Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Kalos concluded! | Please read the first post! | Fully playable through Kalos Slate 10!

1) okispokis
2) DrPumpkinz + Paul
3) Exploziff
4) NANI?!
5) The Damned

6) chemicalmines
7) flareth13
8) Giyu
9) Turtlek

1) BlueRay
2) War Incarnate
3) Mossy Sandwich
4) abismal
5) Lysion

6) NANI?!
7) DrPumpkinz
8) okispokis
9) XtheGAMEmaster
10) EeveeGirl1380

11) The Damned
12) Gravity Monkey
13) abucketofwateronlava
14) Exploziff
15) Swagodile

1) Clas
2) DrPumpkinz
3) Exploziff
4) okispokis

5) War Incarnate
6) The Damned
7) Giyu
8) chemicalmines


formerly I-Deepblue-I
:gs/jumpluff: ------------------ :bw/jumpluff:

1. okispokis
2. chemicalmines
3. Exploziff
4. Paulluxx & DrPumpkinz
5. Giyu

:bw/rhyperior: ------------------ :dp/rhyperior:

1. The Damned
2. abismal
3. Mossy Sandwich
4. Gravity Monkey
5. Lysion

:xy/florges: ------------------ :sm/florges:

1. Clas
2. DrPumpkinz
3. Exploziff
4. chemicalmines
5. okispokis


Maybe the real mega pokemon were the friends we ma
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Hello again everyone! The votes are in!
Before I get started, a quick run-down of how this works:
  • Each vote contributes one point to its first-place choice
  • The candidates are ordered based on both the number of first-place votes and the number of total votes, and eliminated from the bottom
  • Any vote whose first choice has been eliminated instead gives its point to its second choice, or whatever its next ranking is. (On the sheet, points that have moved in this manner are highlighted in yellow.)
  • The elimination and re-ranking process continues until there are two remaining, upon which the one with more points is the winner.
  • You can view the whole thing on this spreadsheet.
Without further ado...
:jumpluff: Mega Jumpluff: DrPumpkinz & Paulluxx !!
in collaboration with Paulluxx

Mega Jumpluff
Grass / Flying
Ability: Regenerator
Moves: Wish
HP: 75Att: 60Def: 100 (+30)SpA: 70 (+15)SpD: 125 (+30)Spe: 135 (+25)
Dandelions are the bane of boring privileged people who care way too much about having a featureless plot of grass outside their house, because once they're on your lawn, it's almost impossible to get rid of them.

Mega Jumpluff is designed to be as disruptive as possible for as long as possible. Its bulk is good, but it's not so good that it can just sit in front of things and wall them all day (especially since it has to divert some of its defensive investment into Speed if it wants to outpace anything faster than base 90). However, it has enough bulk to pivot into an attack, threaten something with sleep or paralysis, and then pivot out with enough Regen healing to do again later. Wish gives it an extra layer of trickiness, as being able to threaten a move that doesn't cripple what's in front of it puts opponents in a tough spot where they have to decide between directly attacking Mega Jumpluff and risk getting a key Pokemon put to sleep, or switching to sleep fodder and risk letting Mega Jumpluff set up a Wish for free.

This race was close. I confused myself a little with the ordering, but after quadruple-checking both my work and past decisions I'm pretty certain this is the correct result to report.

:rhyperior: Mega Rhyperior: BlueRay !!
Mega Rhyperior

New Ability
: Sap Sipper

: Ground | Rock

New Stats

HP: 115
Attack: 140 → 150 (+10)
Defense: 130 → 160 (+30)
Special Attack: 55 → 65 (+10)
Special Defense: 55 → 85 (+30)
Speed: 40 → 60 (+20)
BST: 540 → 640

New Moves:
- none

1) Flavour

Rhyperior is likely based on an ankylosaur, which is a herbivore. Hence why it has Sap Sipper.

2) Competitive
A bully that makes Sun abusers weep.

Yes, you read it right. M Heliolisk and Venusaur on Sun will no longer scare you anymore as M Rhyperior doesn't fear any Grass move thanks to Sap Sipper. It also happens to resist Fire and Poison, making it even more difficult for these Pokémon to take down M Rhyperior. While Venusaur does know Earth Power, I'd argue it's more viable to run Sludge Bomb on it in Kalos in order to deal with Hydreigon, Dragonite, Moltres, and Rotom-H, among others. There are barely any relevant Pokémon you would want to hit with Earth Power.

That being said, Ground/Rock + Sap Sipper handles Roserade, Amoonguss, and Ferrothorn very well, underlining how valuable this combo is in Kalos and allowing it to set hazards in front of them. Moreover, this pairs extremely well with Wish passers like Alomomola or Florges which naturally invite Grass Pokémon, like the aforementioned Pokémon.

In VGC, the dualtype offers great offensive and defensive synergy with Grass Pokémon; in fact, it pressures all the types Grass doesn't want to deal with, while also resisting most of them, like Fire or Flying. In turn, M Rhyperior appreciates Grass's ability to threaten Water Pokémon. The synergy between Rhyperior and Grass Pokémon is further underlined by Petal Blizzard, which hits all Pokémon on the field, just like Surf. Maractus might be the best partner because of Storm Drain and Petal Blizzard, just saying Of course, some Fairy Pokémon like Florges and Comfey are also able to learn this move and appreciate Rhyperior's presence on the field because it threatens Poison and Steel. Fairy, in turn, handles Fighting Pokémon for it.

I should note that because Grass Pokémon resist Ground moves, Rhyperior doesn't have to worry too much about its Grass ally whenever it clicks Earthquake. This further underlines the synergy between Rhyperior and Grass Pokémon. Another aspect to point out is that Amoonguss can't do anything to M Rhyperior in VGC, which is pretty huge as the mushroom Pokémon is often among the best Pokémon in a Doubles format due to its supportive and disruptive qualities. This should give M Rhyperior a valuable place on Trick Room and Balance teams. After all, you are free to run Safety Goggles on another Pokémon.

