Modest (either abilities) Piplup in a Dream Ball with Hydro Pump, Yawn, Icy Wind
- Jolly HA Totodile in a lure Ball with Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Crunch
- Adamant/Jolly/Careful any ability Drillbur in a Dream Ball
- Timid Ralts in a Dream Ball with Disable, Shadow Sneak, Ally Switch, Grudge
- Jolly HA Buneary in a Dream Ball with Encore, Fake Out, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
- Timid (any ability) Litwik in Love Ball with Heat Wave, Haze, Clear Smog
- Timid Salazzle in a Beast Ball with Fake Out
- Modest HA Skrelp in a Luxure Ball with Toxic Spikes, Play Rough, Haze
- Adamant HA Goldeen in a Love Ball with Body Slam, Hydropump, Aqua Tail
- Modest HA Psyduck in a Dive Ball with Encore, Yawn, Hypnosis, Cross Chop
- Timid Zoroa in a Luxury Ball with Sucker Punch, Detect, Extrassensory
- Timid Orichio in a Luxury Ball with Bodyguard, Tail Wind
- Timid Sigilyph in a Dream Ball with Future Sight, Ancient Power, Stored Power, Psycho Shift
- Timid Venonat in a Dream Ball with Gigadrain, Baton Pass, Toxic Spikes, Morning Sun
- Modest Chinchou in a Beast Ball with Amnesia, Agility, Mist
- Modest Goomy in a Heal Ball with Iron Tail, Curse, Counter, Acid Armor
- Adamant Stufful in a Heal ball with Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Stomping Tantrum, Mega Kick
- Modest Deino in a Beast Ball with Earth Power, Dark Pulse
- Jolly Any Ability Kabuto in a Dream Ball with Knock Off, Icy Wind, Giga Drain, Mud Shot
- Timid Misdreavus in a Dream Ball with Nasty Plot, Memento, Curse, Destiny Bond
- Adamant/Jolly both ability Magikarp in a Beast/Moon/Dream/Love Ball

I hope there is something you are interested in
hey dude, how does the following sound:

all of the pokes you want for your lillipup, tirtuoga, tyrogue, swinub, trapinch, tepig, tyrunt, misdreavus, stufful, salandit, and cutiefly (all as you specified in your post)?

Just a heads up that everything on my end will be bred and stuck in my Y game, meaning you'll have to transfer them yourself, and that we'll have to switch games midtrade. If you have any problems with that let me know
That is bad, because I don't have gen 6 games neither do I have Pokebank
What I can do is find a middle man to bank my shit for me and trade it back to me in gen 7. It might make the trade take longer but that's really the only downside. Are you still interested in trading?
Sure, but I won't be available for trade until the weekend. I guess that is enough time that you can organize something.
Interested in the Impish Growlithe. I can offer Dream Ball Porygon, Lure Ball Horsea with 4 egg moves, Dream Ball Riolu, Beast Ball Zubat and Stufful, Moonball Misdrevous and Feebas, Heavy Ball Sandshrew and Roggenrola with egg moves, as well love Ball Jangmo-o and Roggenrola with egg moves.
sounds good. dont think ill be able to trade this weekend since i'll be busy but i'll keep you in the know

can i get deets on the horsea and jangmo-o?
Horsea, Lureball, Swift Swim, Modest, Muddy Water, Octazooka, Disable and something else.
Jangmo-o, Loveball, Bulletproof, Modest, Counter, Reversal and Dragonbreath.
any chance you can do soundproof on jangmo-o? If not thats fine and I'd be down for bulletproof. If you find anything else you like I'd be down to trade for horsea too.

just keep in mind that I'd have to find someone to bank growlithe before we do the trade. If there are no other concerns I'll start breeding growlithe
The dream ball Kabuto with its HA looks good.

Luck O' the Irish

the money will roll right in
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mertyville Leader Wallace both of your guys shit is bred and just needs to be transferred to gen 7. i decided to stop being a cheap ass and get bank for myself, so i just need to download it. had some problems downloading it earlier, but I'll be ready to trade once I figure it out
Hi there.
I'm really interested in your Modest Diancie. Is it still in gen 6?
I cand o breeding projects in exchange (both gen 6 and 7) or trade TSV shinies.
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