Mafia From the Depths - GAME OVER, INSANE WIN

Reading all of this, it all sounds like a really solid tactic, Metal Sonic. You managed to piss me off majorly, and many others with me, I believe. I had the ''is this kid this stupid or what'' feel from the first time you started the ''#1 scumhunter'' thing, but it was actually quite ingenious. Props to you.

Also, SL, the thing that pretty much made me decide you were mafia was not sentrying Spiffy. Sentrying Spiffy would've meant that you would have had to deal with him, and I think most mafias here would rather have me as a last-day player than Spiffy. I'm not sure what would have happened if you had sentries Spiffy; LW would have needed something else to push for, you would've been more trustworthy to me, etc. I guess we should just split the blame, SL: you take half for fucking up the sentry, I take half for picking you as the final mafia.
I had a lot of fun reading through the graveyard chat, pretty much everyone thought LightWolf was clean. I should've payed more attention the last day, but LW did indeed outplay most of us, and actually made for a pretty convincing villager. That, too, made me choose SL in the end.

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