:florges: Mega Florges: DrPumpkinz !!
Mega Florges
Ability: Soul-Heart
HP: 78Att: 95 (+30)Def: 78 (+10)SpA: 132 (+20)SpD: 184 (+30)Spe: 85 (+10)
AZ originally designed the ultimate weapon to harvest souls and transfer them into his Floette. It isn't much of a stretch that the mega stones spawned from the ultimate weapon would bestow similar abilities onto Florges.

A Fairy-type with Soul-Heart immediately draws dangerous comparisons to Magearna, though despite that I don't think Mega Florges will be broken. It lacks a lot of Magearna's dominating traits, such as its Steel typing, great physical bulk (to complement Calm Mind), amazing coverage, and the ability to boost its Speed. That said, it does have some things going for it. Its special bulk is outstanding, and it can back it up with semi-reliable recovery in Synthesis and Wish. It has access to Moonblast, making it stronger than Magearna in terms of general-purpose Fairy STAB (though of course it lacks the burst damage of Fleur Cannon). Its coverage isn't anything spectacular, but it has just the tools it needs between Psychic and Hidden Power to hit Fairy resists. And while it can't boost its Speed, its unboosted Speed is good enough to outrun most defensive Pokemon without investment.

Soul-Heart also plays into and perverts base Florges's doubles theming. Both of Florges's abilities serve only to support its ally in a double battle, but Soul-Heart does the opposite. Not only does it only benefit Mega Florges, but it benefits Mega Florges by hurting its ally, because the ally boosts Soul-Heart by fainting.

After the elimination and runoff of candidates that automatically had no chance of winning, this submission had over half of the total available points and won by default.

For announcements, we are indeed moving right along;
Kalos Slate 8 is now open for submissions!
:ss/skarmory: :ss/druddigon: :ss/chesnaught:
From now until next Sunday (one week from now), the slate featuring:skarmory: Mega Skarmory, :druddigon: Mega Druddigon and :chesnaught: Mega Chesnaught is open for submissions!

Until then, I hope yall have a good one! :spewpa:
Mega Skarmory

New Ability
: Sword of Ruin

: Steel | Flying

New Stats

HP: 65
Attack: 80 → 105 (+25)
Defense: 140 → 180 (+40)
Special Attack: 40
Special Defense: 70 → 90 (+20)
Speed: 70 → 85 (+15)
BST: 465 → 565

New Moves:
- Guard Split

1) Design concept
- It is often mentioned in the Pokédex entries how, in ancient times, people used Skarmory's feathers as swords or as a motif for weapons. If we go by Greek mythology--after all, Skarmory is partially based on stymphalian birds--, you would have the desastrous aspect of this ability. These birds were considered a plague and would often devastate people, animals, and the harvest.
- I imagine this M Skarmory would be even more of a ferocious battler against Corviknight, a Pokémon that it doesn't like to share a place in the air with, according to the Pokédex. Funnily enough, M Skarmory increases physical damage output while M Corviknight's Intimidate reduces physical damage output, further underlining the relationship between them.

2) Competitive
- M Skarmory has many tools to make Sword of Ruin appealing. First of all, you don't necessarily need to run an offensive set as the ability still affects Body Press. That way, you can maintain the defensive qualities of Skarmory while also dishing out more damage with Body Press. Of course, SD sets are also possible lategame. Take a hit pre-Mega and trigger Weak Armor, set up SD, and then try to clean afterwards.
- In VGC, M Skarmory pairs well with Ground Pokémon, especially the Earthquake users, like Garchomp, Landorus-T, Mamoswine or Great Tusk. And it pressures Grass and Ice Pokémon for them! M Skarmory also offers speed control in Tailwind, Rock Tomb, and Icy Wind. It also has Feint to break Protect or Wide Guard. Moreover, Whirlwind is a perfectly viable option to prevent Trick Room from being set up and force opponents to have the new Pokémon (that got replaced due to Whirlwind) take the damage or switch out to another Pokémon.
- A gimmicky option would involve Guard Split to make sure that the ally takes less damage from physical moves in particulaar due to M Skarmory's high Def

Mega Chesnaught

New Ability
: Flash Fire

: Grass | Fighting

New Stats

HP: 88
Attack: 107 → 137 (+30)
Defense: 122 → 142 (+20)
Special Attack: 40
Special Defense: 75 → 95 (+20)
Speed: 64 → 94 (+30)
BST: 530 → 630

New Moves:
- Ice Hammer, Body Press

1) Design concept
- Chesnaught has lots of knight motifs, such as its shield, the way its body is structured like an armor, and its class within an RPG. Thus, I decided to expand on them by emphasizing a legendary knight's courage and ability to deal with dragons. Flash Fire guarantees M Chesnaught can withstand a Dragon's fire, allowing it to retaliate as a result!

2) Competitive
- Flash Fire offers great defensive utility to M Chesnaught, allowing it to check or wall Rotom-Heat, Chandelure, Houndoom, Torkoal, M Solrock, and M Heliolisk, among others in Kalos. Sun abusers deserve a special mention here since, apparently, it has been an issue in Kalos. In NatDex, M Chesnaught can check, inter alia, Heatran, Venusaur, some Volcarona, and Blaziken as far as Pokémon with Fire moves are concerned. In VGC, it would handle Chi-Yu, Incineroar, and Arcanine which are some of the most common Pokémon of the metagame.
- Since M Chesnaught can't get burned from a Fire move, it has a much easier time going for a Body Press + Iron Defense combo. Other set up options can also work, like Bulk Up, SD or Belly Drum. More disruptive sets consisting of Spikes and / or Leech Seed shoud also be effective due to its resistance profile. At the same time, M Chesnaught isn't 100% unfair to Fire Pokémon, especially in Kalos where you still have stuff like Moltres and M Simisear able to pressure it!
- Most importantly, as far as flavour goes, it's a knight able to withstand a Dragon's fire, allowing it to check Garchomp (especially the mixed variant), Hydreigon, Salamence, and some other Dragon I might be forgetting. Ice Hammer is exclusively here to handle Dragon Pokémon better; I'd argue it isn't that farfetched considering, as a fighter in an RPG game, it can run any weapon it wants to. Moreover, Chesnaught already knows Hammer Arm which is pretty much the same as Ice Hammer.


