Middle Cup ORAS

Looking around in OM would be the most effective yes. I'd play you, but I don't have any teams at the moment and I'm pretty much busy this entire weekend.

Unfortunately Middle Cup didn't have a large playerbase when I took it over and maintaining any remaining interest in it was hard. I'll definitely be bringing it back November 18th with the release of Generation 7, so keep your eyes peeled for that :]
oh glad you guys will bring it back because i just like so many pokemon with the nfe status
however, in the om room people couldnt help me to get into the middle cup metagame since there are no sample teams available :(


Celesteela is Life
If any of you guys wanna play some Middle Cup just hit me up on PS if I'm online, I usually have a team or two ready to play with.

EDIT: PS name is CherylBush btw
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Unfortunately it looks like we are only getting one Alolan form this upcoming generation with most Alolans being finals evos or part of 2 stage evolution lines. Something that is cool is us getting a Dragon Fighting mon now. Before the Gen closes there are a few changes I would like to see in the viability rankings.

The first thing is Swadloon. What does this thing do? It can set up webs, great. The thing is weak as hell and slow as hell too. And while sticky web is great I dont feel it is as huge a thing as the buzz meta(like it ever was). I think it should just be dropped to C-High. Like I get the merit of webs and all, but seriously the thing is only going to get up webs and die since it is so slow. It cant even use chlorophyll well since there are so few weather setters in the tier(also it's as said before piss weak). You are better off using Weepinbell if you want a sun sweeper.

Next mon i want to discuss is Ivysaur. There is little reason to use it over Weepinbell, it's only advantage I'd argue is it's ability to eat hits, especially on the special side much better. But the thing is it is also competing with Gloom. I'd use Gloom over Ivysaur anyday because Gloom is a much better option because it's bulk is superior. Basically as a Chlorophyll mon Weepinbell just is better hands down, way higher offensive ability. As a bulky grass Gloom isn't way better but it definitely is better with the only true advantage being that Ivysaur has Overgrow. Drop Ivysaur to C-Low.

I've also been doing some theorymoning with Grovyle but I have yet to test out the set. Just basically swinging by to drop some quick last minute thoughts. I might elaborate later especially if people want me to.
Those are definitely points worth considering moving forward. The Viability Rankings are something I hope sees a lot more work put into it (including my own contributions and maintenance of them) in Gen VII. Once we have definitive information on Dartrix, Torracat, Brionne, Alolan Graveler, Hakamo-o, and all the new Middle Cup eligible Pokemon (I believe we're only getting around 8 or 9 new Pokemon in total, which is unfortunate), then I'll start up the VR and analyses again. In the weeks leading up to the start of the new generation, I'll begin reforming the Viability Rankings. I'll make note of an 'official' time and date soon once I know how the coming weeks are going to fare.

On the topic of analyses, I think we'll stick to in-thread versions until every viable Pokemon has something resembling an analysis. Only then will I look into having them moved on-site. I'd like to get the under the official format, and it shouldn't be too much of a problem to do that. This just ensures more community involvement and avoids the massive workloads that the few of us saw when trying to complete the ORAS ones (which never happened).

Also, when Sun and Moon drop, I'll unban eviolite at the start of the generation. I was really hoping for a larger number of useful Pokemon, or at least 4 with good stats. Initial stat breakdowns suggest we won't be seeing that, so in order to balance the metagame a bit, I think adding Eviolite to the mix is necessary. The only real casualty of this will be Chansey (I can't see Porygon2 or Dusclops being too busted with it, if not, add them to this list), and it just makes more sense to shrink our banlist as much as possible considering we only have ~25-30 useful Pokemon. It's a decision I'm willing to go back on if it turns out that an Eviolite metagame isn't a good metagame, but it's something I think we need to test.
All new Pokémon we get in Middle cup:
Alolan Graveler
Pikipek's middle stage

That totals out to 8. One's a cocoon, and one's probably going to have a similar moveset to graveler. Which means unless they have something really good, history says they'll both be pretty bad. Hakamo-o looks interesting since there isn't really a great offensive fairy to prey on its weakness. The rest I'm not too sure about.
Alolan Graveler is Rock/Electric with the choice of Magnet Pull, Sturdy, or Galvanize (Electric Pixelate clone).
We actually get a 9th Pokémon. Its name is Cosmoem, it's pure psychic.


Torchic is best mon
Alolan Graveler is Rock/Electric with the choice of Magnet Pull, Sturdy, or Galvanize (Electric Pixelate clone).
We actually get a 9th Pokémon. Its name is Cosmoem, it's pure psychic.
Unfortunately, Cosmoem only learns two passive moves (Cosmic Power and Teleport, that's it lol) so it is complete garbage
the Litten evo Torracat is lookin pretty solid. Digging the stat distribution.
If the rumors that evio is 1.2x now are true damn this item looking pretty balanced
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