Tournament Mix and Mega: Stones Unleashed [Won by ihhca]

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Chloe. I'm going to bug you for tags again sry :'(

Given that tomorrow is the deadline this is your official prod in the rear(tm) to get your games done!

MiyoKa and wishes Due to subbing you can have more time if you want but LET ME KNOW
lightninging, your opponent says you were a no show. If I hear nothing more you will be dq'd. This is on you
Bright Powder Cena, Please notice sin(pi), if I hear nothing else you will be dq'd at the end of the round.
ih8ih8sn0w and DarioVS When are you having your battle?
iLlama if you do not respond to Ruby you will have activity called on you
Laxpras and GhostscoperHD When?
RootedPower any response to Kris calling activity?
Funbot28 and TheBurgerKing99 when?
Serperior48 are you there? QT claimed activity on you so if you want something else to happen speak now.
tigertomd and n10sit when

I want to emphasize that if you ask for an extension it will be granted only if you give a solid time as to when it will happen (unless something like a subbing happened).

I also realize that I could figure out a bunch of this by sifting through your profiles but I'm lazy.

Remember to vote in the poll if you got through to round 2, and let me know your opinion on any potential bans either way!
I missed our original time and then my opponent missed the backup time. I don't know who to give the win to, as due to us having really bad timezones I don't think we'll be able to get the game done

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I missed Akashi and Inactive~ (sorry inactive~ i'm really messing up with you rip) When will you guys be playing?
I'm bad and also miss The Excadrill and Orion the Sylveon: the deadline is in about 22 hours from me posting this, please play today or let me know ASAP when you will be playing.

EDIT: Silver_Lucario42 I didn't miss you, I already have you down as being granted an extension. Sorry if you felt missed ;P

I can tell you to hurry up if you like? Sounds like you don't need it though.
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Round 2 Matchups!
I'm going to need a badged user to provide tags and I don't want to bother Chloe again so I'm just going to ask Kris cuz you got a badge. Also gonna tag Spandan now to see the bottom of the post.

Silver_Lucario42 v InfernapeTropius11
TylerWithNumbers v Chloe.
DarioVS v Akashi
(The winner of MiyoKa v wishes) v Racool
The Excadrill v Schpoonman
M'joe'ra v iLlama
ihhca v Kris
Bright Powder Cena v Funbot28
Quantum Tesseract v Zephyr Dragon Lord
n10sit v darksylvion
Reviloja753 v Waszap
and finally...
Laxpras v Jordn

Any matches from last round that aren't finished by midnight EST tonight (well tonight for me) will be coinflipped, no exceptions. That's about 22 hours from posting.
Matches are best of three I feel like some people last round didn't realize this.
Deadline is 11:59 PM Monday May 8th. Otherwise everything should be pretty much like last round, except hopefully more matches actually getting played :3


On to other things!

Wait why is the percentage for Tapu Lele lower than the one for Xurkitree and other? if they both have one vote?

I removed votes from people who did not pass round 1.

So as you can see there was no overwhelming majority for any one thing. The "other" was Skymin. Someone wanted The Ruins of Alpha banned but fortunately I can ignore them because they got out round 1 I name no names. Having thought about it I have decided to go with the poll results BAN BLAZIKENITE for this round. While I agree with those who have stated that Diancite is crazy, especially with Tapu Lele around, I think that without the insane sweepers that Psychic Terrain support made even better it will be easier to handle teams with Diancite users on them. I want to make it clear that I believe Blazikenite is broken regardless of the presence of Tapu Lele and Diancite or whatever else in the meta, it simply has too many good abusers.

So Spandan if you would, please Ban Blazikenite on Dragonheaven.
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