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at 8:30 my buddy Andy is going to co-host with me playing cool indie/electro/rock/folk stuff, then at 10 his girlfriend and i are going to co-host The Snare.

she will be playing nothing but thrash.

i will be trying to salvage the rest of the show. :smokin

it's going to be awesome.

google chat:
Haven't done this in a while, but I actually got some time to listen to some stuff recently, so how about some short album reviews?

Horrendous - Anatera
Horrendous manage to be melodic without being melodeath, technical without being tech death and progressive without being prog death on their new album, Anatera. They impressively balance these various styles while incorporating all of them into their overarching more traditional death metal sound without any sounding too out of place or like it doesn't belong. Really strong stuff from these guys, this is definitely gonna make my favorite metal albums list at the end of the year.

Corrections House - Know How to Carry a Whip
Corrections House is a "supergroup" of sorts, featuring members of bands such as Neurosis, Eyehategod, Minsk and Yakuza. They play a style of industrial metal with strong post-metal influence. Compared to their previous album, Last City Zero, Know How to Carry a Whip features a more direct sound, with the post-metal influence still being present but not quite as strong as on their 2013 record. This punchier sound suits the band well, and I have quite enjoyed my time with this album.

Sadist - Hyaena
This one was a trip. Sadist are a long running progressive death metal group from Italy, whose first albums hail from all the way back in death metal's heyday. The band has a pretty considerable fanbase, but this is my first time listening to them. The baseline for their music is Athiest-esque jazzy prog death, but they are perhaps even jazzier than them, and they add many other elements such as some very 70s sounding prog rock synths. This album is some kind of a concept album relating to hyenas and Africa in general, and occasionally features some tribal drumming to enhance that feel. I don't think every song on this album works 100%, but the synthesis of elements is rather crazy and there are tons of cool moments on this thing. Definitely worth a listen.
Not current, but I recently revisited this album and remembered how great it is. For those unfamiliar, I present Core, the pinnacle of prog melodeath.
hmm, I think melechesh are serious contenders for the metal aoty. they had a tendency to fizzle out before the songs had run their course but they finally stepped up in that department and enki is tight all the way through. all the things that made them great to begin with are stronger than ever as well.


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luv ghost. kinda tough to hone in on that same vocal styling within the genre honestly, at least from my experiences, but there's some wiggle room. generally the common comparison that you'll get is merciful fate (bkc wouldn't say so, but fun ate his cat or somethin iirc), but yeah, that's gr8 stuff as is and is probably on the lighter end of things, so i'd give that a shot. might be worth trying out kvelertak as well; they're perhaps as closely related to some heavier punk as they are metal, but their self-titled lp is fucking loaded on that same kinda melodic drive that you might see from a good ghost record, so it's def.something i'd recommend to someone tryna ease into metal.
49 spelled it merciful fate what a poser lol...........

but yes rodan, the first 2 mf albums are fucking flawless. their s/t ep is also great. also, in solitude's 2nd and 3rd albums (the first is prob good but I haven't heard it yet)


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Anaal Nathrakh is recording a new album

I liked Desideratum as a whole but some of the electronic elements felt a bit too intrusive for my taste; I prefer the raw sound of my favourite AN albums Hell is Empty & In the Constellation of the Black Widow, but I don't think they'll ever go back to it. The album should be released next summer.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to the latest Leviathan album Scar Sighted:

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