formerly I-Deepblue-I
Name: Mega-Druddigon
Typing: Dragon
Ability: Contrary

HP: 77
ATK: 151 (+31)
DEF: 102 (+12)
SPA: 105 (+45)
SPD: 102 (+12)
SPE: 48 (+0)

Mega Druddigon stands out as the strongest Contrary user ever introduced in Pokemon (yes, even stronger than Enamorus!), thanks to its high powered Draco Meteor, which is effectively a 130 BP STAB Nasty Plot coming off a 105 special attack stat. Not only that, but Druddigon also has Superpower to boost its Attack and Defense while hitting Steel types for super-effective damage. As further proof of its raw strength alone, it has Poison type moves such as Gunk Shot and Sludge Bomb to hit Fairy types and Fire type moves to hit Steel types not weak to Fighting.

So, basically, it's impossible to wall Druddigon reliably, so, how do you beat this monster? Well, look at its other stats...While its not frail, it can't really afford to invest into its bulk at all, making it fairly easy to wear down and remove. Its low Speed stat only makes this issue worse, as its easily overwhelmed by faster teams and being forced to invest into its speed in order to be faster than many defensive mons only cuts into its bulk even more.

While being relegated to a somewhat flawed wallbreaker in Singles, it is sure to find a place in Doubles as a Trick Room abuser. These teams allow Druddigon to patch up its poor Speed stat, and it can even make itself even slower with a Contrary Scale Shot, which lowers its Speed and boosts its Defense. It notably likes the support of Fairy and Dragon resists that can cover its Trick Room needs and lessen its bad Fairy matchup. As such, Stakataka (and any other Steel type Trick Room setters) but Fairy types such as Hatterene and Mimikyu are good partners as well.

Contrary is pretty...weird flavour-wise, many mons that get the ability don't seem to have much in common, but we can salvage something out of it.
Contrary's Japanese name roughly translates to "Pervesity", which fits Druddigon's gargoyle and dragon motifs of being creatures of evil..It's pokedex entries support that, too!
"Druddigon are vicious and cunning." -Druddigon's Shield Entry-
With all this in mind, Contrary could be read as Druddigon becoming even more vicious after Mega Evolving, having its design resemble gargoyle's demonic look even more.

Name: Mega-Skarmory
Typing: Steel/Flying
Ability: Magnet Pull

HP: 65
ATK: 120 (+40)
DEF: 160 (+20)
SPA: 50 (+10)
SPD: 80 (+10)
SPE: 90 (+20)

I've always liked the idea of YoloSkarm in ADV, a defensive Pokemon that usually gets hard countered by one specific Pokemon running an offensive set to flip the tables on its face has always intrigued me, but of course, sets like that become increasingly more niche as power creep increases, so here's my modern take on this idea. Its newfound stats allow it to outspeed and OHKO an unsuspecting Magnezone trying to hard-switch into it after an Iron Defense, but this is obviously niche. Mega Skarmory's true role lies in its ability to trap and set up Iron Defense on Ferrothorn and opposing Skarmory, which makes it unbreakable on the physical side and boosts Body Press to unholy degrees, making it essentially an improved Body Press Magnezone as a win condition.

Of course, it's still good ol' Skarmory and strong special attackers will shit on it with no issue, but it's sure to find a niche on balance and stall teams that want a strong, reliable win condition with tons of defensive utility.

Despite not having magnet-related flavor, Magnet Pull can be justified on Skarmory as, it's a metal bird, and birds are known for being able to detect magnetic fields, so there's a correlation there. Skarmory is also commonly found around mountains and caves, which gives it a bit more relation to rocks.
Upon Mega Evolving, Skarmory develops a strong magnetic pull around it, allowing it to retract its sharp steel feathers back into its body and also allowing it to prey on Steel type Pokemon, which it can eat and also repurpose to strengthen its own armor.
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:skarmory: Mega Skarmory:skarmory:
New Ability: Sharpness

New stats:
HP: 65
Attack: 120 (+40)
Defense: 165 (+25)
Special Attack: 40
Special Defense: 86 (+16)
Speed: 89 (+19)
Total: 565

New moves: Sacred Sword
Mega Skarmory takes on a completely different role from its base form! Instead of being a physical wall, Mega Skarmory is a strong physical wallbreaker that is also bulky enough to take hits for its team. Mega Skarmory becomes Steel/Fighting to gain STAB on Sacred Sword, which which hits extremely hard when boosted by Sharpness. Flavor-wise, many of Skarmory's Pokedex entries, primarily Pokemon Crystal, state that people used Skarmory's shedded feathers to craft swords because of how sharp they were. The flavor of its Fighting type stem from its combative nature, as well as how swords are used in conflict and war.

:chesnaught: Mega Chesnaught:chesnaught:
New Ability
: Iron Fist

New stats:
HP: 88
Attack: 137 (+30)
Defense: 162 (+40)
Special Attack: 84
Special Defense: 93 (+18)
Speed: 76 (+12)
Total: 630

New moves: Close Combat, Mach Punch, Headlong Rush
Mega Chesnaught utilizes its high Attack stat, Iron Fist, utility such as Spikes, and strong STAB moves in Horn Leech and Close Combat to function as a wallbreaker that can keep itself healthy throughout a match. Additionally, Chesnaught gains Mach Punch for a chance to circumvent its mediocre Speed stat, and Headlong Rush to hit Pokemon such as Volcanion and Mega Clawitzer harder. As for flavor, Chesnaught's Pokedex entries mentioned it can block explosive blasts with its hands in a defensive stance. If Chesnaught can block a literal bomb with its hands, it can probably throw a very meaningful punch.

