Tournament Monotype Camomons Tournament (Won by RAP Yogurt)


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And we're here; Round 1! s/o to Decem for the randomized pairings.

Eien vs luckypiper
EricSaysHi vs RAP Yogurt
Moosical vs Shokkking
Akashi vs Phoenix Kaze
deltafinalentei vs Felines
Havens vs Ieki
peachycl0uds vs Crowxzn
Poison Adhesive vs ChrystalFalchion
The Nyx vs Dandy Highwayman
MetaRiolu7 vs juleocesar
toxya vs Funbot28
reapdaddy vs MCVPodge
Drix vs smub
Cognitohazard vs Fírnen
Ferno vs Lycanroc
Namranan vs maroon

Please remember to refer to the OP for the rules. All replays must be recorded and posted. The deadline for week 1 is next Monday, January 28th at 11:59 PM. Best of luck and have fun!
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