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Banned deucer.
I really like your sprites! n_n

If you're up to the challenge, I have a request:

Character: Aria

Good luck :]
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Oh, wow, been months since I've posted here. Anyway, new sprites~
Here's an Anna, from the last Spriting Contest~

Aaaaaaaand my current project... Agnès Oblige!
She's not yet done and all, having a bit of trouble with the face... damn it Agnès's eyes are too unique ;~;

= = = = = = =​
Also, oh wow. I don't know if you still want it, but I'd love to sprite that Sobi. There's something about the hair that catches me. Also, I'm gonna assume that's a... whip on her left?
Yeah... I should really have been working on my spriting contest entry, I only need a water type to convert after all... but whatever, I got distracted into making this.
= = = = =
New Sprites
Some dude suggested I make a self-sprite, so I made a lil somethin-something made of my own features, and a couple of anime inspirations. Meet Lewdcy in the flesh.

I had inspiration from Imitatia (Fairy Tail), as well as Viridi and Phosphora (Kid Icarus). The thorny whip is a little add-on... I mean what would Lewdcy be without her whip for punishing very naughty men of course? Oh, and majority of the green shades came from my fave mon Roserade. I'd love to add a rose in somewhere, but alas I'm not good with spriting flowers v_v. Here's another one with Roserade, though it's a little wide.
I should REALLY get back to my entry, but I can't help it. Just finished Clockwork Princess for a second time, so was inspired again.
= = = = =
New Sprites
She's perhaps my favorite character from any book so I'll do her first. Let's leave kinky sexy for a while and go for an elegant type of sexy. Meet Tessa Gray~

She's really simple, a lot less detailed than Lucy, but she's still pretty elegant though. You can't really see her full dress in the cover of the book but it's primarily red so I just made my own. And of course, she's reading a book probably fifty shades if you ask me. Not my best sprite, but still simple and elegant. Can't wait to do Jem. But I seriously need to finish my entry e.e
EDIT: I swear To Kill a Chatot is a stalker. Liking in less than a minute... Jel are you spying from my window? ONLY I DO THAT ;_;
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I've spent too much time working on my CAP22 submission >.<, so I decided to make some quick sprites in the last hour.
New Sprites

First up, is a random Lopunny dancer. I dub thee, Jennifer Loppunez.

Second, though rather big sprite length-wise, is Sirevoir. Or Mermevoir. Memevoir. Gardemaid. Whatever, it's basically a mermaid Gardevoir.​
I've been focusing on my CAP22 submission I couldn't sprite much. Buuuuut nonetheless, I made these two just today.
New Sprites
I volunteered to sprite some ASB-exclusive items for... well ASB. Here's my first: The Black Bamboo Leaf.

Not much, it's literally just a black bamboo branch with a leaf on it. Meant to be an item for Pangoro.
And these two are my entries for that spriting contest: Bubbles the Simisear and Flame-Res the Keldeo

They didn't win, but I'm still proud of then, especially Flame-Res. i dedicate it to Keldeo-Resonant who disappeared elsewhere :c
BUUUUUT. That's not all. The main one I made today is (S&M Spoilers) Mimikyu, aka my current new fave mon! So adorabluuuh, I just had to do it!

I tried to capture as much detail from the official art as possible, but I couldn't apply some parts, like that little fold on the neck caused by the bent head, or the zigzag of the tail. I especially couldn't add the crayon like effect on the eyes, cheek and mouth. But nonetheless, I'm really proud of it, it's so adorable. I'll edit in new versions once I figure it out. I'll make a sprite of the "busted" version too. And hopefully, after maybe a million years of frame-by-frame spriting (how do they do it so fast???? ;_;) animate it.​
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Sprite dump! I'm just saying... Suicide Squad is amazing, f critics, Harley is amaze.
New Sprites

Inspired by Suicide Squad, I'm gonna attempt to sprite the members of the movie's Squad, as mons. Starting of course with the one and only Harley Quinn! I absolutely love Harley, and I dunno, Lopunny feels like a great choice for her. The dual colors were fun to do, and I bleached off her face to give her a more clowny look too. For the mega, I originally kept the ripped jeans thing on the legs, but eventually I turned it into short shorts like the base form, which is inspired by the movie's Harley design. Same with the colors. And to be clear, both have a red-and-blue midriff and isn't completely "shirtless". She's just reaaaally shy so she decides to cover it.

This one's harder to do. I needed a mon that looks like it could be a sharpshooter. Meh, I ended up with Mega Heracross for the whole Skill Link thing. Anyway, this one's based on Deadshot. Quick and simple really, though a bit of trouble on the right eye's sight thingie. I'd make the large horn look like a machine gun but ehhh, let's just say it'd open up to shoot instead.​
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visually stimulating
Hey Lucy! I have a request if you're taking them at the moment :^)

I would essentially like Cress as the base avatar, with blonde hair and a gray snapback wearing a gray shirt and black pants (basically make him look like as much of a fuckboy as possible). Also, please include a kirlia next to it. This will be used for PS so I would like it to be 80x80. If you can't get to it or you aren't taking requests, I understand. Thanks regardless!!
ooo interesting. Okay I'll see what I can do :^) Lucy EDIT: Do you want it animated or no? Never tried sprite animation on trainers but I'll see how many frames were used. I specialize in fuckbois

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visually stimulating
ooo interesting. Okay I'll see what I can do :^) Lucy EDIT: Do you want it animated or no? Never tried sprite animation on trainers but I'll see how many frames were used. I specialize in fuckbois
No animation, but thanks anyway

EDIT: instead of kirlia can i have a banette/mega banette instead pls
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More sprites!
New Sprites

Albert.'s request~. Plain and simple fuckboi-style Cress with a Banette. Originally a Mega Banette but couldn't fit so we settled on normal Banette.

Joker and Harley <3. Inspired by this art because it's so alluuuuuring. And so my Harley craze continues.

More Harley obsession. I was gonna do a fully clothed one, but well... two ASB-related matches made me stop at bikini first. I'll do a fully clothed version eventually~. For now, have your kinky-psychotic-psychiatrist-murderer-Joker-lover in a bikini.​
Hey Lucy,

I'm not sure if you take requests, but that Harley Quinn/Joker Sprite is awesome!

If you can't tell I'm a huge fan of Ledgers Joker, and my favourite Pokemon is Darkrai.

It's kind of uncanny how the colour palette of shiny Darkrai nearly matches that of the Joker don't you think?

I'd love to see a Sprite of the two of them/separately if it's a challenge you'd like to take on! I think the reference picture is a nice menacing trainer pose (plus the long coat is cool!) but I'm not a spriter so I could be wrong!

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