:druddigon:Mega Druddigon:druddigon:
New Ability
: Sheer Force

New stats:
HP: 77
Attack: 125
Defense: 112 (+22)
Special Attack: 100 (+40)
Special Defense: 110 (+20)
Speed: 66 (+18)
Total: 585

New moves: Fire Blast, Morning Sun
Contrary to its more defensive base form, Mega Druddigon is a mixed Sheer Force wallbreaker with a strong typing both offensively and defensively. Mega Druddigon can also choose to support itself and its team with moves such as Stealth Rock, Glare, and Morning Sun, and gains Fire Blast as a stronger, albeit less reliable, STAB move that takes advantage of Sheer Force. For flavor, Druddigon warms itself by absorbing sunlight, and will turn still if its body temperature falls. The sun is fiery and hot (despite not actually being on fire), so I feel that the Fire type is quite fitting for Mega Druddigon.
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Mega Druddigon
Ability: Shed Skin
HP: 77​
Att: 120​
Def: 130 (+40)
SpA: 60​
SpD: 120 (+30)
Spe: 78 (+30)

Druddigon's most notable mechanical feature has always been its weirdly wide pool of utility moves—Stealth Rock, Glare, Taunt, Dragon Tail, Pursuit—as well as its ability to maintain offensive pressure with coverage moves like Gunk Shot and Sucker Punch. Shed Skin improves defensive and utility sets by healing poison self-inflicted sleep from Rest. Offensive Hone Claws sets are also improved, both because Shed Skin can heal burns and because its huge increase in bulk lets it set up more freely.

Mega Skarmory
Steel / Flying
Ability: Iron Barbs
HP: 65​
Att: 90 (+10)
Def: 170 (+30)
SpA: 70 (+30)
SpD: 90 (+20)
Spe: 80 (+10)

Mega Skarmory's sharp feathers form plumes of spikes, and its disposition becomes as thorny as its body. As it Mega Skarmory eats, its spines dissuade other Pokemon from challenging it for its kill, and anything foolish enough to try to steal a bite will be met with a vicious pecking.

Mega Skarmory is excellent at punishing contact moves. It double resists U-turn, resists Rapid Spin, de facto resists Knock Off, and is immune to an important non-contact physical move in Earthquake.
Mega Druddigon
New Ability
: Rough Skin
Type: Dragon/Fairy

New stats:
HP: 77
Attack: 140 (+20)
Defense: 130 (+40)
Special Attack: 80 (+20)
Special Defense: 120 (+30)
Speed: 38 (-10)

New moves: Flip Turn, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Moonlight

I took inspiration from Gargoyles being depicted both as sprits of evil, and of good. They look horrifying, and are known to petrify people, but are placed on the roofs of cathedrals. This contrast led me to the fairy typing.
For the stats, I looked to see how it was used in the past generations, often as a stealth rocker and defensive mon. I buffed the defenses and kept rough skin to keep the defensive profile, but added attack to help give it more depth.
The moves are partly based on the gargoyle inspiration (gargoyles name comes from the French word to gurgle, and they are said to be a stone form of beings that shot water from their mouths) and fairy moves to use its new type. Moonlight and Flip Turn are very useful new tools as a primarily defensive mon. Or you can just hit big mean STAB on a 140 attack mon, which also works
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Mega Chesnaught
Ability: Stamina
HP: 88
Att: 120 (+13)
Def: 152 (+30)
SpA: 79 (+5)
SpD: 112 (+37)
Spe: 79 (+15)
Added moves: Body Press

Stamina was originally an oversight as I thought it only triggered on contact moves, but I still find it interesting due to its synergy with Body Press that lets it hit quite hard after coming on a Knock or a EQ. The added SpDef reflects the magic resistance given to warriors in several RPGs.

Mega Skarmory
Steel / Flying
Ability: Weak Armor
HP: 65
Att: 150 (+70)
Def: 140 (+0)
SpA: 40 (+0)
SpD: 85 (+15)
Spe: 85 (+15)
Added moves: Rock Slide, Stone Edge
Hear me out: Swords Dance Skarmory. Base Skarmory carves itself a very basic niche, so I had decided that its Mega should take a whole different path. With its high attack stat and a high power Brave Bird, it can sweep games given it gets the speed boost. Its newfound coverage lets it bypass its checks (+2 252 Atk Skarmory Stone Edge vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Zapdos: 388-458 (101 - 119.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO).

Mega Druddigon
Dragon / Ground
Ability: Thermal Exchange
HP: 77
Att: 133 (+13)
Def: 102 (+12)
SpA: 85 (+25)
SpD: 122 (+32)
Spe: 66 (+18)
Added moves: Swords Dance, Morning Sun, Fire Blast
All the good ideas have been taken... Druddigon's flavor revolves around two things: that it's cold-blooded and that it lives in caves. Its new Ground typing allows it to block Volt Switches and conveniently wall Washtom, especially since Thermal Exchange cures burn upon Mega-Evolution; it also gives it a Stealth Rock resistance letting it pivot more often. The new STAB combination is way better, especially considering it's able to tech in Fire-moves for Skarmory.
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I love fighter characters, they're versatile and have a really unique template of design.

Mega Chesnaught
Type: Grass / Fighting
Ability: Magic Bounce
HP: 88
Atk: 107 -> 127 (+20)
Def: 122 -> 142 (+20)
SpA: 74
SpD: 75 -> 95 (+20)
Spe: 64 -> 104 (+40)
New Moves: None

Concept: "Betrayed by its allies, Chesnaught's Shield has grown stronger to protect itself from all forms of magical foes."
Chesnaught is one part of a trio, alongside Greninja and Delphox they represent the The Fighter, The Rogue and The Mage. Chesnaught possesses a powerful shield to protect itself from the magic and in its mega form its shield has grown stronger, able to repel all forms of magic.

Competitive Design: Chesnaught at its core is a defensive stopgap for certain offensive mons(as its typing and speed tier permits). It is meant to annoy and make progress through passive damage(Spiky Shield, Leech Seed, Spikes). While still having a certain amount of offensive utility with its decent attack. Chesnaught can make use of moves like Wood Hammer to remove Gliscor, Hippowdon, and Slowbro. It also shuts down Ferrothorn phenomenally well. Gaining health through its strong STAB Drain Punch while denying Leech Seed, Thunder Wave, Knock Off, and Hazards. Chesnaught might seem like it doesn't have longevity however it can use its Drain Punch, its very fast Leech Seed, and also its access to less reliable recovery in Synthesis and Pain Split.

