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  • When do you want to play gsc ssnl? I am gmt +2. I am not here from Thursday to Sunday, so playing before Wednesday would be awesome
    Can you play today? I will be online most of the day, I'm GMT+3.
    Should be fine. Just let me know when you are ready. I come on showdown as soon as you are ready
    I'm on as Radli9.
    hi gsc snnl im gmt-4 i can play in my afternoons and nights, when u can play?
    I'm GMT+3 and can play mostly in evening and night in my time, but that time may change in a few days.
    so we play for walkthrough tour, when are you available, im eastern us time (gmt-5 iirc), and can play most times other than mornings, although my schedule is a bit hectic with exams starting
    Well you're 8 hours ahead of me, and the earliest I can usually get on weekdays is 4 P.M., so Midnight your time. If you're up that late, I can get on at 4-5 P.M. my time tomorrow, or I can probably get on after 2 P.M. my time Saturday-Sunday. Choose a time that will work for you.
    Hi! We have to battle for the Easter egg tournament, I know we still have a lot of time left before the deadline and I haven't even made my team yet, just giving you a heads up. I'm EST and the best time for me to battle would be 7-9:30 P.M. on weekdays or pretty much any time after 3 P.M. Saturdays. What times would work for you?
    sup, we need to battle for the Fan Favourites R2. When are you free? I'm GMT+8 and probably available most of the day Saturday + afternoon Sunday (my time).
    I can play any day this week at 10 PM EST, unless I have to stay after at my job. Please send me a time you can work with if that's not good!
    How about 10 PM EST Saturday or Sunday? I go back to college on Monday so I'd really like to get this done by then.
    We're matched up for the LC tourney. When would you like to play? I'm EST and I have spring break all next week, so I'm good any day after Tuesday.
    Hi. I'd like to play this weekend. My timezone is GMT+1 and I'm available tomorrow from 10 PM to midnight, friday from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM and same on saturday, more or less. I might stay later if necessary
    yeah sorry I completely forgot lets do it tommorow (if you don't wanna do it on the main server (ps, I suppose), what about on grotto?)
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