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drcossack has not yet made any keepers. if he doesn't get back to me within a little bit, he'll have no keepers. I went through and inputted everyone's values on the website. They are including the most recent projected values, which may be different from what you have seen previously. PLEASE GO TO DRAFT > DRAFT RESULTS AND REVIEW YOUR SELECTIONS/VALUES. IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.


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Didn't even know it was keeper this year.

I also forgot about the draft, but my team looked pretty solid. I tweaked it a bit because of guys on the DL (RIP Cliff Lee) & I like it.

Good luck this year all.
Sunday cannot come soon enough. The Wainwright v. Lester battle in the Land of No Bleachers is going to be exciting. Don't forget to start your Cubbies and Red Birds too for fantasy.
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