Additionally it has some extra versatility, it could run Bulk Up since with Magic Bounce it is unaffected by Toxic and can potentially sweep with Drain Punch. It can run Roar which is quite notably un-tauntable. Theoretically since it is faster than the removal options it could run Taunt itself to prevent defoggers and sweepers from boosting past itself.

Chesnaught pairs incredibly well with offensive Zapdos, allowing it to forgo its defogging role and just run rampant on this tier while it already checks opposing Zapdos. Its biggest issue defensively is Weavile but it pairs well with Steel types that can softcheck Weavile
Mega Chesnaught
Grass / Fighting
Ability: Intimidate
HP: 88​
Att: 137 (+30)
Def: 142 (+20)
SpA: 84 (+10)
SpD: 105 (+30)
Spe: 74 (+10)

"Its Tackle is forceful enough to flip a 50-ton tank. It shields its allies from danger with its own body."

Upon mega evolving, Chesnaught becomes more willing than ever to throw itself into battle to protect those it cares about. Chesnaught was already pretty tough-looking to begin with, but the sight of Mega Chesnaught glaring out from its fortress of spikes is enough to unnerve any aggressor. However, Mega Chesnaught is still a pacifist at heart, so while it will do whatever it takes to fight off those who endanger its friends, it's not looking to defeat them; it's satisfied if they just run away. Additionally, while it will stalwartly defend its allies to the bitter end, it's not particularly concerned with its own safety. If something were to attack it directly, it would still be hard to take down (that armor isn't just for show) but it won't be the indomitable wall that it would be if the attack were directed at someone else.

Translated into mechanics, Intimidate means Mega Chesnaught functions best when it's directly switching into opponents and forcing them out with the Attack drop. However, it doesn't gain any extra defensive potential against things that switch into it.
Mega Chesnaught
New Ability
: Bulwark (When this pokemon's stats are lowered, raise its Defense by 2 stages.)
Type: Grass/Fighting

New stats:
HP: 88
Attack: 137 (+30)
Defense: 152 (+30)
Special Attack: 74
Special Defense: 115 (+30)
Speed: 74 (+10)
(630 BST)

New moves: Body Press
This pokemon aims to be a unique kind of tank in the Kalos Dex singles and doubles metas. With its main niche being a Spiker with a unique defensive profile, this mega aims to bolster that niche with much improved bulk and an ability that punishes Defog. Bulwark punishes foes for removing its hazards with a free Iron Defense, making it harder to answer physically. It is no slouch on the special side either, with its good special bulk making it harder to break there. The addition of Body Press synergizes with Bulwark's +2 to defense and gives Chesnaught a means to hit back and hit back hard. Between that and a still solid physical attack stat (with high-powered Grass STAB in Wood Hammer), this mega can provide an effective anti-hazard removal measure to your team.
In VGC, this mon returns to its singles roots to serve an effective role there too. Whereas this Chesnaught's niche in Singles was predicated on hazards, in VGC it aims to capitalize on the prevalence of stat drops, notably from Intimidate, to make itself nigh-unnreakable on the physical side and start sweepimg with Body Press. Once again, its unique set of resistances (and immunity to Rage Powder/Spore) come in handy and let Mega Chesnaught switch in on a variety of common attacks in the meta, while its solid attack stat ensures it is not too passive without Body Press and lets it use its high-powered Grass STAB.

Mega Skarmory
New Ability
: Puncture (This pokemon's physical attacks lower the opponent's defense by 1 stage.)
Type: Steel/Flying

New stats:
HP: 65
Attack: 110 (+30)
Defense: 150 (+10)
Special Attack: 50 (+10)
Special Defense: 95 (+25)
Speed: 95 (+25)
(565 BST)

New moves: none
" Its armor has sharpened to the point where its Pecks can pierce through even the hardest of steels. They are known to be extremely aggressive and will attack intruders at first sight"

This Skarmory aims to be a defensive mon that uses the free defense drops provided by its ability to force switches which rack up hazard damage and let it make progress against the opponent. Its good speed for a defensive mon (even uninvested) ensures it can get a free defense drop against slower opponents (and if it can't, its good bulk will take care of the rest), while its good attack enables its attacks to hit hard before and after the defense drop. And of course, with Roost and an amazing defensive typing, it can withstand whatever the opponent throws at it, further perfecting its role defensively. However, lending credit to its good speed and decent attack, it is not limited to defensive builds and can run SD sets which can take advantage of pre-mega Weak Armor and become a powerful offensive threat with its ability. In particular, Rock Tomb makes for good coverage against mons like Zapdos and a great way to control its opponent thanks to providing a speed drop on top of weakening the opponent's defense.

In VGC, it could also make for an interesting Tailwind setter. With its existing attributes of amazing bulk and defensive typing, Skarmory can set Tailwind [and use Rock Tomb to control the opponent] and spread defense drops with its attacks, while its teammates [physical attackers especially] use those defense drops to finish the opponent off. Notably, because these drops also weaken the opponent's defense, in a way they can be used to bypass Intimidate's attack drops, lending this mega helpful for teams that can't fit a Defiant user. Additionally, ID+BP sets also become even more powerful from this ability, though you may lose out on the support potential the mega could bring to a team.
:druddigon: Mega Druddigon
New Ability
: Protosynthesis
Type: Dragon/Rock
New stats:
HP: 77
Attack: 120 + 35 = 155
Defense: 90 + 45 = 135
Special Attack: 60 + 1 = 61
Special Defense: 90 + 19 = 109
Speed: 48

New moves: Stone Edge, Head Smash, Morning Sun, Trick Room


Druddigon cannot move without sun, so I wanted to emphasize on that. Moreover, Druddigon-Mega would be the only Protosynthesis abuser in M4A Kalos Dex.

