Tournament Mix and Mega: Stones Unleashed [Won by ihhca]

Silver_Lucario42 v InfernapeTropius11 - golisogod vs council member qc oms roomvoice it11 - it11 definitely has more experience
TylerWithNumbers v Chloe. - it'll be interesting to see how this goes, chlo has more experience but tyler isnt bad either
DarioVS v Akashi - does akashi sound like the name of mercy
(MiyoKa v wishes) v Racool - idt i've seen wishes play mnm before and miyo/racool are both good
The Excadrill v Schpoonman - good player
M'joe'ra v iLlama - heartless ladder sniper strikes again
ihhca v Kris - fun match but gotta hand it to virginia
Bright Powder Cena v Funbot28 - what was the wailord's item btw
Quantum Tesseract v Zephyr Dragon Lord - rigged as fuck brackets, im looking forward to seeing how quantum combats zephyr's memes
(n10sit v tigertomd) v darksylvion - still dont know who either of them are and darksylvion has experience in the tier
Reviloja753 v Waszap - good player and if all else fails he can just hope his opp doesnt check their calendar again
Laxpras v Jordn - let's be real anyone who saw g1 of this is gonna agree
You have no idea how proud of you I am. Underrated threat, imo. Palossand will rise.

Also, QT and I are in contact, of course.
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