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  • I'm available 6pm est-10pm est all week and available all day during the weekends. You can find me #rarelyused if u have irc
    hey we gotta play for the bw doubles tour. I'm gmt +1 and i'm usually available from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm weekdays, being more flexible on weekends. When do you want to play?
    Okay. If you use mIRC, you can find me on #pokemon and #spl. If not, just leave me a VM when you get on, I'll try to check de forums
    Oh well, I'll not be busy this afternoon. So we can play today too if you want

    Just leave me a message with your GMT etc so we can schedule it
    I'm GMT-2 and free most part of the time. I'll just be busy tomorrow and on Wednesday, both during the afternoon.
    I'm GMT+1 and available most of the weekend. Just contact me if you are online and ready to play. And btw what is your timezone?
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