Overall, it serves its role as a slow bulky breaker (with Protosynthesis boosted 155 Atk hitting hard, and Hone Claws + Stone Edge is kinda nice), but it can also easily fit a role as a tank/bulky support with its great movepool (Glare, Toxic, Taunt, Roar, Stealth Rocks) and nice bulk as well as somewhat niche yet useful resistances, and Morning Sun adds on that. Trick Room allows Druddigon-Mega + Torkoal to go really, really hard in VGC.

(Note: the stats are odd as possible as a reference to the fact Protosynthesis users have odd stats, thanks Lord for reminding me of that!)

More to come later!
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Skarmory- Mega
Sturdy/Keen Eye/Weak Armor-> Agitation (When the user is hit by a super-effective move, they receive +2 Atk and SpA).
Atk: 120 (+40)
Def: 140
SpA: 55 (+15)
SpD: 95 (+25)
Spe: 90 (+20)
New Moves: +Jump Kick

"I haven't slept for days because the earthquakes frighten me so! Every night we had them!"

Calling back to its role as the first boss in the original Mystery Dungeon, Skarmory is now agitated by super-effective attacks, boosting its power; this in conjunction with Swords Dance or Agility allows it to become a terrifying sweeper. Steel/Fighting grants Skarmory more weaknesses, and thus more chances to proc the ability, while still having the bulk to tank some important super-effective hits (most notably Earthquake). Jump Kick grants Skarmory a usable Fighting STAB which can benefit from Agitation while not being crazy to outclass Body Press on base Skarmory (i.e. so base doesn't completely invalidate Magnezone). Skarmory already packs STAB Iron Head to beat back Fairy types, and though no longer STAB Brave Bird is still a handy coverage option thanks to its high BP. You can alternatively slot Rock Slide in order to hit Zapdos, or Night Slash to circumvent the Slowtwins if you really need to. These obstacles mean that Mega Skarmory is best used as a late-game cleaner, preferably on offense teams that can take on these problem Pokemon; Weavile is naturally a great partner with how it threatens Zapdos and Slowbro, and can Pursuit the otherwise annoying Ghosts of the format.

Druddigon- Mega
Ability: Rough Skin/Mold Breaker/Sheer Force-> Solid Rock
HP: 77
Atk: 145 (+25)
Def: 100 (+10)
SpA: 75 (+15)
SpD: 120 (+30)
Spe: 68 (+20)

New Moves
: +Morning Sun

Druddigon's most notable feature is its "hard-as-a-rock face", but since making it Rock type would mostly hobble a defensive/utility Pokemon, Solid Rock seemed a more viable way to implement this flavor. Dragon is an odd case where its defensive profile is solid on paper but overwhelmed in practice due to its weaknesses; Solid Rock alleviates this issue, allowing Druddigon to make the most of its natural resists. A hefty buff to SpD does well to combat the Fairy weakness in particular while covering the more special focus of Fire and Electric, while Morning Sun (a move Drud SHOULD already have given its Dex entries) provides longevity without being overly spammable.

Thanks to this boosted defensive profile, Mega Druddigon can make more use of its solid set of utility options, setting Stealth Rocks, spreading status with Glare or Toxic, phasing with STAB Dragon Tail and occasionally trapping with Pursuit. The buff to its Atk means Druddigon is far from passive, too, as it can easily use Gunk Shot or Iron Head to demolish Fairies or Earthquake to pressure most Steel types. Drud can even apply Taunt to shut down slower defensive Pokemon. All these options make Mega Druddigon a good option for bulky teams, where Pokemon like Ferrothorn and Slowbro can complete annoying defensive cores while sweeper teammates clean up the pieces left after Druddigon's onslaught of annoyance.

Chesnaught- Mega
Ability: Overgrow/Bulletproof-> Guts
HP: 88
Atk: 137 (+30)
Def: 147 (+25)
SpA: 84 (+10)
SpD: 95 (+20)
Spe: 79 (+15)

Tanks are naturally vulnerable to status: poison disrupts their longevity, burn can ruin the ability of physical tanks to do damage. However, the valiant Chesnaught now laughs in the face of this status, utilizing it for heightened damage output. The main benefit, alongside Naught's Grass typing, is an ability to freely absorb Scald for physical teammates, threatening most Scald users with its STAB Wood Hammer, even moreso after a Guts boost, while ensuring status spammers think twice before throwing out a Wisp, Toxic or Thunder Wave. Access to this level of power makes Mega Chesnaught either a scary wallbreaker/sweeper using Swords Dance or Bulk Up, or a defensive behemoth that can dish out as much damage as it takes while tossing out Spikes. Chesnaught's defensive profile is naturally bolstered by sponging Knock Off, as well as strong moves like Earthquake and Stone Edge, and can even make use of its Electric resist to proc Guts off of a chance para.

Chesnaught is naturally primed to circumvent burn or poison chip thanks to its recovery options in Synthesis, Leech Seed and especially Guts boosted STAB Drain Punch. For further offensive potential, it can slot Stone Edge to smack incoming Flying types, particularly Mega Drifblim and Zapdos (Zapdos also dislikes switching into Naught's other moves since it can accidentally proc Guts), Thunder Punch for Skarmory, Earthquake for Mega Heatmor or the rare Poison type, and even Iron Head or Poison Jab to catch an incoming Sylveon or Florges. On the utility end, it has Roar to disrupt opposing sweepers and Taunt to shut down opposing walls. Whichever route you choose, Mega Chesnaught has the options, defensive perks and power to pull off whichever task you need.
Mega Druddigon
: Regenerator
Typing: Dragon
Hp: 77
Att: 120 -> 130 (+10)
Def: 90 -> 105 (+15)
SpA: 60 -> 95 (+35)
SpD: 90 -> 115 (+25)
Spe: 48 -> 63 (+15)

