Pet Mod Micrometa Mafia: A Clean Slate Spinoff (Slate 5: Setup Sweeper, Stallbreaker, Choice Scarf User, Priority User)

Approved by AquaticPanic :monkesmart:
:honchkrow:Micrometa Mafia :murkrow:
A Clean Slate Spin-Off
Pet Mod Concept: We will attempt to create a micrometa of adjusted Pokemon while randomly selected people will attempt to sneak in an unhealthy addition to the meta.

  • Prior to the slate, people will sign up to participate in the next slate.
  • Slate themes will be the usual slate themes for any micrometa (walls, wallbreakers, speed control, etc.)
  • Based on the number of signups, "saboteurs" will be randomly selected (probably a 3:1 ratio of normal participants to saboteurs). They will be privately assigned to submit something with a trait detrimental to a micro meta, such as a high stat or an oversaturated type. They will know who the other saboteurs are.
  • Submissions will continue as normal; participants will submit adjusted existing Pokemon (like Clean Slate)
  • I will not be vetoing anything for balance reasons. It is up to the participants of the slate to encourage balance and/or use the voting system to eliminate broken submissions.
  • This mod will use the same rules as Clean Slate, which are as follows:
Submission phase lasts for a few days. In the submission phase, users submit existing pokemon altered to fit the current slate. The slates will consist of a few requests for a certain role (Stallbreaker, Physical Wall, Offensive Pivot) or a mixture of several roles, which will fill up a corresponding role compendium listed below. Note that your submission can have roles apart from the one it fills, but it should first and foremost fit the slate (Think of gliscor being a stallbreaker but also working as a pretty decent defensive defogger)
The pokemon submitted can be altered in any way, whether that be through typing, stats, abilities, and/or movepools. Custom moves/abilities are allowed as long as they are clones of existing elements. Additionally, if submitting an NFE pokemon, clarify after its name if its Eviolite-compatible (e.g. Boldore (no Eviolite)). Mega-Evolutions are not allowed unless a slate specifically calls for one.

The submission format is the following (example using the OU metagame):

Name of the Pokemon: (e.g. Dragapult)
Role(s): (e.g. Offenisve Pivot, Set up Sweeper, Stallbreaker, Dual Screens)
Type: (e.g Dragon/Ghost)
Abilities: (e.g. Clear Body / Cursed Body | Infiltrator)
Stat Distribution: (e.g. 88/120/75/100/75/142)
Movepool Additions: (e.g. none)
Movepool Removals: (e.g. none)
Custom Elements: (optional, this is where you explain )
Justification: (e.g. Dragapult's most outstanding trait is its extremely high speed, naturally outspeeding all relevant Pokemon in the meta. While Dragon Dance alongside a powerful signature Dragon STAB may seem scary, it has virtually no coverage and no good Ghost STAB. On the other hand, the weaker special sets have outstanding coverage and great STAB options. Other options such as a SubDisable Stallbreaker set or dual screens is also great.)

It should be noted that all submissions should be based around the metagame- If "fast" in this pet mod ends up being around 90-100 a powerful attacker with a "poor" speed of 90 wouldn't be appropriate.
  • You must submit a Pokemon for every role for the slate; failure to do so results in elimination (elimination in this manner affects vote thresholds)

  • Before voting for submissions, there will be an elimination vote. The amount of users that you can vote for to be eliminated depends on the size of the userbase that slate (usually a little more than half the number of saboteurs). If a certain user receives more than half the votes, they will be eliminated, meaning their submissions will be vetoed, and they cannot vote or talk in the Discord.
  • Vote for the top three submissions in any order. Votes are weighted (3, 2, 1). You may self vote as long as your total votes add up to your number of submissions times two.
  • During the voting period, you may also sign up for the next slate (just end the post with "in"). You can also vote while not signing up for the next slate. Users not in the slate or eliminated users may also signup.
  • If the submission of a saboteur wins, then that sucks (Pokemon submitted by saboteurs will be labeled "-Saboteur" as a trophy of your achievement. If not, hooray, a healthy meta.
Clean Slate Discord Discussion happens here
Spreadsheet See all the Pokemon and any custom elements here


One council member will run the slate and we will switch every slate so that we can both still participate without having an advantage.
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