Tournament Monotype BLT Week 5

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Week 5
Records Spreadsheet
Type Usage
Standings and Replays
Monotype OMs Mega Thread


Bad News Bewears (2) vs. Poppin' Hoppips (3)

USUM: memomiguel vs. King Billu
USUM: Snowyyy vs. Wincon
ORAS: Zarif vs. Wanka
LC: Jrsmash9 vs. Mikaav
AAA: KingGilgamesh vs. Escoffier
STABmons: Ridley. vs. Tyke


Kindred Kingdras (3) vs. Morbid Misdreavus (3)

USUM: Chaitanya1.9 vs. Decemm
USUM: Bitana vs. roman
ORAS: KevinELF vs. The Excadrill
LC: Nailec vs. Seo.
AAA: Waszap vs. smub
STABmons: Calucha vs. Quantum Tesseract


Dapper Dartrix (1) vs. Diabolical Drifblims (3)

USUM: AV8 vs. Cam
USUM: Its Hatch vs. double switches
ORAS: Balto vs. zugubu royale
LC: Namranan vs. iRKD
AAA: Arlaxeon vs. Perishing Song
STABmons: RealShady vs. temporaily

The deadline for Week 5 is Sunday 4/22 at 11:59PM EDT.

Please play the Monotype OMs in the following formats:
STABmons - Custom
AAA - Custom
Alternatively, a manager can make a 2-person tournament in a group chat with each OM's respective bans, so that rules cannot be broken.

Anyone caught breaking the corresponding Monotype OM's rules will result in an automatic loss.​
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