Mega Mania! [ROUND 1]

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Anything goes
Approved by Tournament Directors
Tournament Rules and General Guidelines

Mega Mania! [Round 1]

With the introduction of the all new Mega Evolution, Pokemon gameplay has been revolutionized as this new feature adds a whole new layer of strategy into the metagame. Pokemon who get megavolved tend to have drastically better stats and play very differently from their regular counterparts. However, to keep things in order, Game Freak only allowed one Mega Evolution to happen per battle. As such, most players only have one mega evolution in their team, for the use of more than one would often cripple the Pokemon that didn't get megavolved. However, what would happen if players were forced to use more Mega Pokemon in one team?

This tournament will be a standard Best of One XY OU tournament with one exception - you must have at least two Pokemon on your team holding their respective Mega Stones. For example, you can have Mawile holding Mawilite and Abomasnow holding Abomasite, but not Abomasnow holding Abomasite and Mawile holding Leftovers. Of course, as per usual, only one will be able to Mega Evolve per battle, which should cause some interesting mindgames to occur.

Other standard Tournament Rules apply and anyone caught breaking them will immediately be disqualified, as with the rules exclusive to this tour.

Clauses and other Technicalities
  • Best of One
  • All Pokemon in XY OU will be allowed
  • Must have two Pokemon holding their respective Mega Stones
  • Ubers Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Moody Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Wifi Clause

kingmidas vs DeathxShinigami
Swamp Link
vs The Pizza Man
Expulso vs TGMD
vs Hell_Above
alflaya123 vs Darnell
scodic vs Wepwnemon
Lord Ninjax vs Enki
cuteflounder vs Insomniac.
WhiteQueen vs Sturdynips
Metal Sonic vs Memoric
vs Ruppy
cbt vs Dr Ciel
Raiza. vs Mex Carvalho
Fried Rhys vs FLCL
scorpdestroyer vs Kirigakure
Taehl vs U-Turn Out
The Shellder Smuggler vs Xyldaz
vs H-C
modafocka nigga vs ViktorNrv
vs Navy
Haruno vs Disposable Puppets
vs Prof_Clayton
SmashBrosBrawl vs D4RR3N
Tesung vs dragonuser
Bon Curry vs Mew
Eaarth' Aphrodite
vs Nog
StillPojo vs NintendoVER
vs Navz
Remedy vs majaspic22
Tomahawk9 vs Jsaok3
Vratix vs reyscarface
Farmer vs PanureMenthol
Myzozoa vs Kavatika
Merritt vs kael
bobbyvaporeon vs weirdshitsux
SoulWind vs Qwilphish
vs Temptation
shartruce2 vs Jayde
vs Issues
Boudouche vs pokebasket
trev vs PROBLEMS
Steve Angello vs Rohail
senegal vs mfhoundoom
vs metagamesecrets
McMeghan vs IST
Korby vs Rozykli
Radli vs Ojama

If I've made any errors, or you have a question, or you'd like to be a sub, please let me know ASAP.

Deadline will be on Tuesday April 15th 17:00 GMT -7 (~12 days from this post)


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Contacted, also wouldn't it be better to tag(put a @ before their name) the participants in the tournament so it comes up in their alerts and they see it? Such as Darnell. Some of them might not be watching the Tournaments forums, therefore receiving no indication the first round is up.
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Okay. From now, everyone gets 3 days to contact me back with a date and time. If they don't, I claim an activity win
It doesn't work like that, because if they show up before the actual deadline (but after yours) and you refuse to play, you could and probably would end up losing instead.
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