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Hey all,

As we start to look into getting the CaP Prevos updated, we're starting to look at some easier problems first.

Miasmaw had a number of changes to it regarding its movepool which we need to discuss being added to Miasmite.

Add Aromatherapy, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Smog, and Smokescreen, Struggle Bug

The above were added here. G-Luke already added four of them to the Miasmite movepool as far as I can tell. He didn't give clear ideas on the two moves left, Sludge Bomb and Poison Jab.

This thread is to mostly discuss if we want to add them. I don't see any issues with either of moves. The +3 speed isn't something we are looking at in regards to changing Miasmite's stats.
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Just pitching in to say I support the addition of all 3 of these moves. They are all flavorful and being a struggling bug and making smoke / has does not seem farfetched for Miasmite.
For context: Miasmite currently has Sludge Bomb and Poison Jab on Showdown, presumably as a consequence of them being added to Miasmaw.

Here's the link to Miasmite's original movepool. It's missing Aromatherapy as an egg move, but that's the only omission.

Also, Struggle Bug is already in Miasmite's movepool as a level 1 move, so no issues there.

As for Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb, I think it's fine for Miasmite to have both of them. Miasmite already has some Poison flavor carried over from Miasmaw in Poison Gas from level up and Poison Fang from egg moves, and Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb have rather wide distributions to non-Poison type Pokemon. They are both TRs, so we can just add them to Miasmite's TR list.


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Agreeing with consensus here in favour of keeping all three moves as Egg and TR/TM respectively. As G-Luke was the winning submitter I think it's fair to say that they should be kept in.


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In agreement with keeping the moves as Egg / TM / TR. Side note that Poison Jab is one of Miasmite's better attacking options, not just because Fairies but also fishing for 30% poison.
I am jumping the gun here, but seeing as there doesn't seem to be any objections to keeping the moves, I took the liberty of making a movepool for Miasmite that includes these moves.
1 Struggle Bug
1 Smokescreen
4 Dragon Breath
8 Bite
12 Smog
16 Bug Bite
20 Poison Gas
26 Bug Buzz
30 Haze
36 Super Fang
40 Crunch
46 Dragon Pulse
52 Lunge
TM07 Pin Missile
TM16 Screech
TM21 Rest
TM24 Snore
TM25 Protect
TM26 Scary Face
TM31 Attract
TM33 Rain Dance
TM34 Sunny Day
TM39 Facade
TM66 Thunder Fang
TM67 Ice Fang
TM68 Fire Fang
TM76 Round
TM99 Breaking Swipe
TR00 Sword Dance
TR01 Body Slam
TR12 Agility
TR18 Leech Life
TR20 Substitute
TR22 Sludge Bomb
TR24 Outrage
TR26 Endure
TR27 Sleep Talk
TR31 Iron Tail
TR32 Crunch
TR35 Uproar
TM37 Taunt
TR39 Superpower
TR47 Dragon Claw
TR57 Poison Jab
TR58 Dark Pulse
TR60 X-Scissor
TR61 Bug Buzz
TR62 Dragon Pulse
TR67 Earth Power
TR70 Flash Cannon
TR74 Iron Head
TM85 Work Up
Draco Meteor
Corrosive Gas
Skitter Smack
Aromatherapy - Ribombee
Dragon Rush - Garchomp
Dragon Tail - Milotic
First Impression - Golisopod, Haxorus
Poison Fang - Skorupi
Recover - Orbeetle


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Looks like we are all in consensus here. I don't have any issues with the above movepool either. So let's cross the one off the list.
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