Monotype Core Laddering Challenge [Cycle 6]

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Challenge #52
2 Cores, Apr 1 - Apr 15


contributed by Stun

Mega Tyranitar + Hydreigon
(You must use a Tyranitar using the Tyranitarite)
tag: CCDa6.5
Hall of Fame Rankings:
Platinum: 1600+
Gold: 1450+
Silver: 1350+
Bronze: 1250+


contributed by Crashy

Archeops + Mega Diancie
tag: CCRo6
Hall of Fame Rankings:
Platinum: 1550+
Gold: 1400+
Silver: 1300+
Bronze: 1200+

average fella (Rock)
SirSkit (Rock)

Bitana (Rock)
Cjl1 (Rock)
The-Vale (Dark)

KevinELF (Dark)


Note: To register to participate in a core challenge, we will no longer be using Google Docs, you must reply to this forum with the proper information to be eligible! See the example post here for details. To apply for certain HoF levels and/or submit a new peak, see the example post here.

As a reminder, Challenge #51 is still ongoing until April 8th! Also, the 1st core of this challenged was chosen by the overall winner of Challenge #50.
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Challenge Registration
PS Name: Arectaris/ a rekt aris
Laddering Alt(s): CCRo6 aris, CCFi6 aris, CCDa6.5 aris, and anything else related to those name cause this a long list already


Part of the journey is the end
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Challenge Registration
PS Name: Alliance KevinELF
Laddering Alt: CCRo6 KevinELF, CCDa6.5 KevinELF
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