New Moves: Fire Blast

Description: So first off, this gets Heat Wave & Flamethrower but not Fire Blast? On an actual competitive note, I wanted to differentiate Druddigon from Haxorus as they're both pure Dragon megas. I could add another typing but I felt like pure Dragon is cooler. I looked at Druddigon's movepool and found a decent amount of utility and thought, RegenVest? I realized I was making a mega a while later but by then it was too late and its fine without vest anyway. Druddigon makes itself a Regenerator mon with utility in Glare, Rocks, Taunt, Dragon Tail, & Toxic/Sludge Bomb. It still backs a punch with 130/95 offenses though its fairly slow. It has plenty of coverage on both sides but its special side has better coverage in general, mostly lacking the physical side's Ground coverage. Druddigon can also run Rough Skin pre mega to switch into a contact for some chip. I gave it better Special bulk to provide some mind games as you'd want to hit it with physical moves but if it doesn't mega immediately, you can potentially get some more Rough Skin chip. That of course is very unlikely, but I find it cool. Overall, Druddigon is a mixed pivot with utility and has plenty of coverage on both sides allowing for it to not be too passive.
i love this project and what better place to start submitting for it than one of my favorite underrated pokemon

Mega Druddigon
: Mold Breaker / Rough Skin / Sheer Force -> Mold Breaker
Type: Dragon / Ground

New Stats:
HP: 77
Attack: 120 -> 135 (+15)
Defense: 90 -> 130 (+40)
Special Attack: 70 (+10)
Special Defense: 90 -> 125 (+35)
Speed: 48
(585 BST)

New moves: +Roost, Defog
Description: Druddigon has always been used as a pretty solid utility Pokemon down in the lower tiers of PU, and this Mega gives it a chance to bring its great utility and coverage to the land of higher tiers! One of Druddigon's biggest glaring issues has always been its lack of recovery. Shore Up remedies that by giving it Roost. The additional Ground typing gives it a very solid offensive presence with STAB Earthquakes as well. But the real focus of this is of course the utility. Solid bulk, Mold Breaker, and access to such strong utility moves as Glare, Stealth Rock, Dragon Tail, Defog, and Taunt makes Mega Druddigon a formidable utility that can do many a thing: spread paralysis, set hazards, remove hazards, phaze, stallbreak, the list goes on. Unfortunately, the biggest glaring flaw of Druddigon- its horrible Speed- still remains. But regardless, its bulk, utility, and offensive power should be enough to justify its existence alone.

Mega Skarmory
: Keen Eye / Sturdy / (Weak Armor) -> Mirror Armor
Type: Steel / Flying

New Stats:
HP: 65
Attack: 80 -> 100 (+20)
Defense: 140 -> 160 (+20)
Special Attack: 40 -> 50 (+10)
Special Defense: 70 -> 100 (+30)
Speed: 70 -> 90 (+20)
(565 BST)

New moves: N/A
Description: Why change the peak of all physical walls? Skarmory has been given a usable attack stat, an even higher defense stat, and a decent defensive ability in Mirror Armor, allowing it to reflect all negative stat changes. There really isn't a whole lot to say about Big Skarmory. You sacrifice holding an item and your Mega slot for a great, very difficult to break physical wall. It's passivity is remedied somewhat by its new and improved Attack stat. It still has the same weaknesses as regular Skarmory- that being a subpar Special Defense- but it's still a very solid defensive option.

patch notes: gave skarmory some spd and some speed
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A collab with:obstagoon:
Mega Druddigon
Typing: Dragon
Ability: Petrification (Ice Immunity; If hit by an Ice type attack, the Rock type is added to the user)
Hp: 77
Att: 165 (+45)
Def: 120 (+30)
SpA: 60 (+0)
SpD: 115 (+25)
Spe: 48 (+0)
New Moves: Morning Sun, Rock Blast, Spikes

Druddigon is based on Gargoyles, stone sculptures that were given life, and Petrification tries to re-enforce that flavor. Druddigon's Pokedex Entries often mention that if Druddigon stays outside of sunlight for too long, it stops moving completely, fundamentally becoming a statue, Mega Druddigon, on the other hand, becomes a literal statue, but this one ain't your average one, this one is actually alive
Druddigon is an interesting Pokémon as it has quite a bit of utility tools that it can utilize but it’s typing has many issues defensively, and gained more only one generation later.

With its new ability Petrification it can become a switchin to Ice type Pokémon or Pokémon with Ice coverage when it resists the stabs. As it’s pure dragon typing does have some notable resistances to water and electric.

It’s ability is really unique, as unlike with most gained immunity, it’s additional effect is positive and negative.

Gaining the Rock type gives it resistance to Flying, Normal, Poison, and bolsters it’s resistance to Fire. In addition to Rock stab, all solid new tools. But it does remove its resists to Grass and Water. Some pretty integral resistances, it also gains weaknesses to Fighting, Steel, and most notably Ground. Which forces it out of the field.

We granted it access to a recovery move in Morning Sun that fits it thematically, and also gave it some new tools in spikes and Rock Blast to act as stab when Druddigon is a Rock Type.

It will fill a defensive role on a team but its great attack will allow it not to be passive. As it sets rocks and Dragon Tails the opponent out. It can run Fire Punch for Ferrothorn, or Toxic mons such as Zapdos as they come in to Defog. It can also threaten said Zapdos when it’s a Rock type. Its most unique tool is Glare, allowing it to Paralyze Ground types such as Garchomp or Hippowdon when they come in, while allowing Druddigon to outspeed many faster defensive checks and possibly also Taunt them before they can try to heal HP back or Toxic Druddigon.

Overall Druddigon could be a very unique Pokémon and a great addition to the Kalos Metagame.
So, guess what? Speed Boost Chesnaught is gone, reduced to ATOMS

Chesnaught-Mega (Armored)
Typing: Grass/Fighting

HP: 88
Atk: 110 (+3)
Def: 149 (+27)
SpA: 95 (+21)
SpD: 124 (+49)
Spe: 64 (+0)

Chesnaught-Mega (Exposed)
Typing: Grass/Fighting

Hp: 88
Atk: 179 (+72)
Def: 85 (-37)
SpA: 149 (+75)
SpD: 65 (-10)
Spe: 64 (+0)

