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I (being an entirely Bedrock player) find it pretty funny to see all of these java players oohing and aahing at the light block, saying it's new. It's been in Bedrock for a full two years now. Bedrock ftw.
:ss/jigglypuff: :ss/geodude: :koffing:
My sense of humor is beyond your understanding. But if you got the joke, good for you.
Jigglypuff puts people to Bed And Geodude is a Rock
Koffing sounds like "Coffee" which is a synonym for java.
I have corrupted your funniness.

Plague von Karma

Banned deucer.

The Alpha 1.1.1 version of Minecraft has been found and archived, as well as another somewhat rare version in c0.29_01. Alpha 1.1.1 was only available for around 3 hours because of a "greyscreen" glitch, so it was considered to be the holy grail of Minecraft versions by the community. This is a historic day.

And we wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for this tweet...
If anyone is interested in the quest to find every Minecraft version not supplied by the official launcher, it seems this server and doc are where they're documented in detail.
I felt like advertising this, as we are 2 votes away from a Minecraft Pokemon Showdown server, so yeah. Go to "" to support our efforts to make a Minecraft room on PS so we can all be happier.

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