Ability: Thorn Armor (The Pokémon changes its form to Exposed Form when it uses an attack move and changes to Armored Form when it uses Spiky Shield.)
Okay first of all, did you know armadillos actually have really soft bellies? Chesnaught's armor has become so heavy and sturdy to the point where Chesnaught can't defend itself and attack at the same time, in order to attack it needs to expose its soft spots completely, but in compensation now it is able to deliver devastating blows.
Competitive Design: I tried to aim for something that could run Spiky Shiels viably, and that's what Stance Change Thorn Armor aims to do! Chesnaught retains all of its defensive values Pre-Mega, and now also gets even more, but it also gains a lot of offensive value, being able to deliver incredibly strong Close Combats and Wood Hammers, but what differs it from Falinks and Aegislash? Well, the most obvious difference is Chesnaught's typing, Ches has stupidly big defensive stats and access to recovery in Synthesis, but it has a crippling 4x Flying weakness and different from Aegislash and Falinks it doesn't have a Steel type, meaning it can be poisoned and chipped down much more easily, and being forced to run Spiky Shield makes it much more easy to exploit as it can be easily used as setup fodder, but more than that, while Falinks is a Fast Wallbreaker and Aegislash can be either a Slow Breaker or a Status Spreader with Toxic + Substitute sets, Ches is a bulky hazard setter with lots of good resists which can still hit really hard, it notably checks Garchomp, Nasty Plot Rotom-Wash (Any variant if you're running special Ches), Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Mega Mienshao, and Mega Rhyperior, while in Natdex it checks Greninja, Kartana, and Rillaboom, although some of these are able to run coverage for Ches which can heavily damage it and possibly KO it after enough chip.
Swords Dance sets can be quite powerful after mons such as Amoonguss, Rotom-Heat, Weavile and Flying types in general are gone, but Chesnaught's low speed added to its widespread weaknesses means Spiky Shield is mandatory, forcing you to give up on important coverage or even CC as you might want Drain Punch to stay healthy. Overral Chesnaught is just really versatile with really unique attributes that stand out, being able to act both as a Wall and as a Wallbreaker.
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Mega Chesnaught
HP- 88
ATK- 127(+20)
DEF- 152(+30)
SPA- 74
SPD- 105(+30)
SPE- 84(+20)
BST- 630
Fertilizer: The user's ground type moves set Grassy Terrain
New Moves: Grassy Glide, Terrain Pulse, High Horsepower

Mega Druddigon
HP- 77
ATK- 140(+20)
DEF- 100(+10)
SPA- 85(+25)
SPD- 100(+10)
SPE- 83(+35)
BST- 585
Perch: At the end of each turn, if this pokemon did not deal direct damage its defense increases by 1 stage, when it lands an attacking move its defense it reset to 0

New Move: Morning Sun, Body Press, Power Trip

Mega Skarmory + Collab with Clas +
HP- 65
ATK- 105(+25)
DEF- 160(+20)
SPA- 50(+10)
SPD- 100(+30)
SPE- 85(+15)
Blade Armor: The user's slicing moves deal damage based off its defense
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Mega Skarmory
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: Poison Point

HP: 65
ATK: 80 -> 95 (+15)
DEF: 140 -> 158 (+18)
SPA: 40 -> 40 (+0)
SPD: 70 -> 105 (+35)
SPE: 70-> 102 (+32)
New Moves: None

Skarmory's Moon Pokedex entry states that "its metal body is sturdy, but it does rust rather easily". Mega Skarmory is now covered in rust. Being injured or poked by rusted metal puts you at risk for all sorts of ailments and illnesses, hence Poison Point.

Mega Skarmory takes advantage of its toolkit to spread passive damage that racks up over time. With the combination of Spikes, Whirlwind, and poison damage, Skarmory can easily wear down opponents.

~ Mega Skarmory is excellent counter to contact moves. With a double resistance to one of the most common contact moves in U-Turn, a new resistance to Knock Off due to its mega stone, and great defensive typing in general, it easily can sit there and threaten many Pokemon with poison.

~ When Skarmory is randomly forcing enemies to come in no matter the matchup, the temptation to click a move like U-Turn is high. However, Mega-Skarmory easily punishes those plays. The risk of becoming poisoned, along with the fact that your switch in will have to deal with Spikes, means that what would be a quick and easy way of dealing with the problem is instead turned into a dangerous gambit.

~ It just so happens that the two types of Pokemon that are immune to Poison are also two types that Skarmory has a very good matchup against. Poison type Pokemon struggle with the fact that Skamory is immune both Poison type attacks and the status, while Steel types are nailed by super-effective Body Presses. It also does well against the meta's most prominent Magic Guard user, Mega Zangoose, with Body Press and the Steel typing both doing great against the Normal type mongoose.

~ I also wanted to take some time to explain what differentiates Poison Point Mega-Skarmory over Iron Barbs, due to them both being focused on contact effects. Iron Barbs always triggers on contact moves, but can only trigger when the opponent hits Mega Skarmory with a contact move. Poison Point only has a chance to activate, but it persists even when Mega Skarmory is not being hit or on the field. It also synergizes with Whirlwind/Roar, due to the fact that poison damage takes place after the opponent has been swapped in.

~ 95 Attack on Mega-Skarmory ensures a kill on Mega-Jumpluff with Brave Bird, even if Jumpluff is running max defense. 105 Special Defense guarantees that non-Choice Specs Magnezone never kills Mega-Skarmory with Thunderbolt from full with max HP and 4 Special Defense EVs, and 102 speed means that Mega-Skarmory always speed ties a max speed Magnezone with zero investment.

Gravity Monkey

Que des barz comme si jtais au hebs
is a Top Artist
:chesnaught:Chesnaught-Mega Chesnaughtite
New Ability: Iron Barbs

Stats: 88 / 120 (+13) / 179 (+57) / 94 (+20) / 75 / 74 (+10) [BST: 630]
Weight: 120 kg
New Moves: –
Description: A very simple but very effective use for Chesnaught-mega here: An almost insurmountable physical wall. With this amount of physdef. This amount of bulk coupled to multiple healing options of varying reliability grants it longevity thats often hard to achieve for Leftover-less megas. EDIT: To get in line with council suggestions, put 20 Def and 10 SpD into 20 SpA and 10 Spe to thin out its bulk, making it especially more vulnerable on the special side.
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